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Dots world map

Dots world map vector in .ai format
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Pure Awesome! Thank you
Can this type of work be protected by Copyright? A good programmer can write a piece of code that will take world map as input and convert it into something similar to this...
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Hello, sNowFleikuN

I'm making a website for a client that really wants an animated globe. I would like to use this for said animated globe. Do you charge for the use of this image or is it free as long as credit is given? Also, if you allow me to use this image, I can send you the files for the animated globe when I'm finished. That's if you want them. =] Let me know.
would like to purchase the vector file from you please let me know how much.
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Very Useful, Thank you very much!
HI There, I love this image, may I use it for a corporate presentation of my company (not internet homepage!!!) citing the corresponding reference, i.e. sNowFleikuN?
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Brilliant! I was looking for a quick fix for my infographic CV for a short-notice interview; this is perfect, thanks!
Hi Snowfleikun really like the graphic would i be ok to use it in a ipad app i am releasing as a background i wont be able to give credit on the app but i can give credit on the website promoting the app if thats ok ;)
Can I get permission to use this for the back drop of a dummy Global Company that we are using for a scenario play? I will give credit.
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I would like to ask you if I can use this map in my master thesis, just to show the location of some cities, of course I would credit you as the original designer and I'll put this page link in the image index.
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used here [link] thank u :) very much !
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Freat, Nice work -thanks for adding falkland island- bye
very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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sure, you are free to share, but give some credit ^^
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