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This is the critique you requested on #ProjectComment :heart: The colour scheme is exotic and pleasant; it instantly brings focus to the deta...

I was immediately impressed by your understanding of light and spacial alignment. The way the window frame was shaded, and consequentia...

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deviantARTtimes July 19th, 2009
Community News
:bulletblue: Portfolio (The Awesome Version): It's Here!
1. Community Operations
:bulletblue: Community Operations Newsletter - April 2009
1.1 CEA
For all CEA-related news, check out realitysquared, y2jenn, and/or damphyr.
1.2 Help & FAQ
:bulletblue: Read the Monthly Help Desk Newsletter - June, 2009.
:bulletblue: Random FAQ: :faq163:
1.3 dAmn
:bulletblue: This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off: The LOL Corner [#65].
:bulletblue: Featured Chatrooms - July
:bulletblue: 5 great rooms of the week to visit: :#thephotographylounge:, :#lolwtf:, :#FindMeOndAmn:, :#damnJapanese:
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Digital Art Daily Deviations - June 2009
Here's a recap of the gorgeous Daily Deviations I gave out during the month of June 2009. Hope you enjoy reviewing them once again, or for the first time! Have a wonderful day! :heart:
assasin by tahra Martyr Dame by ayle White Tower by SnowSkadi Commission - Seas of Pink by joanniegoulet The Wolkari Jungle by tgw-Raptor Bird People by MrDream :thumb117686967: Green Fairy 2 by curlyhair Bombs Away by OtisFrampton Daphne by Medusa-Dollmaker Hooked by traumtaenzer With The Jellies by parochena bubblegum by loish
:iconjunkbyjen:JunkbyJen 40 11
'Reporting A Deviation' and the CEA Team
As we are continuing to tidy up our Wallpaper Galleries, this Journal entry by realitysquared might help you understand what happens behind the scenes when the Report Deviation link is used to report a problem about a deviation and the priorities involved.
:iconl8:l8 21 0
Digital - Thumbshare Feature 5

:bulletpurple:Click here and share your DIGITAL art thumbs! You must be subscribed to post on this thread, but if you are NOT, you can simply note me with links to the thumbs you wish to share! Visit this forum thread now and please help by passing on this link in your own journals! Your image or your friends' could be the next to be seen in upcoming editions! Get the exposure you deserve!

A VERY special thanks goes out to my Thumbshare Sidekick :iconcemac: who has dedicated so much time to helping expose artists on my thumbshare thread. Thank you sweet friend!
:thumbsup:Digital Faves from Thumbshare::thumbsup:
These images were shared by the artists themselves or from friends and fans of other artists. They consist of Digital Mixed Media, Painting/Airbrushing, Drawings as well as some Fractal, 3D and Photomanipulations, Pixels and more in the Digi
:iconjunkbyjen:JunkbyJen 48 14
cOnceptualise Club
:iconconceptualise: Is there ever a time when we stop thinking? Well maybe it's only me and I just think constantly, but I'm sure most of you think often about life, about that guy or girl you saw today, your kids, about your plans for today, about love, pain, war, whatever! And I bet you just stopped to think, and probably wonder what you'll think right now, tehee :P
Anyway, since I just made you think and worked your brain, don't you think it would be awesome to express your ideas into real tangible images to create conceptual works of art?
I know some of you already are conceptual artists, but I also know that some of you expressed that you'd like to try conceptual art.
So here is your shot, I have created a club, called cOnceptualise and for some reason I have no idea why I made the o like O, it bugs me, but maybe that's a good thing, if it bugs people, it'll catch attention, anyway I'm blabbering...
The whole point of the club is to create challenges for you (club members) to
:iconfamz:FaMz 46 22
In Afghanistan
These are not scenes from a Hollywood movie. These are profound pictures that remind us that a lot of our brothers and sisters, fellow human beings are still suffering in other parts of the world.
Let us pay more attention of the state of our hearts. Rectify it from hatred, prejudice, greed and other illnesses of the heart. And maybe, we can finally realize that we are one big family.
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." - Mother Teresa
:iconarhcamt:arhcamt 27 21
RIP Frank McCourt
Author of Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt dies at age 78 of meningitis.
:iconstjoan:StJoan 17 3
bleu by shve bleu :iconshve:shve 577 87 Everybody want's to be No.1 by back2basic Everybody want's to be No.1 :iconback2basic:back2basic 442 183 Faded by yara001 Faded :iconyara001:yara001 91 18
PhotoJournalism Interview(s) #10 [fotoizzet]
:star: :iconfotoizzet: :star:

