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T: NightmareBeauty

By Snow-Body
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character © Trick-or-Treat

artwork © Snow-Body

hmmh not the best bg for the design
but i liked it >w> huehue
so i don't care XD
hope you like it
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© 2014 - 2021 Snow-Body
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There's.. so much I love about this! Just the colors you chose and the way it glows and the details in the roses and so much more my god! Fucking beautiful!!
Ok I kinda got that out of my system now I'm gonna try to articulate and REALLY hope I don't sound like I'm sucking your dick xP
   (This actually applies to quite a few of your other canine drawings as well) I really don't like using the word perfect because (imo) nothing is truly perfect or beyond the idea of improvement but I truly can't think of a better word here: The amount of detail you put into this is pretty much perfect man! Lots of art/pictures don't have very much detail and end up looking cartooney but then there are plenty of artists that throw in way too much detail (like modern Final Fantasy) leading to sensory overload but you nailed an incredible balance! All the colors work so well together. And I especially love how the colors cast their own lights and shadows that reveal or accent different details.

Lol, to say the least, I love your work! Keep it up ^-^
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This is very lovely~ We really like the darkness of this~ Also really love the fire and how you showed it glowing/shining off things~

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this is real pretty eue
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Oh wow... this is such a beautiful character which you drew so absolutely perfectly! I'm extraordinarily envious of how you are able to capture the glowing and backlighting so well too. Pshhh, I think the background is wonderful.

I'll stop gushing now, ehe...
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asdfghnm ;w; THAN KYOU <333333

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Eee, anytime! <33 Can't wait to see more awesome work~
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0w0. I love this picture so much the colors the shading it is flawless.
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Reminds me of a dark amaterasu from okami. Nice!
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Wow this is fantastic!
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amazing art 
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Fantastic! Really Beautiful!
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SO AWESOME i can just dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think I've fainted. 
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Oh wow, this looks like the dark version of Okami!!
Love it!!
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So majestic Oops! 
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oh my goodness I absolutely love the background for this, the trees look lovely!!
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