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This is the critique you requested on #ProjectComment :heart: The colour scheme is exotic and pleasant; it instantly brings focus to the deta...

I was immediately impressed by your understanding of light and spacial alignment. The way the window frame was shaded, and consequentia...

Random Favourites

Conceptual Photography Features Vol.8
June DD's
Conceptual Photography DDs, here there are :) In order (Note, not all the DD's featured by me this month are conceptual photos)

To breathe the sky. by pokad
The Conversation by Jay-2
photograph by Fussel2112
becoming mother by JeremyShane
Love Story at Braga Weg 04 by zh0ya
Golden Hour by Yingz
catch shadows 01 by pigarot
Features (Some were suggested by the Community)
Feel free to send me suggestions for Conceptual Photographs that blow you away by it's message. If you want you can just link me to a an image that is your favourite and I will add it to my monthly features :D You can post the links in this poll here. If there is anything you would like me to address then please do
:iconfamz:FaMz 75 63
Macro Photography Daily Deviations : June 2009
Let's take a look at all the deviations in the Macro gallery that were featured as Daily Deviations in June 2009. Also, take a look at their galleries, you'll find many more wonderful Macro pieces of art! :D

Rulad by Al-Baum
Little Big Universe II by Squirrelondope
Red Ants 02 by josgoh
Ocean Memory by DemonMathiel
Hairy but beautiful by Soczi
droplet on net by yosca
Mother's Eye by MarinaCoric
Crab vs Lady by jesse-botanical
Rosa po deszczu by xTive
Suggest DDs!
A Daily Deviation is one of the best rewards given to excellent artists on deviantART, it encourages the artist to grow in their abilities and also gives them more confidence. If you're thinking of suggesting a deviation for a DD award then please read these guidelines, it will save you time from not making mistakes and will also save me time.
:bulletgreen: Only suggest deviations that have been submitted i
:icondandelgrosso:dandelgrosso 38 15
7/26 Figure Nude Photography Workshop - LngBch CA

"Fine Art & Figure Nude Photography"
July 26, 2009 ~~ 10am-7pm
Instructor: Adam Chilson (Doomsday-Dawn)
Model: Brooke Lynne (bellabrooke)
This workshop will feature introductory to intermediate studio lighting techniques, presented in the context of fine art and figure nude photography.
Focus will be on line and form, bodyscape, and classical figure study elements in a range of black and white and color tonalities.
Course Topics:
**Stylistic elements of the fine art/figure nude, as compared to portrait and glamour photography
**Lighting techniques to accent line and form and to flatter the physical features of the model
**High-key and Low-key styles and lighting techniques
**Compositional elements of full body poses as well as abstract and "bodyscape" styles
**Techniques for creating and applying "shadow crafting" as
:iconwynnesome:wynnesome 17 1
Tarzan by thisismyboomstick Tarzan :iconthisismyboomstick:thisismyboomstick 1,171 131
Portfolio (The Awesome Version): Now in Beta!
Portfolio (The Awesome Version) – It's Coming!!!

At deviantART, we want all artists to thrive. We've spent the last few months working on a Portfolio tool that helps artists promote themselves online in a highly professional manner without having to deal with the hassles of web design, hosting, coding, and so on. We looked into all sorts of online and off-line portfolios, talked to artists, students, professors, art schools, creative professionals, focus groups, etc., to learn how to build the best system on the Internet for formal presentation and review of artwork. As we begin beta testing the Portfolio system we wanted to share some
:icon20after4:20after4 995 474
MAD with =angelitonegro: *Mokhi
MAD (Meet A Deviant) with angelitonegro interview number one!
:star: First deviant under the spotlight will be.. :iconMokhi:
Let's get to know him!

