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"soooo... what brings you on this fine day to the EAC?"


    for me to write a long-ass description.

0 1 .  S Y N O P S I S _

    So in a fit of momentary delusion,
    my dad decided to get me the Wacom Cintiq.
    This baby's a 17" tablet, a screen that's actually drawn on.
    And trust me. This thing is beyond addictive.
    It's like all I do everyday now. Paint, eat, sleep. Gaining 9000 lbs a day.

    I'm still getting the hang of this, and have been speed-painting/doodling for 2 days,
    before I've decided to challenge my limited skills with something more elaborate.
    And Crush, this 150-year-old turtle from Pixar's "Finding Nemo" seemed as good a choice as any.
    Because I love the character, and because of the various interesting textures he has on him.

    This may not be as emotive as my other [serious] submissions,
    but it's just to share where I'm currently at, and to recieve criticism, so I can better my skills,
    before I start working on more personal projects [which I've had in mind for like forever].
    I believe in polishing and enhancing skill to an acceptable point before utilising it for deeper expressions.

0 2 .  D E T A I L S _

    This was a slow, almost-painful, but incredibly enjoyable process.
    I had the wallpaper for side-by-side reference, but chose my own colour palette.
    I wanted it to look real, ie. highly detailed, but still retain the feel of a drawing.
    What I didn't want is to have it look like trying to make a 100% copy.
    For example I purposely made Crush to not look like the original but be instantly recognisable :]
    Dory and Marlin were done in a different style to add a somewhat alternate dynamic.
    And I gave up on doing the duck-shit muck on Crush's fin coz I was starting to lose interest :[

    This was all painted freehand in Photoshop CS, with a few layer mask adjustments and tweakings.
    I prefer Photoshop to Painter, just because it feels more challenging, hence maximising the satisfaction :P
    I aim to work faster :[    But I get carried away with the tiniest, unnoticable details.

    And I tried keeping to the step process, which means erasing everything and starting over once in a while;
    but that kinda went to hell because I didn't strictly follow that. I couldn't be as insane as, say, erasing the head,
    and starting from top to bottom. I'd go mad. So I did it in segments. For example, I'd do half of a fin,
    then erase it and start over and finish the fin, then erase that and do it over from start to finish.
    It really stretches my patience to the limit, but I believe it helps to learn and improve faster.
    Another reason why this took so long is because I wanted it to look as clean and finished as possible.

      • Tools: Wacom Cintiq 17", Adobe Photoshop CS

      • Resolution: 3000x2000 px [original size]

      • Layers: 26

      • Time input:  day 01 - 11.0 hrs
                           day 02 - 13.5 hrs
                           day 03 - 04.5 hrs
                           day 04 - 07.0 hrs
                           day 05 - 08.0 hrs
                           day 06 - 12.0 hrs
                           day 07 - 05.5 hrs
                           day 08 - 03.0 hrs
                           day 09 - 04.5 hrs
                           [TOTAL] - 69.0 hrs

      • Closeups:    closeup 01
                           closeup 02
                           closeup 03
                           closeup 04

      • Progress: work-in-progress [WIP] images

      • Bubbles brush: provided by `Myangelofmusic

      • Consultants: *adonihs, `blackzer0, ~digitalalchemy. `musicinmyhead, `niteangel, @rapidograph

      • Special thanks: ~crump3t, ~eclipsic, ~MexMarco, ~--joao--, `Myangelofmusic, `newklear, *soultown

      • Copyright: Pixar Animation Studios

0 3.  E X T R A    S P E C I A L    T H A N K S _

    I've always given credit to the people who've helped but never mentioned why.

      • *adonihs, for your overall guidance and inspiration, and all the awesome tips :] *massages your elbow with a mop*;

      • `blackzer0, for advice on further improvement of everything, and for being so caring in everything I do;

      • ~crump3t, for being so encouraging with your comments, and always showing an interest in my work;

      • ~digitalalchemy, for your incredible eye, and amazing crit, mostly on stuff I wouldn't have noticed if otherwise;

      • ~eclipsic, for being so patient with me while I paint :P, and wanting to see WIPs even when you're sick;

      • `musicinmyhead, for suggesting the step process [... :[ I hate it actually] and advice on the wrinkles and colours;

      • `Myangelofmusic, for being so sweet, beautiful and considerate as always, and for the awesome bubble brushes;

      • `newklear, for taking the time to point out how to perfect the edges, and being so kind with your criticisms;

      • `niteangel, for being so helpful, though :P I didn't make all the changes you suggested this time, but thanks; and

      • @rapidograph, for advice on the "cookie crumbs" on his head, shadings/highlights, bubbles, and keyboard shortcuts.

    Thanks, guys. Couldn't have done it without you <3

And to end things with a bang,

      ( O__< )
   </______ \>
   <\______ />

me as a turtle :[

Thanks for looking.

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Firstly, can I just say WHAT A FILM!

Secondly, can I just say WHAT A PAINTING!

At first, I thought this was just a screenshot from the film itself, and I had to read the description to find out otherwise. The colours are so vivid and stunning, the details are amazing, and the scene is so well lit up! It looks exactly as it does in the film (and I would know because my 5 year-old cousin watches it about three times a day).

The water - you have found the perfect way to capture the bubbles as well, and this looks fantastic!
The black border also gives it a 'cinematic' quality.

Keep it up, =rorymac666
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Haha, thank you so much :heart:

I doubt I can "keep" anything up in this regard though as I no longer paint digitally. It was fun though. Proved to myself that I can do it ;)

Glad you dig this!
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You definitely proved you can do it!
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Wooooow fantastic!
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I'd totally like to get this in higher resolution, so I could get it printed on aludibon and hang it in my bathroom. Would work great above my tube. :)
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This is amazing, in my opinion you've succeeded with your ambition for this art piece. This is breathtaking. Thanks for even creating this, a feast for the eyes 0.o
dankuso234's avatar
I absolutely love Crush so much. You definitely did him justice here. :3
xPhantomRed's avatar
Damn. This is absolutely breathtaking.
snowmask's avatar
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Trully amazing work! :wow:
kingofthekill11's avatar
radical dude,that is crush for awsome :D
SnowieUnexplained's avatar
Wacom Cintiq.. Okay :D Finally I can make digital art while it feels like traditional! Im not good with a mousepad o-o
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u got it duuuuude
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This is amazing! I loved the film, and crush was one of my faves, with squirt as well!

I love the water, perfect and blue.

I love the way you did crush! Perfect and cool!

Wonderful piece with personality and charm.

:clap: Really polished piece here, Katie ^^
snowmask's avatar
Thank you so much!
Mistymara's avatar
Beautiful work! What attracted me to it most was the blue. I actually prefer this to the original, if I'm being honest. That tablet sounds brilliant!
snowmask's avatar
Thank you :) This is very old. Glad you liked it!
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