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please don't comment above
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Hello!!! I can't believe I wasn't watching you before!!!!! My goodness!! I had known about you for a little while and I really love your art style!! It's really cute and really pretty!! The soft colours are really pretty to look at! They are candy for the eye!! Wow I love your art!! I really admire the style and also the quality of your art! My goodness is it ever lovely, from the line work to colours and the backgrounds to the all around anatomy! Also! I should mention the creativity of your characters! Their designs are flawless and the simple names make me very happy! I've always been a sucker for cute thing and that is one amazing thing you've got!!
I really hope to one day be able to draw like you can as you are such an inspiration to both me and probably thousands of others!! Keep on working and being you! Always draw what you wish! It's an honour and a privilege to be able to gaze upon your beautiful art!! Sorry for such a long comment Sweating a little... I can just never stop myself from telling the artists that deserve it!! Skilled people like you deserve love from even the smallest of people such as myself! Thank you for sharing your lovely art with the world! You make me and probably lots of others very happy! 
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C r e e p e r
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 a w m a n 
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*hugs with happiness noise*
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sfhudhf omfg your icon,,, i love it,,,,, mob psycho 100 is top tier
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Your art is amazing! It has such a chill and easygoing vibe to it! I love the colors you use in each post! Keep being great!!