fotoizzet A.K.A. Hakan Yılmazer has got a gallery filled with very ethnographic documentary photos that are at the same time blossoming with poetry within. To him, photojournalism aims to portray reality and inspire reactions in the viewers – and while doing it, it becomes more real than life.
Who are you?
Everybody knows me as İzzet, but my real name is Hakan Yılmazer. When I was a child, I was an apprentice in a photograph studio called "Fotoizzet" in my hometown. So I chose it as my nickname. First of all, I want to indicate that I do not consider myself as a photojournalist, yet. Photography is not my real job. In fact, I am a computer engineer. I work as a web-designer and I spend almost all my free time taking photographs.  
When did your interest with photography start?
Four years ago I began to take
:iconhelewidis:Helewidis 33 16
FanChat: Live Interview with rufftoon
Amazing Artist rufftoon joins :#fanartda:!
Saturday, July 18th @ 7:00pm (Eastern Daylight, North America)
rufftoon has delighted both worldwide audiences and the deviantART community with her artwork! Creating amazing comics and fan art, she keeps deviantART members immersed in wonderful storytelling and delicious artwork. Also having worked on Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Johane Matte
Join in!
Saturday, July 18th, participants will have the unique opportunity to ask rufftoon questions about her art, inspiration, and techniques! The live interview is scheduled to run for an hour, so make sure you get here early to get a spot to ask your question!
How to Participate!
:bulletred: Familiarize yourself with rufftoon and her artwork by browsing her gallery!
:bulletred: Think of your questions!
:bulletred: Join :#fanartda: on Saturday, July 18th @ 7:00pm Eastern (Daylight Savi
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 34 9
20 Incredible Photo Manipulation Examples
Photo Manipulation is among one of the fastest growing photography techniques happening right now. Take a look at the 20 amazing photo manipulation artwork examples that are sure to inspire your work.
:icontepara:Tepara 26 4
Stock to Prints II
We're going to delve into the awesome world of Prints on dA - all these lovelies have been made using Stock that can be found in the dun dun dun Stock Gallery. So have a look and if you like them you could have them hanging in your own house!
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 53 22
Admins Hand picked #4
Hello everyone and welcome to the forth of a monthly news Article which is full of art that the admin around dA have hand picked.
The idea of this is to get those unknown artists better known.
So I decided I would ask the admin in dA what art they would like to see featured . But there was a catch. Each piece of art had to 50 favs at the very most. Now I realise some of these may have a little more then that now, but  at the time it was sent to me it did have 50 or less favs.
So without further ado here are the AHP's for July.
Admins Hand Picked
A little about Kitten-of-Woe
I am the Gallery Moderator for the Artisan Crafts gallery
Kitten-of-Woe's art she plucked out of the dA basket
1750s Major's Uniform II by ColonelLiamRoss

