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This Walking Sleep

~*Inner thoughts*~
FINALLY! I got these stupid freaking colors to work together!:faint: SEVEN stinking fractals later, count them SEVEN, I got something that was worth posting. My soul is screaming in frustration and at the same time thrilled the damn colors worked! (Slams head repeatedly into computer keys). Stupid freaking fractal!:spank:

Comments, questions, and critiques are both welcomed and appreciated. Enjoy!

~*Musical Inspiration*~
Falling Awake
From a walking sleep
And all that remains
Is the dying memory
And now I can dive for
these dreams I make
Like I am Falling
I am falling awake - Falling Awake, Tarja Turunen

Wanna listen to the complete song? Of course you do! This is Tarja for heaven sake. She may have left Nightwish, but she still kicks booty. ---> [link] :headbang:

~*Tools of the Trade*~
Ultra Fractal 5.03
Photoshop CS3 (signature and color touch-ups)

~*Similar Works*~

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iytj's avatar
awesome teal hues!!wonderful job!!:icontiphankeplz:
snow-valkyrie's avatar
Many thanks! I love the combination of purple and teal. It is up there with the color combination, red, black and white.
iytj's avatar
you're most welcome!=D
Hey first of all let me start by commending you on your work, it looks really great. I am doing an architecture project at university and have been trying to find ways of producing images and work like this. could you please point me in the right direction on how to start and what programs to be using as this would really help.

snow-valkyrie's avatar
Ooo, an Architect! I have much love and respect you or guys. I took an art appreciation class and the only time I woke up was during the controversial art section and of course the architecture section. Simply fascinating stuff!

Anyway, to cut to the chase. What I mess with are called fractals. There are quite a few programs to help you in getting started with creating fractals.

:bulletblue:Fractal Explorer | :bulletpurple:Apoohysis | :bulletblack:Ultra Fractal (This is what I use) | :bulletwhite:Incendia (I am learning this program at the moment) | :bulletblue:Mandelbulb |

There are others, but I think this list will give you a good heads up on starting out. There are TONS of tutorials on DA about fractals on each of these software. Oh yeah, and if you still need help. There is a fractal mentor group on DA. I know they will be more than happy to help you out. ---> Fractal Mentor Program <---

Happy fractaling! I would love to see your work if you decide to give it a shot!:eager:
timemit's avatar
Super form..and that gradient is just perfect..amoungst my fave colour combo :D
snow-valkyrie's avatar
I have a love/hate relationship with this fractal. I love the look and feel of it, but every time I see it. I get so frustrated because I remember how many stupid renders it took before I got it right.:lmao:
timemit's avatar
I bet the 'stupid ones aren't all that stupid!!!
snow-valkyrie's avatar
You would be surprised. I am a little silly when it comes to my art.:lmao:
divby0's avatar
I hope you don't mind, I've used this as inspiration here: [link]
angeleyes2480's avatar
Now, now, no spanky spanky with yourself! *Tsk-tsk* You need to find a bad-boy to do that sort of thing! :iconhaybabyplz: :lol: :lmao: =P

This is really stunning! Simply remarkable! :wow: The colors look crisp and perfectly "blended". ;) I love the purple tenacles! Very alluring! ;) Give yourself a hand, dear! :clap: :heart:
snow-valkyrie's avatar
Many thanks my dear.d I worked hard in this fractal.
angeleyes2480's avatar
And it definitely shows! ;) :heart:
Cosmic-Cuttlefish's avatar
The purple and teal colours work very well together in this piece. I also really like all the different shapes used, as well as the textures & lighting. :)
snow-valkyrie's avatar
I am so happy you like this fractal.
Yasny-chan's avatar
omg! :wow: amazing work my dear! :clap:
snow-valkyrie's avatar
Many thanks! I am happy you enjoy it.
GypsyH's avatar
I have always loved these colors combined. Very nice work!
snow-valkyrie's avatar
I am so happy I got them to work. Thanks for stopping by!:glomp:
heavenriver's avatar
I love the smooths here, they look so velvet! That's like part of a marriage dowry. I bet people would have a lovely rest on those :D Cute!
snow-valkyrie's avatar
I like the background as well. It took me a while to get it to work properly. SEVEN renders as a matter of fact!:pissed: Sorry, still obsessing over this fractal.:giggle: I am glad you like it and thanks for the wonderful comment.
frekie999's avatar
very nice good work
snow-valkyrie's avatar
Thank you so much for taking a look. I always enjoy your feedback!:tighhug:
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