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Spirit of the Ocean

Contest entry for :iconblackwing2:

A fake evolution for Kingdra. ...Just because.

*Levidra - The Sea Dragon Pokemon*

Base Stats
HP - 90
Attack - 110
Defense - 110
Sp. Attack - 110
Sp. Defense - 110
Speed - 100

Ability - Drizzle
*Summons rain when it appears in battle.

Signature Move - Tsunami (Water)
Power - OHKO
Accuracy - 30%
*Summons a giant wave that crashes down with immense force to KO any opponent. This move will always hit when it's raining. (Does not work against Sturdy, however)

PokeDex Entry
*The evolved form of Kingdra. Levidra is often rumored to bless sailors with clear skies and banish pirates into the midst of heavy storms. Its power over weather control is said to rival that of Kyogre and Lugia.

Levidra is, obviously, based off of Leviathan from Final Fantasy, including its signature move. Kingdra is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I thought it needed a bit more of a boost just for kicks. =P

Contest belongs to Blackwing2.
Pokemon (c)Nintendo
Art/Fakemon (c)Me
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How does it evolve?
Snowbound-Becca's avatar
Evolves at level 64 while in a rainy area, like Goodra. :P
kitfox-crimson's avatar
mega kingra! CX

looks awesome CX
Snowbound-Becca's avatar
Actually, it's a fourth evolution, as per contest rules
Siseja-sama's avatar
wow this is REALLY pretty!
I was contemplating doing a Kindgra evolution, but now there's no point in that
good luck with the competition! 8D
Froodals's avatar
beautiful :iconaaahhplz: 
i hope this wins/ is used in his comic!!! :la: 
Snowbound-Becca's avatar

Thanks! :dummy:

I also just noticed that this is a seahorse, and Sky doesn't like seahorses... This will make things interesting. :giggle:

Froodals's avatar
I KNOW hahahahaha :giggle: 
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