Kitten-of-Woe - (Costumes)
:icontepara:Tepara 52 58

Random from Keith's Work

Wound-Up Firefly by zerocomplex Wound-Up Firefly :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 680 171 Flesh in twilight by zerocomplex Flesh in twilight :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 162 40 Glowing Stream by zerocomplex Glowing Stream :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 43 23 dream by zerocomplex dream :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 203 97 Seiteki-tosaku by zerocomplex Seiteki-tosaku :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 99 53 Cherry Hill by zerocomplex Cherry Hill :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 158 44 Aquarious by zerocomplex Aquarious :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 167 111 An Estranged by zerocomplex An Estranged :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 184 76 Black Plate by zerocomplex Black Plate :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 405 82 Her Rhapsody by zerocomplex Her Rhapsody :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 154 60 Twilight Sonata by zerocomplex Twilight Sonata :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 199 95 Pearl of the Orient by zerocomplex Pearl of the Orient :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 407 204

Just a little space to showcase my husband zerocomplex's amazing work, because he is made of win and his face can summon unicorns.



:bulletred: Glossy | Fine Art Print | Women's Medium :bulletred:


More Magic

Feast, by lolitaAgogo

I will never forget how Keith's jaw dropped when I opened the package to reveal the gorgeous original... and how I teared up just a little. Thank you so much.


Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
With a record level of nominations and suggestions on an almost daily basis, it would be hard to ignore the community call to recognise such a fine example of a deviant as `snowmask. Her constant presence since the formative years of deviantART has never wavered, demonstrating a natural ability to seek out and motivate those in need.

Katie's beautifully delicate artworks are elegant and instantly recognisable due to her finely tuned creative style, a clear reflection of her personality. With a multitude of journals which are thought provoking, funny and resourceful, it's impossible not to be touched by such a bright light in our community. Congratulations Katie!
-awarded November 2008


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

Hello, my name is Katherine...

Friends call me Katie. I am a painter, and my husband zerocomplex manages my work. I also serve as a curator and Public Relations Officer for resurgere.

Deepthroat Leakage

Wed Apr 27, 2011, 1:24 PM


Hello! A lot has happened since the last time I updated my journal, and I wish to share the news one step at a time. deviantART is still, after so many years, one of the primary places where I share finished work. Since the launch of my website at the start of the new year, I have over the past few months established a system of where to post updates of my paintings, detailed walkthroughs and works-in-progress.

This section on my website is for what goes on "behind the scenes". Archived here are walkthroughs of my paintings, which I update on a regular basis, and it is also where I'll be sharing photos of how I get my paintings ready for exhibits.

High resolution images of my works-in-progress accompanied by detailed annotations are posted exclusively on my website.

There are two very convenient ways to receive updates of "In Studio" postings via the website's resources. By selecting "art update feeds" from the top right menu located at the header, there are options for subscribing directly to RSS, or to receive RSS alerts via email.

Here is another way to follow updates of all things related to my work, as updates from my website are fed directly here and are automatically posted to the Wall. Some finished works are posted here, although not of high resolution. Simply "like" the page to stay in touch.

Finally, there's my Facebook profile, where I like to post work-in-progress images in a "teaser" fashion, in that they are the most up-to-date, but with longer intervals and much less continuity between one step and the next in the painting process. By comparison, "In Studio" is where the most complete documentation of my works-in-progress can be enjoyed, however each detailed walkthrough on my website are posted only after a painting is finished.

In other words, for those who thirst for as-soon-as-possible updates, this is the place to go. There is also plenty of sideshow entertainment, as this is pretty much the only place where I post photos of my husband Keith's delicious cooking, as well as photos of my cats Chiko and Perry getting into feline shenanigans.

Question Tiem

Have you ever tried to relive a happy experience? Was it just as good, better, or disappointing?

My husband and I experimented with this once and we have concluded that at least for us, moments should never be "chased after". So many little things come together to form a full experience, an exceedingly happy one, and it all just falls into a chain of events that almost seems orchestrated - such perfection cannot be replicated by conscious human planning, no matter how scrupulous the eye... and I'd like to think I haven't lost that particular touch.

What happened the second time was by no means bad, but it definitely "wasn't the same". Many months ago Keith brought this up with me and I learned that happy occurrences should always be cherished, and that my ambitions should turn to the future and the new, instead of awkwardly embracing a loved one from behind with both arms backwards.

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