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Brushes: Fur part: 4

These fur Brushes are much smaller than the others :'D
But i hope you like them anyway ^-^
The big mixed Brushes on the right side are a mix from all
fur brushes which i have. So better download all XD

Fur Brushes:
Oldies: -
part: 1 -
part: 2 -
part: 3 -
part: 4 - here

Other Brushes from me:…

- don't submit them on other sites
- don't say you have created them
- you don't must give credit
- a fav would be cool
- maybe you can show me your work o3o
- WHEN you really think "OMG must submit them on my brushy site"
THEN don't remove my watermarks and all and give credit >__>

For which programm? - Photoshop (created in PS CS5 )
works them in Gimp, sai etc ? - pff i don't know
How to download them? - click dat download button on the right side
can you make a zip file? - nope (only abr)
can i use them for - FOR ALL / whatever you draw
Do you use them? - only when i'm really really lazy
They dosen't work by me ?! - ehm idk why

Young Thorin by sekiq Umbreon by ShirleyHeerd Welcome to Kansas by DigitalIre
© 2013 - 2021 Snow-Body
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how do i download these???? And where is the download button??

HeiBK201's avatar
those are paid brushes
TinySpoons's avatar
How do I set it up with sai?
WildWolfPrint's avatar
Will theses work for FireAlpaca???
SenpaiiKoko's avatar
i'm so in love with these brushes omg

thank u so much !!
Rittieen's avatar
Kinda useless fur brushes, atleast for me :/
Lightnight2's avatar
Where us download button ? O.o
GREENDREAMS42's avatar
we have to purchase D:
AeroxShock's avatar
I downloaded these on this computer, and had to master reset it because Norton security ended and malaware took over my computer, so thank goodness for my deviantart account to just re-download it again instead of buying! :dummy:
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 Here I show how how to copy ALL names of the files fast into a text  list automatically.  Hope it saves you a little more time .
heey1888's avatar
I bought them but they are really blurry :<
or is it an error?
fayewyn's avatar
Awesome brushes! :D (Big Grin) Thank you so much! :meow:
VomitcheeseCatBro's avatar
it wont download, no matter what i do. 
PaddlySwagglyArt's avatar
Ooh These will come in handy one day
Intelliraptor's avatar
Thanks, looking forward to trying them now.
SketchedCatRay's avatar
how do you use them and where?
Snow-Body's avatar
Me? nowhere.
i just draw fur i don't need fur brushes for it.
SketchedCatRay's avatar
yeah but idk how to use them
Snow-Body's avatar
well if i would use them
i just make a stroke with it and tada there is fur
you know by every new brush dosent matter what
you must try them out and test how you can work with them the best
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