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Ayeeeee ;u; I tried to do more different stuff haha.
I'm sorry that the AB prices are really expensive this time too!! ;;
Also, I think I'll be doing another Kelma batch next round! *^* 

Points or Paypal are accepted!
100 points = $1 USD
You can also pay using both points and PayPal together if needed! 
If paying with PayPal, I will note you the email! 
Prices of each:
SB- 50 points or $0.50 USD
MI- 5 points or $0.05 USD
AB- Stated under each adopt respectively!
<Status: Closed> #1 --- :iconskellyghost: 
Note: The files will have the character without the coat too, as well as the coat itself. (This will be put into two files: The original & the separated version)
AB: 1300 points / $13.00 USD

<Status: Closed> #2 --- :iconyalue:
Note: #2 will have a frontal reference image of the cat plush/bag and (really messy ;n;) sketches of some extra potted plants that were not included. 
AB: 1300 points / $13.00 USD

<Status: Closed> #3 --- :iconkayctricky:
Note: #3 will have versions without their hats  and with coats. This will also be put into two files.
AB: 2200 points / $22.00 USD
- Auction ends 24 hours after the latest bid, or when AB'ed.
- When bidding, please reply to the latest bidder.
- Serious buyers only! 
- Please pay within 24 hours after winning.
-- Requests to lengthen the deadline for payment can be negotiated.

- No refunds allowed, once the adopt is sold, you cannot return it. 
-- When trading, reselling or gifting, please do tell us to whom so we can make an update.
-- When reselling, please do not sell more than what you have payed for.
- Do not claim the design / art as your own.
- Credit for the design is definitely appreciated!
- Do not use them for any commercial purposes.
- Do not use them outside of DeviantArt without permission. is acceptable! 
- If there's any inquiries or requests, please do drop us a note! 
- If rules are broken, we will take back the adopt without refunding as well as blacklist the buyer. 
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Please bid here for #1
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Please bid here for #2
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May I AB with PayPal?
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Aaaa sure thing!! ;u; I'll send you a note!!
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Please bid here for #3
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Can I AB them please? ^^
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Aaaaaa yes you can!!! ;u; Thank you so much for the AB!! Would you like to use points or Paypal? ;v;
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You're welcome >v< I'll use PayPal
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I'll note you soon!! ///
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