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Karuta Skeleton

Hey guys!!! Here's another drawing that I did for my Digital Arts class. Previously, I uploaded the initial sketch of Karuta and her skeleton form, inked and later colored it on Photoshop CS6 after using my teacher's scanner. I know the color scheme is different and also the fact that her skeleton does not have hair or a hat, but I thought my teacher would think that the skeleton was a little too plain. Plus, I when I was drawing the candy and stuff, I started thinking of Willy Wonka for some reason. =P It was supposed to have a sort of glowing effect, but I really should've remembered to darken it a little bit to make it seem like it's glowing more.  

Life is still pretty busy cuz of school and college apps and life in general, but it's still fun and memorable in some ways; however, I will still continue to upload some of the paintings that I do in class on here. Since I don't really have Photoshop or much time to draw and stuff at home, these other drawings will take a while because I can only spend around 40 a day working on them during class. I have Hope that you like it! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!
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