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This is the critique you requested on #ProjectComment :heart: The colour scheme is exotic and pleasant; it instantly brings focus to the deta...

I was immediately impressed by your understanding of light and spacial alignment. The way the window frame was shaded, and consequentia...

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A Quick Sketch of... Danny Malboeuf - `kolaboy
"A Quick Sketch of..." is a new series of Interviews on different personalities from the Traditional Gallery. Some of them will be underviewed talents, and some (like our first featured deviant) will be some of the best-known and finest artists dA has to offer.
Quick Sketches give us the opportunity to capture an image of someone, a momentary view of their reality... Please welcome today's Sketched deviant: American painter, illustrator and musician kolaboy.
stigmatattoo What were you doing just now?
:iconkolaboy: I was cutting firewood. I never really appreciated the difficult life of a lumberjack until I began cutting my own firewood.
stigmatattoo Do you plan your day ahead and if so, do you manage to stick to it?
:iconkolaboy: I plan my day ahead insofar as I have the PM hours free to work on various projects. Fewer distractions in the nighttim
:iconstigmatattoo:stigmatattoo 46 40
Roman Eagle Tattoo Contest
:new: Roman Eagle Contest :new:
Eagles.  Beautiful, graceful, majestic birds. Used as symbols of power in many ancient cultures, from Egypt to Rome and by many countries as their national symbol today.

I'm holding a contest to design a special Roman eagle tattoo for my fiancé.  The tattoo will go on his upper back and shoulders.  And I may as well state that he has a preference for black tattoos.
Open to ALL design ideas and concepts.  Realistic, formalised, abstract or stylised.  Whatever you like as long as it looks COOL and can work as a tattoo!  All mediums accepted if it works!
The winning design will receive special prizes!
:bulletred: :winner: 1st Place  :winner:
An original painting by me :iconAmyhooton:
a 1 year subscription to dA.
(To be used by you
:iconamyhooton:amyhooton 9 6
Spam Alert on Deviations
There is a spam comment going around which appears to only post on deviations. The text is "rofl this may be relevant to your interests" and is a link.
If you get this comment please do not click the link. If you do it will send out comments like it through your account to other deviations.
Report it as spam if it is on your deviation.
If you happened to click the link please look in your activity and recomment on what was spammed, mentioning what has happened.
If possible please post a journal warning others of this issue and/or linking to this article so it can be stopped.
Thank you.
:iconpurpelblur:PurpelBlur 905 922
The Best of January Visual Art!
Now it's time for January 2009 Visual Art Features, many new art to discover! The first of year!
I'm making it sooner as i'm gonna be wihtout internet connexion for a few weeks ;p
:pointr: Run by karemelancholia since 1 year & 11 monthes.
Don't forget that many artists need to be viewed, they deserve it!
Fave Fave Fave!
My main purpose in doing a monthly feature about (to my point of view) 'the best visual art' is to put in the same level as well wellknown artists and popular creations as unknown artists and under-exposed creations.
Artists need to be supported.
So don't be shy!

Visit their pages, support them by faving, commenting, and when you see a deviation that you like also view their gallery entirely, like that you can decide if you will devwatch them or not.
Viewing only a deviation (what is great) is not enough ;-)

