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Eternal Twins of the concert! by Snowflake43 Eternal Twins of the concert! :iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 2 0 Eternal Twins of the Aurora by Snowflake43 Eternal Twins of the Aurora :iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 0 0 Dragon love by Snowflake43 Dragon love :iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 4 0
Harsh Jealousy chapter 1
Harsh Jealousy!!
Chapter 1
Clank forced his eyes open and looked around, his vision was very blurry. After a couple of minutes his vision cleared he looked around the room in shock there was blood, fur and metal everywhere!
He looked to his left and found his arm lying there he picked it up and clicked it back in place “R…Ra…Ratchet” he finally managed “over here Clank” Ratchet said weakly, Clank walked around the corner and gasped.
There was Ratchet on his hands and knees with fur missing from his right ear and tail, he also looked like he had been slashed with giant claws (which he had) on his left thigh and right calph but the worst was on the right side of his waist it was the biggest and the deepest Ratchet managed to stand but as soon as he stood he fell on his knees holding the wound on his waist with his left hand and coughing into his right he looked into his hand and said “great more blood”
“Ratchet you need to rest or you are goin
:iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 2 3
Why did you leave me?
Why did you leave me?
BOOM! The sound of a giant explosion rung through the battlefield in Blackwater City on planet Rilgar. Then the battlefield fell quiet everyone had their defences up on full alert ready to fire at the very last second. After a few minutes the sound of war began to rise and grow more intense as time went on, out on the front line was a brave well known lombax fighter who has saved many galaxies for the love of it and to protect his wife and daughter. This lombax was none other than the intergalactic hero Ratchet.
Whenever there was a war Ratchet was always the first person to be called to be a leader of some sort maybe a general, admiral or sometimes even a commander. Since this is a universe with a lot of violence Ratchet is away from home a lot but Sasha and their daughter Vanessa understand that.
Back on the battlefield Ratchet was standing strong, but then a electrical current that was shot out of an enemy’s weapon ran through his body and had him severely
:iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 0 1
Open your eyes
Open your eyes!
contains major Quest for Booty spoilers!
It was 2 weeks after Ratchet and Talwyn had discovered that Dr Nefarious was the Zoni’s master and Ratchet was in the training room on the Apogee space station practicing for his show down with Dr Nefarious. He was practicing with his Judicator, Combustor and Fusion bomb on targets flipping on a small rail to exercise his agile skills as well. He was practicing for 3 hours until Clank had appeared out of nowhere! Ratchet was stunned he didn’t know what to say until Clank said very franticly “Ratchet help me the Zoni are horrible evil things” just then Ratchet snapped out of his daze and said “why do you say that now?” as he blew up 3 targets in the bullseye with his Judicator. Then the Zoni appeared and Clank looked horrified then they said “greetings young lombax” as they charged up their energy and shot it at Ratchet! Clank screamed “Ratchet!” because the force off the energy sh
:iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 0 4
Highschool Drama
High school Drama!
It was senior year at galactic high for Ratchet, Sasha, Angela and their classmates. Ratchet was the sports star so he was the most popular guy. Angela and Sasha were both cheerleaders but Angela was captain so it was like a rule for her and Ratchet to date, but Ratchet didnt feel that way about her, Angela wanted it to be like that not just for the school but for her. One day Ratchet was hanging out by the lockers with his friends, Angela and her friend from the cheerleading squad Molly were just staring at him "he and I are so meant to be" Angela said to Molly, in fact she said that a lot but Molly didnt mind she agreed just then Sasha went to her locker (it was down the hall from were Ratchet and his friends were standing) Angela and Molly noticed her and went to talk to her, "hey Sash doesnt Ratchet look so hot in that outfit" Angela asked her "you think Ratchet looks so hot in anything, and yes actually I do agree" Sasha said "1st shut up and 2nd I know totally"
:iconsnowflake43:Snowflake43 1 5


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Hey I'm a purple fruit loop :D

I love Ratchet!!

I am a proud Panhead!!

I love drawing and painting, even though I'm not that good at it

Yep thats me!!!
My RISE pre-order finally arrived today!!
I'm proud to be an Aussie but wow it's annoying for overseas delivery >.<
More annoying for concerts :/ Everyone seems to forget about us down here :(

Ah well, gonna go rock out to Skillet :D
  • Listening to: Skillet

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