1) How come you decided to join deviantART? And when?
Well I knew deviantART before even being a member, since 2006, I never thought joining dA community until last year during July 2008, that’s almost one year from now :D
I have seen so many interesting art & artists all over this wonderful community, and that, motivated me to become a deviant and an active one so far; it’s not jealousy, but curiosity and my strive to become a better person & photographer, something inside me rushed to enter here, day after day to discover, and be part of this online art gathering .it’s not always about attractive or appealing art, but it’s also about watching decent work all over dA that makes it complete in a way, that everyone can learn from the other, the beginner from the professio
:iconangelitonegro:angelitonegro 22 25
See You At the Fair!
:star: July is National Culinary Arts Month! :star:
What are two traditional pastimes that make for some of the best summer memories?  How about backyard grilling or making some other summertime recipe and going to the county fair?  If you love to grill on the patio or the veranda or if you can make a pie, an icy beverage, or a frozen dessert that could take a blue ribbon, now you can combine the two and enter a Culinary Arts contest at the same time!  
The Artisan Crafts gallery announces that during the month of July you can celebrate National Culinary Arts Month by taking a photo of a grilled main dish, a pie, an icy summer-time beverage, or a frozen dessert and include the recipe (the steps in sequential order that you made in the process of making your dish in addition to the ingredients) in the Artist's Comments section (see important copyright info under <
:iconkitten-of-woe:Kitten-of-Woe 70 36
Designs and Interfaces DD's Feature: May/Jun 200
This is a kind of catalogue that I make for the DD's I gave. So, if you miss any, take a look again. I want to thank everyone who suggested a Daily Deviation but I really, really need much more. I know I'm a little demanding with my choices, but if you don't send me more, I can't select them. The submissions guidelines are below.
DD's Suggestions
Send me a note with "DD Suggestion" on the subject line.
        Suggest Designs & Interfaces works only.
        Remember, DD-ing shall be given only to those who haven't received any for the past 3 months.
        Try to be versatile because D&I Gallery isn't only 3 or 4 categories.
May 2009
Business Card Mayes Design by BonZipper Advert for Apple Macbook by i-visual :
:iconnunodias:NunoDias 33 2
Lost From You 1 by peggymintun Lost From You 1 :iconpeggymintun:peggymintun 140 38
Stock from June and Info
Stock Gallery

:iconhanratty-stock: :iconlawrencededark:
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Happy July
Half the year gone already, isn't that crazy?
Horse Manipulations and Tension
This has been brought to my attention by members of the community and as they aren't content with this issue I have made a journal
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 62 56
Emote DDs in May and June
Wooooo~ 2 months? IN ONE ARTICLE? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO? Anyways, let me explain - I decided to take a short break from dA in order to get my life back on track, unfortunately my return was at the end of May so I decided to merge the two editions together.
A lot of things happened within the emote gallery, most importantly changes within the emote legend as well as a batch of new seniors. Congrats again! And congrats as well to the recipients of DDs in May and June! Enjoy! :la:
   Don't mess with the emote by HsnGoneWild Learner Driver by Gnog There can only be One by Mankati cute fail :b by MenInASuitcase :willie-e-coyote: by NerdXV Glomp:Tackle:Cling by BurgerBunny :frightened: by Taimotive :viagra thrusting: by Ugghhzilla Candy by Mr-Jaunty :Emotist: by NaturallyPerfect Bring forth thy happyface by Niallmeister Love by LiOneSS-178 :thumb44549419: Super fart by Droneguard :
:iconandygassner:AndyGassner 44 35
Windows Deviant8 Contest Winners
:note:The Contest:note: Deviants had to create either a working theme or a mockup of whole new Windows Operating System. The choice was too make the new Windows 7 into what you think it should have looked like or what a new Windows would look like, Codename Windows Deviant8.
30 brilliant entries were submitted but the best part was that not every body that entered was an actual themer/skinner. This is exactly what I hoped for :-).
:rzero:The Judges:rzero:
I selected 11 judges, yes that's right, 11 judges :mwahaha: I chose 11 because I wanted a true varied opinion from people of different artistic platforms but who were fully experienced in what they were judging. The judges were:
mrrste jg-visuals JJ-Ying thuglifejunior OtisBee lypnjtu d37nu1l Bobby-Sandhu MidnightExigent violentsamurai iiswiis EnzuDes1gn
:trophy:The Winners:trophy:
:iconmrrste:mrrste 49 38
interfaceSPACE #4 June09
Hello again to this months issue of interfaceSPACE. We are currently in need of possible critiquers for this weeks Critique Night (more info which has moved dates from July 4th to July 3rd, send me a note if interested. Without further chat here is the designs!
Featured Five

Logo Factory by DouglasEltz is a stunning layout which involves a range of vibrant colours that make the design stand out. The logo also suit’s the design well and adds a little bit more to the clean style used.

Honda Jazz by a-b-e-l is a very unique design which could attract potential buyers easily if used. The use of images and colours is great as it makes the car stand out.

Bobomobile by finesy is a design which incorporates both header and footer well. It looks very easy to find what you would need which would raise sale figures.