And if you want to see your favorite visual artists or art selected to be in this feature for the next month,
:iconkaremelancholia:karemelancholia 155 92
Wicked Wormsy presents... DD Suggestions I
:D I always thought that being on dA means not only sharing your own Art with others but sharing the Art of others with others too. :laughing:
;) Sounds complicated, doesn't it? :lmao:
:D To make it simpler: I love doing features in my Journal to show my friends my finds.
:aww: But as I also love showing those finds to bigger audience, I love sending DD suggestions to our amazing Gallery Moderators. :heart:
:aww: It makes me very happy when my suggestions are accepted. It would make me even happier if all of them were.
:laughing: Unfortunately the number of spots for DDs is limited and with tens of suggestions every GM is getting daily it's impossible to showcase them all.
:excited: So here goes the feature I was thinking of for quite some time...
:heart: First: a few gems that received the DD.
:heart: Next: quite a bunch of amazing images that were suggested by me but for many reasons weren't granted the feature.
:D One small disclaimer though. I am NOT goi
:iconirena-n-photography:Irena-N-Photography 52 135
[ 1 ] Quote Ninjas
Anybody whos anybody knows that Tachy-on's LOL Corner is the place to go for giggles and mishaps. But for Baz135 and I, you can never have too much of a good thing. So here are some of our favourite quotes from various dAmn rooms that didn't get into the LOL Corner.
the only "young" bar in our area
(the only dance club in 40 miles)
has "free wifi" advertised on their Marquee
i was like.. wow
cuz.. when I think about going out and drinking and dancing.. I bring my laptop along
Just in case the bar has wifi
Cause, you know, I want to go on Wikipedia while someone's gettin' jiggy with it.
I'm absolutely sure that's what it is
you wanna be able to google chlamydia when someone whispers it in your ear.
At the moment it happens.
Go on a dA chatroom: Hey guys, guess what I'm getting right now!
lol Flutterings
oh no
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 57 29
Forums for Dummies
Short Intro to the deviantART Forums.
:bulletblue: Where to find the Forums.
The first step you should take before using the forum is to access them and give a general look around to get an idea on how they are, but how can you see them if you don't know how to find them? Luckily finding the forums is really easy, all you have to do is clicking the link Forum that you'll find on the top of deviantART pages (if you customized your "More" menu, you'll have to click on "More" and you'll find a link to the Forum in the Spotlight category). So now that you know how to get to the Forum page go and give a look at them.
:bulletblue: General Information.
With a first glance you will notice a really basic forum structure, with a list of forum name on the right, the number of topics and post in the middle and on the left a link to the latest thread posted for each of them. If you try clicking on one of the forum names
:iconlittle-vampire:Little-Vampire 64 112
Public Service Reminder: Photojournalism
On April 23rd, 2008, I wrote the article Photojourna-WUT??. It has not been edited since, and we are continuing to adhere to the standards of Photojournalism being in its raw form.
A small disclaimer in the said article mentions:
:megaphone: **remember this is the PHOTOGRAPHY > PHOTOJOURNALISM GALLERY and any excessive use of photoshop and manipulation will result in your images being moved**
We would like to remind the community that if you have any further inquiries or are unclear of the Photojournalism gallery to please approach me, evanhwong, so we can guide you to fully understand it all.
Thank you.
:iconevanhwong:evanhwong 37 22
191 by mil0u 191 :iconmil0u:mil0u 434 116
Shiba Inu in the Arts
Hello all! :) :heart:
I wanted to do a small feature on my favourite dog breed, the Shiba Inu.
The Shiba Inu is a small Spitz breed that originates from Japan.
Shiba are known for their crazy attitude, and high independence. Though, don't be fooled, otherwise your Shiba Inu will fool you! These dogs are not for the faint of heart. They are tough little dogs that teach you many lessons in life. One of them being patience. You will never find another dog as unique as the Shiba Inu.

Have any questions about the Shiba Inu? Feel free to ask me! I own one. :lol:
Here are a few lovely pieces showing the Shiba Inu;

:thumb41275743: the annoyed dog. by thekitty
Suki the Shiba Puppy by kaoni701 a very rozzy christmas by luve Samurai Shibas by estrata
viva la shiba by blanottyfir Prancing by Bunnybunbunbunee S H I B A by Band-junk
Cedric by vamp-princess667 Hirumi by tinctorium Kite Flying High by blue-nadir
:iconbawky:bawky 10 8
Official Contest - What Makes You Smile?
This News Article will be updated over time with prizes and additional info, please refer to it before submitting an entry.
•Your photograph(s) should be submitted to Contests & Projects > Contests > 2009 > What Makes You Smile
•Your photograph(s) should be NO LESS than 500 pixels on each side
•Your photograph(s) should be NEW, i.e. made for the sole purpose of this contest and submitted after the announcement of this contest.
•You are permitted to enter up to two entries per entrant.
•Diptychs will be allowed (no Triptychs) – i.e. placing two photographs side by side to either help enhance your image, convey your concept or to be used as juxtaposition.
No PhotoManipulations will be accepted – i.e. merging two or more photographs or adding additional elements to create one image.
MINOR darkroom enhancement is allowed – i.e. curves, brightness, contrast, colour balance, black an
:iconfamz:FaMz 323 235
Fiery Beard Emote Contest
Contest Summary
mbqlovesottawa set my beard on fire with a lighter once.  Much hilarity ensued, and now we think the incident needs its very own emote.
Contest Details
Myself (zikes) and mbqlovesottawa.
First Place
:bulletgreen: A Fella Plushie
:bulletgreen: 1 Year deviantART Subscription
Second Place
:bulletgreen: 3 Month deviantART Subscription
Third Place
:bulletgreen: 1 Month deviantART Subscription
The last day for submissions is March 24th, after that we will begin judging.
What We're Looking For
Only emotes will be accepted, though what style they are in or whether or not they are animated is up to you.  The emote can be as detailed as you wish, meaning it can follow the story to the T, or it c
:iconzikes:zikes 55 82
A beggar and a cup by gromyko A beggar and a cup :icongromyko:gromyko 1,405 315
deviantARTtimes Jan. 25th, 2009
Community News
:bulletblue: deviantART Presents: New Profile Pages!
1. Community Operations
:bulletblue: Community Operations Newsletter - December 2008
1.1 CEA
:bulletblue: CEA Update 20090120: Moderation System Changes
For all CEA-related news, check out realitysquared, y2jenn, damphyr and/or richardbrady.
1.2 Help & FAQ
:bulletblue: Read the Weekly Helpdesk Updates - January 16th, 2009.
:bulletblue: Weekly Tip: Did you ever wonder if there is a limit on the amount of folders you can create in your gallery? Well there is! For more information, please click here.
:bulletblue: Random FAQ: :faq12:
1.3 dAmn
:icondeviantarttimes:deviantARTtimes 74 12
Cherry Hill by zerocomplex Cherry Hill :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 158 44 Moon and Stars by zerocomplex Moon and Stars :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 182 45

