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April 21, 2012
Brushes: Fur part: 3 by =Snow-Body
Featured by Elandria
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Brushes: Fur part: 3

More Brushes: [link]
Yeah update: Full of my signatures, watermakrs etc... because i found them on many sites ;_; they removed my name...
I knwo it looks nwo ugly, but i think you see godo enough the fur :'D

:iconpsplz::iconphotoshopplz: for Photoshop


- don't steal
- fav it :+fav:
- would be great when you send me your finished work :)
because i want to :+fav: fav it

German: ja ich kann Deutsch.. :XD:
englische kommentare meiden XD

Fur Brushes:
Oldies: - [link]
part: 1 - [link]
part: 2 - [link]
part: 3 - here
part: 4 - [link]

Other Brushes from me: [link]

It works for Sai or Gimp?:
I don't know

click the button the right side, Photoshop go open and now you have the brushes, EASY

Used: send me your work :la:
... [link]

thanks to ^Elandria! :heart:
© 2012 - 2022 Snow-Body
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Just purchased this set, but the brushes are not there, all empty. ? Sets 1,2 & 4 are fine. Just this one not working

WildWolfPrint's avatar
Will this work on FireAlpaca??
EverApril's avatar
Darn.  I didn't see the other brushes before I purchased.  I should be more careful. I need to brush some fur for a Maine Coon Cat to replace the fur I couldn't mask.  No idea what type of brush to use. LOL.  I'll trial and error and come back to buy a different set if necessary.

What would I do without Deviant Art?

Nytiera's avatar
Can I get a refund on this? it doent work for my computer DX
ArtemisReign's avatar
I dont have money to buy brushes maybe it would be a good idea to make them free for those that cannot pay.
GoatGab's avatar
They worked hard on those brushes, so I think it is worth the points. Also, that would lead to a lot of people stealing them because they look so good. Sorry if you really wanted these, but there are a lot of other fur/hair brushes out there.
akitary's avatar
Is the license on this correct? Feels not right that I can't use a brush in my commissioned paintings even after paying for it... :/
Shadeybear's avatar
Wow this looks absolutely beautiful!! I'm not sure how to obtain the use of these brushes... and also after reading the comments i see you need money... I'm only a school student so i don't have any money and because i'm a boy my mum won't let me be artistic... :'( is there a way i could somehow use the brushes without paying? Maybe put your link into the description and give you credit for it in the description? Or no? It's okay if you don't want me to use them i just wanted to ask just in case. Sincerely, Shade.
Jackewa's avatar
Nice ich werds gleich mal ausprobieren! :la:
laqqingyourl0v3's avatar
Don't really understand (This cost's points)

People that use these probably already paid for photoshop, Like for me its quite a lot a month, So why an extra dollar for brushes? 
Snow-Body's avatar
I want to earn maybe also a bit, after all I created those brushes.
laqqingyourl0v3's avatar
Even though you have great art that you get paid tons for.
Gamibrii's avatar
She created the brushes,what's the problem sell something she worked for?

are you saying someone is forced to give things free just because this person already got money?
Snow-Body's avatar
What speaks against extra money? nothing. // After all have people nothing to lose here, since they don't have to buy them if they don't wanna pay.
I have the feeling you imagine me all like a rich kid, gosh hell no...
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Nyahc's avatar
That's nice, what a pitty that its only for PS :/
All in all you have got beautiful pieces in DA
RussianBlues's avatar
Lost Hope by RussianBlues

Used them here! I love these brushes, they were definitely useful and I'll be using them in my future pieces! Thank you very much for making these. :D
Rad-Puppeteer's avatar
I'm not that great at using brushes but I might take a shot at using these in the future!

Saving for future reference!
Snow-Body's avatar
dis works only for supa realistic art, even me dont use them (ok maybe also because i dont need them XD)

keep doing ur own hair
Rad-Puppeteer's avatar
Ah, okay! But I do want to eventually try for the more realistic art in the future!! I'm not at that point yet but that's what I'm going to push for!

And don't worry about that! Something that bothers me is when people do ultra rendered hair and draw every strand, but the rest of the character looks flat/plastic! I'll keep doing  my own hair, LOL
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
These brushes are wonderful!!! I feel so bad, cuz I've had them on my computer for years and couldn't figure out who I got them from. I had to really rummage through my faves to find you!
I used them here: clumsydemonwithfire.deviantart…
Thank you so much~ :D
Sinsitra's avatar
I downloaded them long ago to use later... and I forgot to fav... Today I work with your brushes for the first time and I wondered where I got them =P? But I finally found :D They're great - love them!
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