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my eyes start to sting and water slightly when i see something i consider cringy is this normal
having a badge of my crush's friend's dog is way more satisfying than it should ever be
[GOAL REACHED!] Help, I need to see my mom
EDIT 2/4/2018:
I reached my goal of $800!!! I bought my plane ticket to see her on the 17th!
Ticket Info by purrkink
So, with that being said!! Everything left over will be used as funding while I'm there as gas money and to help my mom out with anything she needs.
I can't even begin to express how happy I am that I'm able to see my mom, When I called her last night and told her I would 100% be able to make it down, she was so happy and she sounded VERY excited to see me. While we're there, I'll be helping her file to make my cousin power of attorney for her as well as help her set up her living will. I'll also be helping her do some house work so shes able to get around a little easier at home (re arranging furniture, help moving / re adjusting her bed so she can access it easier). My mom ended up getting a walking aid to help get around. She has had issues being mobile before (like i stated) but she says that this heart attack really put stress on her body, as well as the oxygen tank restricting her even more. But overall, my mom seems to be doing a lot better and I'm so excited to spend time with her. All of this was REALLY scary for my mom and the entire family. I'm glad I'll be able to see everyone again.

EDIT 2/3/2018:
I updated the journal on my mom's health. She's greatly improved from my last update and is actually at home after being able to leave the hospital! 
Personal Update [ Will be slow for a while]

I posted a journal a few days ago talking about my mom and her current health condition. I didn't go too far into detail but I guess I will here.

My mom had a heart attack Jan 23rd, she was rushed to the emergency room and was rushed into surgery to have a stent put in, her artery was blocked. They thought they had fixed the issue and she was showing improvement even though she had refused to eat food. 2 days later she complained about having chest pains, they gave her a dose of pain medication and a few hours later she went into cardiac arrest, they had to use a defibrillator on her 4 times, they rushed her to ICU where she then had to be shocked a 5th time. She's now on a ventilator which is helping her to breath since her lungs aren't strong enough as well as being in a medically induced coma. She was suppose to go into surgery the next night but my sister (who had power of attorney by being blood related) decided to NOT show up, nor answer her phone. Postponing my mom's surgery another day in to which the nurses finally got a hold of her and she gave consent over the phone. My mom made it through surgery and has been in a medically induced coma for 4 days since every time they try to ease her out of it, she tries to fight them, attempting to take out the central line in her shoulder and the ventilator.

My sister has done nothing but cause trouble and attempting shading stuff since my mom has been hospitalized.
ex: Asking my mom for money before taking a turn for the worst; begging a family friend to take her out to eat instead of actually seeing her.
When I confronted her about it on Facebook, she threatened to file SSI charge backs against my mom for "not giving her her money" since my mom is her payee. (My mother gives her her whole check and has receipts. My sister is disabled.) and even talked about how when mom "finally" dies she can be in control of her money. My sister doesn't truly care for my mother and that's another reason I need to be there. I need to be there to sign the paper work and not leave my mother waiting. I need to be there to support her and actually make sure she's recovering. My sister even went to the length of asking the nurses for my mother's credit card while she was in a coma. (To which the nurses refused to give it to her.) My sister has always been this way, very spiteful and hateful to my mother as well as the entire family. She doesn't care about anyone other than herself.
Despite my mom previously telling the nurses she did not want my sister to be the power of attorney, but instead wanted my cousin to be, the nurses couldn't do anything legally. My cousin has been at the hospital with my mother every day since being hospitalized. She has been there talking to her checking on her and talking to the doctors and nurses to find the best solutions for my mother.

When I get to Texas I will be staying with my cousin, she has 3 children of her own and her husband is currently the only one working. I wouldn't want to cause stress on their household while staying as to why my goal is a little higher in numbers. My planned date to leave is Feb, 17th. Even if my mom makes drastic improvements as well as is released from the hospital, I would still like to be there to help care for her afterwards and be with her.
(I'll only be able to visit for a week due not being able to stay in Houston / having my current life in Iowa. I know my cousin will take good care of my mother once she recovers but I know she needs the extra support right now.)

With the help of friends I've already made it over half way to my goal.

Please share this in status / journals / polls. My mom really needs me there. I'm the only one who can attempt to put an end to my sister's ill intentions.

Goal: $800.00 / $800.00

My Paypal Address:

As much as I hate to beg / ask for donations this is very urgent and it would be very much appreciated. If you donated, please comment / note me and I'll attempt to doodle you a gift in return once I'm settled in Texas. If you don't, I will assume you rather remain anonymous.
Other wise, if you're looking for other ways to support me, I'll be opening up commissions / Selling adopts / Doing commission streams to reach this goal.

As well as updating this deviation with my goal funds. I may update this ever so often for reach. Sorry if it seems spam-y
this is really important, everyone already knows about it but still. please spread.…


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look at my featured deviation u nerd
if you're on mobile just know i like to be called huski and i'm furry trash™


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