Portfolio Summer 2009 by Harry69
:iconexoheartbeat:eXoHeartbeat 21 23
Jedi mind trick do you can..
This August you'll be able to use the force like young Skywalker.
How? Click the link to read about it! :yoda:
General Disclaimer: We try to find interesting and useful links for the community but can't possibly verify all of the information and we encourage deviants to exercise caution at all times to protect themselves.
:iconhelewidis:Helewidis 24 22
Reflection by montiljo Reflection :iconmontiljo:montiljo 522 56

Random from Keith's Work

dream by zerocomplex dream :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 203 97 Seiteki-tosaku by zerocomplex Seiteki-tosaku :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 99 53 Cherry Hill by zerocomplex Cherry Hill :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 158 44 Aquarious by zerocomplex Aquarious :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 167 111 An Estranged by zerocomplex An Estranged :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 184 76 Black Plate by zerocomplex Black Plate :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 405 82 Her Rhapsody by zerocomplex Her Rhapsody :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 154 60 Twilight Sonata by zerocomplex Twilight Sonata :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 199 95 Pearl of the Orient by zerocomplex Pearl of the Orient :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 407 204

Just a little space to showcase my husband zerocomplex's amazing work, because he is made of win and his face can summon unicorns.



:bulletred: Glossy | Fine Art Print | Women's Medium :bulletred:


More Magic

Feast, by lolitaAgogo

I will never forget how Keith's jaw dropped when I opened the package to reveal the gorgeous original... and how I teared up just a little. Thank you so much.


Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
With a record level of nominations and suggestions on an almost daily basis, it would be hard to ignore the community call to recognise such a fine example of a deviant as `snowmask. Her constant presence since the formative years of deviantART has never wavered, demonstrating a natural ability to seek out and motivate those in need.

Katie's beautifully delicate artworks are elegant and instantly recognisable due to her finely tuned creative style, a clear reflection of her personality. With a multitude of journals which are thought provoking, funny and resourceful, it's impossible not to be touched by such a bright light in our community. Congratulations Katie!
-awarded November 2008


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

Hello, my name is Katherine...

Friends call me Katie. I am a painter, and my husband zerocomplex manages my work. I also serve as a curator and Public Relations Officer for resurgere.

Deepthroat Leakage

Wed Apr 27, 2011, 1:24 PM


Hello! A lot has happened since the last time I updated my journal, and I wish to share the news one step at a time. deviantART is still, after so many years, one of the primary places where I share finished work. Since the launch of my website at the start of the new year, I have over the past few months established a system of where to post updates of my paintings, detailed walkthroughs and works-in-progress.

This section on my website is for what goes on "behind the scenes". Archived here are walkthroughs of my paintings, which I update on a regular basis, and it is also where I'll be sharing photos of how I get my paintings ready for exhibits.

High resolution images of my works-in-progress accompanied by detailed annotations are posted exclusively on my website.

There are two very convenient ways to receive updates of "In Studio" postings via the website's resources. By selecting "art update feeds" from the top right menu located at the header, there are options for subscribing directly to RSS, or to receive RSS alerts via email.

Here is another way to follow updates of all things related to my work, as updates from my website are fed directly here and are automatically posted to the Wall. Some finished works are posted here, although not of high resolution. Simply "like" the page to stay in touch.

Finally, there's my Facebook profile, where I like to post work-in-progress images in a "teaser" fashion, in that they are the most up-to-date, but with longer intervals and much less continuity between one step and the next in the painting process. By comparison, "In Studio" is where the most complete documentation of my works-in-progress can be enjoyed, however each detailed walkthrough on my website are posted only after a painting is finished.

In other words, for those who thirst for as-soon-as-possible updates, this is the place to go. There is also plenty of sideshow entertainment, as this is pretty much the only place where I post photos of my husband Keith's delicious cooking, as well as photos of my cats Chiko and Perry getting into feline shenanigans.

Question Tiem

Have you ever tried to relive a happy experience? Was it just as good, better, or disappointing?

My husband and I experimented with this once and we have concluded that at least for us, moments should never be "chased after". So many little things come together to form a full experience, an exceedingly happy one, and it all just falls into a chain of events that almost seems orchestrated - such perfection cannot be replicated by conscious human planning, no matter how scrupulous the eye... and I'd like to think I haven't lost that particular touch.

What happened the second time was by no means bad, but it definitely "wasn't the same". Many months ago Keith brought this up with me and I learned that happy occurrences should always be cherished, and that my ambitions should turn to the future and the new, instead of awkwardly embracing a loved one from behind with both arms backwards.

journal design by wroth & miss ginkgografix






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