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Bride of Autumn

By snowmask
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To those who commented on the previous submissions of this piece: I'm terribly sorry. It was a server error. :|

The story behind this:
Once upon a time, a man and a woman fell deeply in love.
Their love was like a blessing - beautiful, unearthly, surreal.

One day, like everyday, the man kissed his lady goodbye.
But unlike all the other days, he did not come back.

And never did.

What became of him... only dandelions can tell.

And she knew. She loved him too much not to know.
Yet still, she waited.
And waited.

The wedding gown, once new and full, began to wither,
until the skirts have become all but one layer.
Hurt and pain have stained the once snow-white cloths to a dull, tired yellow.

The wind brings fluttering voices of a faraway yesterday...

She weds with Autumn.


Lineart: Illustrator 10
Inking: Photoshop 7
Coloring: Photoshop 7
Dandelion Brush: Illustrator + Photoshop

This is what I decided to do for ` niteangel's Autumn Edition Gallery.
I don't remember exactly how I got the idea. :confused:

A huge thank you to Cat for your help and suggestions.
And to Asthore, for scanning the crappy conceptual sketch. :heart:

Thanks for looking. Enjoy. :blowkiss:
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© 2003 - 2021 snowmask
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Ah, you've found this, buried under a pile of dust. I'd love to revisit this concept :) thank you for taking a look :heart:
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love the colors and the style :)
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Your work is very beautiful!
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Thank you so much!
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Autumn... I love it. :love:
Very beautiful... :love:
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I would love to redo this piece :) Thank you for taking a look!
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Very pretty =]
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Simple and cute, and a style rarely seen.
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Oooh, quite interesting, how you stumbled upon this one. This is so old... probably not a style I will ever use again, since, well, I've already tried it :giggle: I do really like the idea though.

Thank you for commenting!
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awww.. sad story~ but i still love it
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Cool, really cool. Neat image/style, and I love that there's a story to it.
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You should do things like zees again! *wails*

It are liking to be the beautiful!

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Everyone hates my art =''[
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I don't
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Lies ='[

You're just trying to make me feel better =[
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stfu what do you know ='[

I'm being serious ._.'
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... No you're not.



I need a new deck of cards =[
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But this is me with a straight face .__.!

Yeah? I've got this cool teeny tiny deck of cards. It's great for Solitaire in teh car.
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I hate Solitaire now =[ So tired of it.

I noticed how you capitalise appropriately :*)
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The description to this is the loveliest ting i've read in a while... it gives such emotion to such a simple drawing, and I don't know why. You just picked your words well.

The drawing itself is very soft, ethereal, and all the space makes it very lonely. The colours are good, the drabness and likeness adding to the atmosphere of loss, but I can't help but feel like a wider range of autumn colours would have looked better. Different, perhaps. Either way, I can't see you changing this now, but still, it's nice to have older work loved sometimes too ;)
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