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The Slob on Tour tour was an undeniable success.  It stopped in nearly every major city in the United States, selling out the biggest stadium in town within in minutes of going on sale.  The surrounding area smelled like the lower reaches of Satan’s own asshole for months after the show.  The clean up took just as long, with biohazard teams trucking off tankers of fluids and dump trucks of solids.  Courts were swamped with public indecency cases from both feeders and feedees being overwhelmed by their urges and joining groups of varying sizes to engage in gross acts of fat slapping, sweaty, and smelly public sex.

However, the extensive touring took its toll on its star.  Despite her having plenty of downtime between shows, and loading up on her favorite melted ice cream mixture (near to 30 gallons each show) during her performances, the stress of the road actually caused her to lose weight for the first time in years.  She didn’t really notice it during the show’s run, after all when 20 pounds is only 1% of your total mass, losing 40 doesn’t even register.  Once she was home though and back on her official scale seeing any number smaller than the one she left behind was distressing.

She knew she was just working too hard.  She wanted to put it all out there for the fans, but she had to look after herself somehow while doing it.  Going on a continuous tour would mean that eventually her show would wither back down to just being music again.  She had to come up with something else.


After spending a week at home recuperating her losses from the tour by sucking down jug after jug of milkshakes, the solution came to her.  It was genius, straightforward, and, judging by the success of her tour, foolproof.   She was going to make an amusement park.  The filthiest amusement park to ever grace the Earth.  As her brain was assembling the plans, her gluttonous gut kept pace by sucking ever more brain fuel into her black hole of a stomach.  After all, her brain and gut owed a great deal to each other, the gut was fueled by her genius to release an album reveling the wills of the belly, and her brain was allowed time to work due to the idleness the belly provided (some say you do your best thinking on the john, but when the world’s your toilet you must always be doing your best thinking, the logic went).

Investing much of her profits from her tour and album, some laughed at the starlet, but they thought Walt Disney was crazy when he jumped from cartoons to theme parks.  The park would be glorious, something to encourage all of her followers to embrace slobdom and hedonism.  It would be a true testament to her legacy of freeing the world from the shackles of manners and hygiene.

She micromanaged every detail, forcing the architects and engineers to bring her plans nearly daily.  They were quickly irritated when her greasy, sauce soaked hands stained their prints, or her belches flung masticated food onto the sheets.  They soon learned to laminate all plans they brought to her.  She was mildly annoyed by their backhanded insult to her lifestyle, but she was too preoccupied with the central piece of her project; the part built specifically for her.

The whole project excited the star on so many levels that her food intake became absurd in the process.  She was eating near ten percent of her body weight in food every day.  She had even mostly forgone her various feed tubes, and went for the raw visceral experience of actually bringing food to her face, taking bites, and chewing.

As the project neared completion she began to refuse to see anyone in person regarding the project.  Plans were still being sent to her, and comments were being sent out via email, but no one was allowed to see her directly.  Some say she lost weight and just wanted it completed to get some money back, some said she was so fat she crushed someone, some say she finally got so filthy her odor killed someone.  No one was really sure why, but the project continued uninterrupted.


“Hello and welcome to Slobtopia!  It’s the messiest place on earth!  I’m Alexis and I’m here to give you a rundown of the amenities and attractions of Slobtopia.  As you can see, I’m not quite a big, slovenly mess, but I do act as feeder to one of the messiest slobs around, Elle!”  The camera panned away from the thin, bubbly girl in her corporate uniform to an eight hundred pound butterball gorging on stick of butter.  “Me and Elle are going to lead the tour, aren’t we big girl?”  All the fat girl could do was release a wet belch.  Alexis just gave the glutton’s belly a light slap.  “Off we go then!”

“Our first attraction here is the Arm Pit!  It’s Slobtopia’s very own water park.  Although water is a bit of a misnomer in this case.  We actually filled the entire system with the sweat of our very own starlet!  That’s right, this entire park is filled with the warm, oily salt water right from her skin!  Let’s see how Elle is enjoying the water…uh…sweat!”

The camera cuts away to the blobby girl taking up almost an entire hot tub, while she sips from a tropical themed five gallon bucket.  Elle pulls the tube out of her mouth, but only to allow a thunderous belch to fly out of it.

“Seems like she’s enjoying it everybody!”  The video cut away to show various double and triple wide slides flowing with cloudy water.  “We’ve done everything to accommodate all sizes here.  We’ve got the regular sized slides for us feeder girls and yet to grow slob, we’ve got what used to be tandem slides for the fatties, and we’ve converted the family raft slides for use by the really flabby girls out there!”

“And here, we don’t worry about closing down the pools if any ‘accidents’ occur.  Isn’t that right Elle?”  The camera cut away to the huge girl again, lazing about in the tepid water, with crumbs floating in the sweat and bright green goop dripping down from her mouth and down her cleavage.  On cue, a flood of bubbles rose up around her numerous rolls as her face lolled back.  As the bubbles subsided, a gush of brown liquid started collecting in the sweat around her as a wave of relief coated the blobby girl’s face.  “What a good girl I have!”

