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How to Draw Spiral Knights! - Part 1

This is my first time making tutorials... so it really does look crappy. :nirvana:
Any form of comments and critiques are welcomed to improve this tutorial!

All credits to Ian McConville :iconmalakym: for his great art, and also for some of his knight concept art which helped me in my studies.
Also, thanks to :iconchocoghost: for his study, which helped me a lot. [link] (Although I have to disprove some of his points for accuracy's sake, sorry! xD)

Disclaimer: Spiral Knights and its respective rights belong to SEGA and Three Rings. I do not own any of the contents of the game.

Feel free to download this tutorial, but do not claim this as your own, and acknowledge that this is borrowed from me.

Part 2: [link]
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may i use it to make some to post on deviant art?
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this is really helpful
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 Very helpful, thanks a lot! :D
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Glad you like it!
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Not crappy at all! Simple and helpful, although, definitely try and minimize the text for people like me, who hate reading xD

But good job nonetheless considering this is your first time making a tutorial.
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Thanks! I'm aware about the text issue: I always have problems with the tendency of being "talkative" and writing long descriptions xD

I'll have to keep trying then. :D
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I think I'll give it a shot. :D
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I doubt you really need an anatomy detention xD
But by all means, go ahead! :)
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Oh trust me, I do, and always will need it. D:
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Ok, Who tell you I was looking for one of thiese? xD

let's see how it end, (I'll try it) And well, for the first tutourial I think looks good, to the second part then! ~~~~/o/
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Nice! That's not that difficult, eh? ;)
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Ayep, I'll try this today, as soon as I have some time =) I'll try to show you some results then ^^
snowcube94's avatar
Can't wait to see it :D
kirbecio's avatar
Give me some time and I'll show you

Meanwhile, I finally got the custom armour design, if you want to take a look ;)
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Yes, do let me have a look! :)
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