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princess Hikari OC anime by Snowflower--Chan00 princess Hikari OC anime :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 12 0 Sora x Hikari (OC) by Snowflower--Chan00 Sora x Hikari (OC) :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 18 0 Lily Princess: Aerith by Snowflower--Chan00 Lily Princess: Aerith :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 15 0 Rapunzel Aerith by Snowflower--Chan00 Rapunzel Aerith :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 37 2 Hikari-chan by Snowflower--Chan00 Hikari-chan :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 8 2 Little kids: Cloud and Aerith! So Cuuute! by Snowflower--Chan00 Little kids: Cloud and Aerith! So Cuuute! :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 17 9 Lily's black skirt. by Snowflower--Chan00 Lily's black skirt. :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 11 0 Lily's necklace. - Bitter-Cherry by Snowflower--Chan00 Lily's necklace. - Bitter-Cherry :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 7 0
Aerith  blinked away the morning sunlight that blinded her lovely emerald green eyes and turned over snuggling up to the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Softly, her hands caressed Cloud’s chiseled chest before placing soft kisses on his torso. Suddenly Cloud tightly embraced her earning a cute squeak from his bride. “Morning.” Cloud kissed her neck not opening his eyes. Aerith giggled, “Cloud you scared me!” Cloud chuckled, finding her lips through the darkness of his eyelids. “We should get up, before our friends decide to check in on us. You know how Zack, Tifa, and Yuffie love to snoop around.” Cloud gazed at her with piercing sky blue eyes, and returned her smile. “I guess, but they should know we are on our honeymoon. If I see any of them around, I won’t be happy.” Aerith kissed his cheek. “I know, I won’t either.”
Suddenly, Cait Sith appeared in a burst of smoke. “Hiya g
:iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 6 10
Bloody Desire
"You know your orders?"
"Hunt down the young prince and steal the legendary sword."
"And end his life in the process."
"Good." The cloaked figure made the mistake of turning his back on the woman. A sharp dagger to his neck made him freeze with fear.
"Hold on." Dark strands of brown hair covered part of her angelic face.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" She dug her knife into his flesh reminding him of what he forgot.
"Of course." He fished in his pockets until he found what she desired.
"I can't tell if you're crazy to take on this job or a damned fool."
The woman took the bag of gil and the heavy weight made her smile.
"What does that matter what I am to people? As long as I get my payment. I could care less what others think."
"How will you do it?" The man wasn't sure such a beauty could even stand a chance against he prince. "Other assassins have tried and failed"
The woman in question pursed her shiny lips, amused by his doubt.  
"I have special training. I'm sure I
:iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 4 4
"Aerith." Cloud smiled walking through the fields of yellow flowers. "Cloud! Where have you been? I was so worried." Aerith hugged him overjoyed he was here. "I'm sorry. The Goddess Cosmos needed me." Aerith tilted her head, "Cosmos?" Cloud chuckled and shook his head. "Never mind." His strong arms wrapped around her small frame pulling her into a loving embrace. "We're going back to the place where we belong." Cloud remembered Zidane's words. "I'm home." Aerith nuzzled her head into her soldier's chest. "I'll always pray for your safe return." Cloud felt happy to finally be back and in the arms of the woman he cherished the most.
:iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 7 4
Cherry blossom sword for my OC. by Snowflower--Chan00 Cherry blossom sword for my OC. :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 9 10 Assassin Aerith Gainsborough by Snowflower--Chan00 Assassin Aerith Gainsborough :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 15 10 Caelus x Elena by Snowflower--Chan00 Caelus x Elena :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 14 8 Yakumo x Yuna by Snowflower--Chan00 Yakumo x Yuna :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 13 10 Aerith's Kingdom Hearts 3 Sword by Snowflower--Chan00 Aerith's Kingdom Hearts 3 Sword :iconsnowflower--chan00:Snowflower--Chan00 6 15


Cloti- Seventh Heaven 01-03 by Nardhwen Cloti- Seventh Heaven 01-03 :iconnardhwen:Nardhwen 170 40 cloti forever by katloverz11 cloti forever :iconkatloverz11:katloverz11 50 3 FFVII: Blue Tifa Green Cloud by Cloud-x-Tifa-Club FFVII: Blue Tifa Green Cloud :iconcloud-x-tifa-club:Cloud-x-Tifa-Club 4 0 You and Me - Cloti by Cloud-x-Tifa-Club You and Me - Cloti :iconcloud-x-tifa-club:Cloud-x-Tifa-Club 5 0 + 003 Light + by Cloud-x-Tifa-Club + 003 Light + :iconcloud-x-tifa-club:Cloud-x-Tifa-Club 16 0 CloudxTifa:Blessed Moment by Cloud-x-Tifa-Club CloudxTifa:Blessed Moment :iconcloud-x-tifa-club:Cloud-x-Tifa-Club 26 0 Cloti- Seventh Heaven by Cloud-x-Tifa-Club Cloti- Seventh Heaven :iconcloud-x-tifa-club:Cloud-x-Tifa-Club 44 0 EclipseLunar x Ashewyn by PalomaGouthier EclipseLunar x Ashewyn :iconpalomagouthier:PalomaGouthier 41 9 Aliavette by PalomaGouthier Aliavette :iconpalomagouthier:PalomaGouthier 94 24 Eressea Lastalayca by PalomaGouthier Eressea Lastalayca :iconpalomagouthier:PalomaGouthier 32 0 Raven by PalomaGouthier Raven :iconpalomagouthier:PalomaGouthier 73 7 Reflection by PalomaGouthier Reflection :iconpalomagouthier:PalomaGouthier 14 0 On The Usual Spot by akai-kuma On The Usual Spot :iconakai-kuma:akai-kuma 17 4 Pocahontas by Lustweaver Pocahontas :iconlustweaver:Lustweaver 256 50 Lets Go! by akai-kuma Lets Go! :iconakai-kuma:akai-kuma 73 11 Blossom Princess by akai-kuma Blossom Princess :iconakai-kuma:akai-kuma 11 6



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