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Naruto- Pure Blood

A happy birthday to the awesome :iconfinni:!!!! :heart: I wasn't really sure what to draw you so I drew haku ^^;. Hope you like it though~

I started out liking this picture when I CGed it, but then I realized all the shitty proportional errors and changed my mind :(. Why do I suck at proportions of all things @___@.

Made this somewhat similar to my Neji picture since a lot of people liked it and requested I do something like it again.

Haku © Masashi Kishimoto
Art © ~snow-chan [Ebony Snow]
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© 2007 - 2021 snow-chan
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This is so beautiful.
My Haku 
Innocent-smell's avatar
Aww, that's pretty ; )
Ladlou's avatar
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Haku! Wow, you really captured him. I love how you drew this.
NikkiXOdd4eva's avatar
don't worry your proportions are perfect. and I love Haku! :D very well done.
Tamielizz's avatar
WOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Subaru-N-Dawn's avatar
Your art is beautiful! ^^
SophieHei's avatar
Goegeous, I love everything in your drawing...
I'm totally in live with it (o^_^o)
xxxRiku-chanxxx's avatar
wooww this is really gooood!! :clap:
Cow-Priestess's avatar
This is gorgous. Haku looks so calm, yet sad at the same time. I love this picture.
Gaawa-chan's avatar
Damn, that's pretty...
NeoHearts's avatar
two thumbs up!
xXxdatenshixXx's avatar
wow... *speachless* that one is really awesome! and it's snowing outside, so it really matches my mood.. lol snow snow snow snow 3th snow of the year and this time there is even more snow than before... lol anyway great drawing/painting.. whatever
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HAKU!! :hug: ^^ awsome job
blackcat-girl's avatar
This is so beautiful... Hakuuu *sniffs*
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Beautiful picture, but Haku's always kinda creeped me out.

Naruto put it best when he said, "He's prettier than most girls are!"
sorastalker08's avatar
Haku's so pretty, yet I feel like I wanna cry ;-;
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Excellent drawing!
dothackgamer's avatar
i so love this pics of haku im so adding this to my favs
Amaijen's avatar
beautiful, I love Haku ;)
pinkxfuzziexkitties's avatar
Wow! So good! I <3 Haku! Faves*
Jyezrah's avatar
I most definitely still am in love with this. You are such an amazing artist.
queeng61's avatar
great looks beautiful.
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