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ok so first off, i'd like to say it didn't happen to me personally, but i am still quite angered by a certain 'controversy' that's going on in one teeny tiny part of the blogging world now. am not going to go into details, but here's what i need to get off my chest cos i'm still quite in a rage about it all.

1) of course it's wrong to plagiarize. just don't copy unless it's some generic item, i.e. cupcakes, macarons, cookies etc....that's ok. it's NOT ok though, to copy someone else's work as faithfully as possible, down to the layout, colour scheme etc., then claim it as your own. but i suppose some people just don't have a conscience.

2) if i came across a neat tutorial that i used, and would like to share the idea, i will always ALWAYS credit it back to the source (webpage, book, etc.). if you used a certain tutorial in a book, and would like to share the technique, put a link to the book, or a vague description. it's quite sickening to see the number of videos and blogs who claim for themselves ideas they've read off books (sure, some are pretty basic techniques, but from some online tutorials i've seen, even the presentation of the pictures and items are clear rip offs from japanese books i've browsed at the bookstore).

3) let's say i've come up with my own twist to a technique, and should i make a tutorial i would still credit my inspiration source. c'mon, it's basic courtesy.

4) don't go around accusing people of copying your fucking original idea if it's really not a copy. if it has a sight resemblance, FFS use your fucking brain and consider if the item itself is, to begin with, a rather generic item. you know those trigger happy personality disordered people who always lay claim to every fucking thing in the world. fuck. they piss me off. at least you know why i'm so hopping mad LOL

5) then again, if someone has been shadowing you and always coincidentally making similar items a few days or weeks after making exact same items that you have made....hahah you have a creepy stalker. so what can you do? rise to the occasion i say! make stuff that's so technically difficult or intense that it'd be difficult for others to plagiarize off you. ;)

6) STOP PESTERING PEOPLE FOR TUTORIALS. geez. if you see a complicated item, chances are, it -is- complicated to make. so can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to write a 20-30 step tutorial? it's a fucking MANUAL. that's why i refuse to answer anymore questions. call me stuck up or whatever, but like i've said before, GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. i can honestly honestly say that many of my ideas come from the real world, i simply google for actual methods of making the original real items, then scale it down and create tools and adapt techniques to my use. and it is NOT EASY so of course i am not gonna share my blood sweat and tears (and $) so that someone can rip it off and claim it as their own.

7) this issue is so multi-faceted that i can't possibly go into all aspects, including copyright laws across different if you're really curious about this topic, check out GOOGLE (or your fave search engine, i like GOOGLE, even as a verb ;P) for copyright laws, especially for FOOD and FASHION. you might be surprised at what you find ;) i know i was!!!

/rant off

the sad part is, for those who have been following my foray into miniatures from the beginning, you probably noticed that i've become less forthcoming with my methods and ideas. for one, after i've exhausted many many different ways of making many many different items, what -could- i write about? moreover, i never have been able to faithfully use a tutorial since i have attention span issues and thus my final product doesn't even come close to what i wanted to make. and, now that i'm moving on to more advanced techniques, the tools, materials etc are a little more difficult to obtain and explain. i really still consider myself a newbie (i know, it sounds stupid, but i really do feel this way) as there's like, a gabillion and one other things i want to learn and make!!! so i don't want to mislead anyone. besides, again, GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. or go to the library, like i do.

ok la, i admit, i just hate repeating and explaining myself over and over again. so please, just accept whatever i have to offer, and if you find it useful, let me know. feeling appreciated always helps in my decision to share ideas or not :P and if i have anything to share, it'll mostly likely be on my blog,

so. ah. i feel better after venting :P now i can go blog about less angsty stuff :P
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Talty Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011   Artisan Crafter
I agree with everything you said, and I hope I never become like that. If I ever do, slap me into sense.
Mangabaka Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
If you think yourself as a newbie I can imagine what I must be! Ahahahaha.
I couldn't agree more with everysingle thing you said here dear.
RNDmodels Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
I keep waiting to run across a gepetto door with a stain glass ice cream cone in it, but thankfully mine is alone in an ever growing ocean of copycat wannabees. You notice that I too cut way back on the tutorials when they became 14 volume encyclopedias. I mean, c'mon guys, have an original thought of your own!
*in Fernie's on this one* :)
churien Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*fans you* singapore weather warm.

ranting once in a while is goooood. I like your works. /feeling very random today.
NotSoCute Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011  Hobbyist
I like this. Very much.
tyney123 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
*applaud* Best. Rant. Ever.
Completely agree with you, 100% on it all.
If I'm ever having a slow day/night and have haunted my usual haunts on the internet I'll quite happily trawl through tutorials on here, crafting websites and youtube. Best way to learn really. And I of course link back. 'Tis rude not to.
Also, a cupcake is a cupcake, some people out there need to learn that :P x
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February 28, 2011