Random from Keith's Work

Chater House by zerocomplex Chater House :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 351 109 Central by zerocomplex Central :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 99 52 Flat 420 by zerocomplex Flat 420 :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 1,040 248 Culture Kid by zerocomplex Culture Kid :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 245 117 Nomeda by zerocomplex Nomeda :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 195 41 Wound-Up Firefly by zerocomplex Wound-Up Firefly :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 681 171 Flesh in twilight by zerocomplex Flesh in twilight :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 162 40 Glowing Stream by zerocomplex Glowing Stream :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 43 23 dream by zerocomplex dream :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 203 97 Seiteki-tosaku by zerocomplex Seiteki-tosaku :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 99 53 Cherry Hill by zerocomplex Cherry Hill :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 158 44 Aquarious by zerocomplex Aquarious :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 167 111 An Estranged by zerocomplex An Estranged :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 184 76 Black Plate by zerocomplex Black Plate :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 405 82 Her Rhapsody by zerocomplex Her Rhapsody :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 154 60 Twilight Sonata by zerocomplex Twilight Sonata :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 199 95

Just a little space to showcase my husband zerocomplex's amazing work, because he is made of win and his face can summon unicorns.



:bulletred: Glossy | Fine Art Print | Women's Medium :bulletred:


More Magic

Feast, by lolitaAgogo

I will never forget how Keith's jaw dropped when I opened the package to reveal the gorgeous original... and how I teared up just a little. Thank you so much.


Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
With a record level of nominations and suggestions on an almost daily basis, it would be hard to ignore the community call to recognise such a fine example of a deviant as `snowmask. Her constant presence since the formative years of deviantART has never wavered, demonstrating a natural ability to seek out and motivate those in need.

Katie's beautifully delicate artworks are elegant and instantly recognisable due to her finely tuned creative style, a clear reflection of her personality. With a multitude of journals which are thought provoking, funny and resourceful, it's impossible not to be touched by such a bright light in our community. Congratulations Katie!
-awarded November 2008


Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

Hello, my name is Katherine...

Friends call me Katie. I am a painter, and my husband zerocomplex manages my work. I also serve as a curator and Public Relations Officer for resurgere.

Deepthroat Leakage

Wed Apr 27, 2011, 1:24 PM


Hello! A lot has happened since the last time I updated my journal, and I wish to share the news one step at a time. deviantART is still, after so many years, one of the primary places where I share finished work. Since the launch of my website at the start of the new year, I have over the past few months established a system of where to post updates of my paintings, detailed walkthroughs and works-in-progress.

This section on my website is for what goes on "behind the scenes". Archived here are walkthroughs of my paintings, which I update on a regular basis, and it is also where I'll be sharing photos of how I get my paintings ready for exhibits.

High resolution images of my works-in-progress accompanied by detailed annotations are posted exclusively on my website.

There are two very convenient ways to receive updates of "In Studio" postings via the website's resources. By selecting "art update feeds" from the top right menu located at the header, there are options for subscribing directly to RSS, or to receive RSS alerts via email.

Here is another way to follow updates of all things related to my work, as updates from my website are fed directly here and are automatically posted to the Wall. Some finished works are posted here, although not of high resolution. Simply "like" the page to stay in touch.

Finally, there's my Facebook profile, where I like to post work-in-progress images in a "teaser" fashion, in that they are the most up-to-date, but with longer intervals and much less continuity between one step and the next in the painting process. By comparison, "In Studio" is where the most complete documentation of my works-in-progress can be enjoyed, however each detailed walkthrough on my website are posted only after a painting is finished.

In other words, for those who thirst for as-soon-as-possible updates, this is the place to go. There is also plenty of sideshow entertainment, as this is pretty much the only place where I post photos of my husband Keith's delicious cooking, as well as photos of my cats Chiko and Perry getting into feline shenanigans.

Question Tiem

Have you ever tried to relive a happy experience? Was it just as good, better, or disappointing?

My husband and I experimented with this once and we have concluded that at least for us, moments should never be "chased after". So many little things come together to form a full experience, an exceedingly happy one, and it all just falls into a chain of events that almost seems orchestrated - such perfection cannot be replicated by conscious human planning, no matter how scrupulous the eye... and I'd like to think I haven't lost that particular touch.

What happened the second time was by no means bad, but it definitely "wasn't the same". Many months ago Keith brought this up with me and I learned that happy occurrences should always be cherished, and that my ambitions should turn to the future and the new, instead of awkwardly embracing a loved one from behind with both arms backwards.

journal design by wroth & miss ginkgografix






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