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"i dream about where I'm going"
*12th or 13th. but always will stay as 11th for me. :)

Loved the 50th anniversary episode btw. it was marvelous beyond expectations. 
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Nine Ten Eleven by snowmarite Can I have a Tardis? by snowmarite

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Oh...very nice.
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I love it!! Heart Heart La la la la 
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Awesome 11th doctor!!! I also really like your style and thanks for the lama Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] 
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This is great!
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Yesss, the anniversary episode was nice. :D
You captured him quite well, his eyes seem a bit sad, but then he has that smile on his mouth, like he knows something that you don't... well he always knows something
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Ooou gorgeous!
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i love doctor who your art is amazing
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Aghhhh I love it!
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Oh my god. you draw so well! :D
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He always by my Eleventh Doctor~
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The first Doctor to me.
That always seem to be the special for you.
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i love it !!! he is my favorite and i miss him so much !!! beautiful work !!!!
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This is very great and the 11th was amazing.
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Wow this is awesome! ! :)
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So amazing! I love the depth!
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One of the Best New Doctors
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