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April 17, 2017
Alpacaformers - IDW Nautica by SnowFox102
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Alpacaformers - IDW Nautica


One day I thought to myself, "I should make Transformers into alpacas" and so I did. This is Nautica! I’m proud of her antenna. It’s felted very firmly, so it stays wherever you put it.

Her fleece is minky sherpa fabric over a lightly needle felted core, while her face, armor, and legs are needle felted. This combination of sewing and needle felting worked out very well for me: I have a lot of trouble with sewing anything complex, but needle felting everything takes so much time and energy that it restricts the size and detail of what I make. Alpacaformers stand much larger than most of my purely felted creations, at about 8" tall not counting ears/armor (9" with ears). She has glass pebbles in her back legs that balance out her weight so she doesn't faceplant.

This design will be available as a made-to-order (and sometimes a ready-made will be available) in my Etsy shop!

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EDIT: Wow, a DD! That's the first one ever, as far as I know! :boogie:

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WispyChipmunk's avatar
This is so adorable! She has the cutest little face, and I love all the detail in the armor!
SnowFox102's avatar
maddinja's avatar
She is adorable, I love how the chest details stand out from the fluffier fabric.
SnowFox102's avatar
The magic of dimensional needle felting! :D
abdervine's avatar
WOW now im inspired nice one (^-^)b <---- thumbs up
MistressVixen's avatar
Congrats on the DD, sis. You earned it! Looks great!
SnowFox102's avatar
rex-raxon's avatar
Really great work. Congratulations to the DD and a good start to the new week.Clap Clap Clap
TheDorkKnightReturns's avatar
Adorable, this is exactly what Nautica would look like if she were a bunny! :P
SnowFox102's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, she did turn out quite rabbit-y. :D
LostGryphin's avatar
Amazing work! Congrats on the DD.
SnowFox102's avatar
Thank you! And this is my first DD ever, I'm so happy about that! :D
VixessRin's avatar
The needlfelting on this is so neat and sharp^^ all the boundaries are really clear and pretty~
SnowFox102's avatar
Thanks! I like to keep my felting as neat as possible. I don't like it to be overly hairy, or showing poke marks.
VixessRin's avatar
Yeah when it looks all hairy, it's harder to see the details :C I like that this is so neat^^
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