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Hogwarts Sailor Senshi fixed

Yes, my two biggest loves-Sailor Moon... and Harry Potter. In one picture together ^_^ WOOT!
I actually made this for the Crossover contest for . Slytherin's girl is noone particularly. I just thought a silver haired girl would be suiting... Hufflepuff... is kiiiind of supposed to be Susan Bones but heck if I know what she looks like except she's got brown hair (from teh movie) and a braid (from thebook) Anyways... I just took poetic license from there... Eh... Gryffindor is Hermione-of course. and Ravenclaw is the wonderful Luna Lovegood ^.^

I actually had to redo the colors a little.. THey were very bleached out. O.o I don't know why.

Harry Potter and Hogwarts and characters (c) of JK Rowling
Sailor Moon (c) of Naoko Tekeuchi
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sailor hermione with sword of gryffindor is awesome! and luna looks sexy!
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i love it! sailor moon and harry potter are my all time favorites! great job!
LifyehDragon's avatar
it looks amazing lol i love the idea
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you should have made the Slytherin one Pansy
NobodysSavior's avatar
I adore Luna... this is a great idea. ^_^
there salior girls now woot!
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i luuuuv it! its awesome!! sailor moon and harry potter rule!!
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I have to admit it

You really have talent
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how lovely :D
i love sailor moon and harry potter too and i think this is an interesting combination ;)
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It´s really great. I love the capes specially!
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hermione and luna are so cool looking. i love them both. luna makes me laugh all the time.
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we dooooooooooo love this one! perfectly in our club's philosophy!!
:+fav: imediately
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Good piccy, nice idea :)
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Very cool! I love this concept! Very nicely draw and colored!
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Okay truthfully I hate Harry Potter...BUT I lover Sailor Moon and this picture ROCKS! It's so cute!! :clap: Great Job!
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That's so cute! I would have thought you'd do that Clearwater chick for ravenclaw..;;)

...anyway! This totally kicks @$$

keep it up!
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:D (Big Grin) another nice picy O.o just don't like salor moon ether XD
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Really nice, and very different. ^.^,,
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Ohmigosh... thats just... awesome!!!
Damn you for being such a kickass artist, its unfair X3~~
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OMG! I love it! This is a terrific pic! I love the pose and their faces! Great job!
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