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Dude, Wheres my car?
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Senses Fail, 3 Doors Down, A7X
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Tablet, Photoshop CS3, and snowboard :)
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I'm deleting everything on this account, journals, deviations, etc. I might use this account for school art. Not sure yet. MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT: ~BadAssWolfie (

Should I draw an St.Pat Pic?

  |  16 votes
  • Yes! I'm Irish add me!
  • Sure! I'll look at any of your art!
  • Maybe....
  • Nope, I'm not Irish
  • Yeah, even though im not irish

What should I draw?

  |  22 votes
  • Wolves
  • Horses
  • Anthros
  • Try Cats?
  • Whose cares just take my request!

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WolfLvr12 Traditional Artist

thanks for the watch and your very welcome. i love your artwork. its very good
ever noticed how all of us on deviantart can be closely connected and communicate fluently between artists of all talents and interests?
we can use this ability now to focus together on a subject which is often neglected.

(pass this on and plz dont kill me) i felt compelled to leave this note around dA, for those of us that respect endangered creatures, paticularly wolves. dont ask, but read plz.
(seems nowadays every great creature is endangered )

(this is by no means spam, i give this to anyone i can because it is something we all need to consider once in a while, so please feel free to adjust this message and pass it on, thx)

>>>>>>>> if you are a person who respects the beauty and spirit in wolves and other great creatures then
you should consider contributing time and resources towards their future
if you have begun to draw or respectively admire canids then do read the following.
there are some pretty shallow people today who will do anything they can to eradicate
whole populations of wolves and great beasts from their homeland, the land they now share with a rather selfish human population

do what you can to protect the future of wolves around the world
it doesnt matter if your american, russian, canadian or french, with a minimum amount of effort you can help contribute to the future of our historic brother, the wolf.

most of us dont realise, but we all once had ancestors.
ancestors that made a living from the very earth, a struggle to survive that was in fact aided by the presence of another powerful mammal at the time, canis lupus.
if you are a person that has realised your own heritage, look inside yourself and decide what you can do to help those that helped your own ancestors so long ago, in hunting and in survival.

it is sickening to think that our own race killed these respectable creatures in their millions, and we are a long way from healing the damage.

lets not have piles of wolf skulls or racks of furs like has happened before.
lets have free wolves.

take some tv time or art time off, just to spend a few minutes browsing and organising a way to help one of earth's most beautiful predators.

cmon everyone. how can we consciously let terrible things happen to those we respect so much. please work together with me or indepently to help share the message that wolves need help from their once old friends turned enemies.

i suggest donating to defenders of wildlife, but there are many other ways you can help, so use your initiative and be a part of something special.

for those of you who have already contributed, you are awesome. so much. im not ignorant of what youve done, just trying to show others the benefit of following in your footsteps ^^.

spread the word and please come together to help wolves and all the great animals we look up to.

ShadowDHuskyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hows it hanging, doby?
Thanks for the watch! ^^
Hi Doby.

Do you do tags? Because you're TAGED

I love your style. Its all your own.