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::Bloody::Hands:: - B-day Gift for Angel

So this is my Early B-day gift for :icondarkspiritedangel: :p

Sonic.exe(c) Creepypasta
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this is the most super freaking coolest like heck yeah sonic has bloude in his handes he iS SO COOL i bed he kick my dad's ass if he came around man helL YEHA sonic the the super duper coolest in the wourld thnaksn snoukan for amaze artworkl ♥

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I love the blood dripping from his hands!!!
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Creepy but awesome :dance:
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You must've met Pinkameena and helped her with cupcakes. AUGH! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! EVERYPONY RUN AND HIDE YOUR KIDS AND WIFE AND ALSO EVERYPONY YOU KNOW! *darts into tree* BTW, my finding spot, not yours. get your own.
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:s well ^.^ good job and its weird how you got the blood (thingy) that well :3
Sonic-E-X-E's avatar
that   bloody thing is Me "friend"
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Oh good job on this ^^
MoonieStarSky's avatar
Nightmare Zaneria: * raises eyebrow * You really think you can scare me?
1mm0rta1Dem0ns's avatar
a pretty demonic gift for someone who is name to something holy
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Creepy...I love it! :happybounce: 
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Very demonic, yet very cool
Peyton-the-echidna's avatar
This looks so familiar...
magma77's avatar
ToyChicaCutiepie10's avatar
Because if kids play it, they'd be freaked the f:censored: out of it and ( probably ) kill themselves.
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somebody already made a mod game with him
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Then game will have 16+ at least because of blood... too bad.
MeiTheVampCat's avatar
How about a fanmade rpg?
Oobaneko's avatar
Created in RPG maker?
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