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Brushes: Fur part: 2

More Brushes: [link]



- don't steal
- fav it :+fav:
- would be great when you send me your finished work :)

Fur Brushes:
Oldies: - [link]
part: 1 - [link]
part: 2 - here
part: 3 - [link]
part: 4 - [link]

Other Brushes from me: [link]
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Ahhh, I bought and downloaded it... but it didn't work .–.
HorseCrazy44's avatar
These are lovely brushes ^^ (just bought them) Thank you for sharing these
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these are fab!! one of best i used !!
Snow-Body's avatar
HA you got them ^w^ nice
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Yep they are great brushes
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Ok i just bought this brush and well when  i try to download it and open it it says it is not found. Please help me if not i want my points back. Don't want to be rude but i don't want to spend points on something i can't even download. 
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so i myself downlaod them now,
by me opend now a zip file
with a file: brushes fur part 2.abr
me clicks on it
and whoops i have now those brushes
in my brush list

maybe you did something wrong by downloading, for zip files is always "winrar" a good programm

or click again the download button
then must open again a window, where you can download the zip file

you could make also a "" and let me see how you download them, and i oculd maybe tell u what you do wrong
or make screenshots
Terohime's avatar
I downloaded it several times, and still nothing. I usually can go straight in my downloads and open them like that or change it to a zip file, but it is just a blank image with the words under it. Nothing worked. 
Snow-Body's avatar
show screenshots
or use (is a free stream programm)
and show me it
Snow-Body's avatar
interessting, i sent you a note
Terohime's avatar
Here is the screen shot of what i see every time i hit download
Terohime's avatar
Got it to work 
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Can you use these in gimp?
Snow-Body's avatar
Can you use these in gimp?
You... Thats me

No. I havent gimp!
And when you want to know it
Why you dont test it?
EmberIce34's avatar
Sorry, I wasn't exactly sure how to "test it."

After a bit of research they do work, just so you know.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful brushes.
Snow-Body's avatar
again no problem XD
CrisisNoi's avatar
Thanks, they helped me here. [link]
Snow-Body's avatar
pinky bunny o3o
CrisisNoi's avatar
Yay, and with pretty cool soft fur at her clothes. :D
Just gotta love your brushs. <3
XBrokenXPorcelainX's avatar
Magnificent, used here: [link]
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