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Ballpoint pen drawing. Other art - Instagram,twitter, snapchat, vine, youtube, facebook, younow, tumblr, etsy - Snowmarite
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you actually make these with ordinary pens?
this stuff is good.

seems like the longer the art takes to make the better it is.
I been drawing a few things on a napkin; but I wont upload it though :P
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I love this one coz it looks like me :)
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wow i love it, its so beautiful Love 
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This is truly and utterly fantastic!  I love it! 
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breathtaking and beautiful! :wow: :love:
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Your ballpoint pen drawings are indescribably beautiful. The skill, patience, and work that goes into these to make them look so realistic is just amazing. Your talent is very rare and wonderful. :)
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Wow, that's a great piece of art! :love: :clap:
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another mesmerizing work .
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Wow that's incredible :wow:
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Stunning where can I buy this?
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Tyger, tyger, burning bright...
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This is beautiful! Great work c:
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Beautiful work!
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Stunning use of colour. 
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Breath taking. Wow. Those colors and detail. Just amazing. :clap: Tigers are always amazing but you took it to a new level. :love:
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