The video then cut away to a structure that looked like a hyper zoom of some fatty flesh; pink with roll like sides.  It also appeared to have the sheen of simulated sweat.  “Our next featured attraction is ‘A Snack’s Journey!  It’s a light roller coaster that simulates the path food takes inside an adorable fatty’s digestive system.  All the way from her big drooling, unbrushed teeth, through her stretched stomach, in her always large intestines, and finally out through her overworked colon!”  Various shots of the interior of the ride being an oversized model of an obese girl’s digestive tract played over Alexis’s voiceover.  “Our designers have put a lot of effort into making this ride an excellent learning tool for everyone.  They put a lot of detail to make for sure!  We pump in smells to replicate the rotting breath of a girl whose diet would probably be a human rights violation in a lot of places.  In the stomach we brewed a nice facsimile of stomach juices, with all the floating chunks of food one would expect.  Don’t worry it’s not actually acid though!  Though no one should feel bad if they ‘accidentally’ lost their lunch on this part of the ride!  Moving on to the intestines and colon.  Our decorators not only went for realism here, but sought to bring us all closer to our beloved starlet, so they used the half chewed food our star usually leaves covering her massive front to coat the walls of the intestines.  Turns out drool soaked snacks are a good substitute for mostly digested food!”  The camera continued showing shots of the dripping ribbed pink walls that undulated in a simulation of moving food through the intestines.

“Now we went all out for some of our guests favorite parts: the colon and anus.  Now you can feel like shit!  Teehee, I couldn’t pass saying that up.  Our decorators again went to our goddess for inspiration.  They carefully collected bucks of her waste and used it to completely coat the walls of the colon and anus in brown muck.  It’s easily my favorite part of the ride, I love taking in the rich smells of her digested meals there.  Oh and also we welcome anyone who wants to add a little bit of their own excrement to the ride here!  It’s all poo in the end! Teehee.  Also you’ll notice the waste piles outside once you finally pop out that adorable over stretched asshole.  Those are real piles from our beloved starlet too!  What can we say, she’s a big eater and that’s all got to go somewhere.”

The camera fades out from the exterior of the ride as a brown train exits from the asscheeks of the building.  The next shot is of a boardwalk-esque midway populated by many stands decorated in vibrant pastels.  Cloth awnings hung over open stalls selling various food items.  “Here’s our Midway.  It’s pretty much like any other amusement park midway, but, well, we don’t do anything cleanly here.  All the food is deep friend for maximum fat and calories, plus maximum mess possibilities.  We know what our guests want, we offer; deep fried twinkies, deep fried butter, and if your slob is a little backed up from the grease, just straight up deep fried laxatives.  Isn’t that right Elle?”

The camera cut away to show the fat girl snorting down handfuls of double deep fried hamburgers, only for her to look up from the feast and release a painful grunt.  Her food coated face scrunched up as her atrophied abdominal muscles tried to help the solid block of fried waste that was certainly clogging her stretched intestines.  As her teeth gritted and face reached peak redness, a huge long flopped out of her bare ass with a flood of brown goo surrounding it.  The lardy pig sighed in relief, and resumed her feast of fattening slop.

“Hey careful there Elle!  Don’t want to get all worn out before the games!  Oh no!  I forgot to mention the games here!  Well, everyone knows about the carnival games.  Ring toss, knock the cans over, the balloon squirt gun thing…We here at Slobtopia have done things a little differently to cater to all of our disgusting guests.”

The film cut away to show rows of stalls along a well lit walkway with many colorful ribbons hung over it.  Some of the stalls had buckets, others microphones, others troughs.  They all looked pristine…for now.  “Our games are designed for the talents and abilities of the beautiful slobs and their feeders.  We have eating contests with all sorts of rules.  How much can the piggy eat in under 5 minutes?  How quickly can you empty a trough?  How much food can your feeder stuff in your face?”  The camera held on Elle packing her round cheeks with handfuls of greasy slop from a deep trough, messily dropping it in her lap and smearing it all over her face.  A loud fart blew out from her lumpy ass cheeks.

“Whoa, hold on there Elle!  If you want to let loose all of that stuff you just ate we have other contests too!”  The screen is filled with the heaving, sweating, flushed face of the obese girl.  All she could manage was a strained groan as pounds upon pounds of fattening junk weighed heavily in her engorged stomach.  “Let’s start nice and smooth Elle, huh?  Let’s get you into the sauna!  That’s right we even have a sweating contest!  We’ll stick the cute chubby blob in the sauna and crank it up all the way and measure how much greasy, oily, salt water she can pump out in three minutes! Don’t worry about hydration though, all contestants get supplied with a thick, fat hose flowing with only the most sugary pop we could find!”  The camera showed the immense fat girl sweating from every conceivable inch on her inflated form.  She would be panting and heaving, if it wasn’t for the massive tube crammed in her mouth pumping a brightly colored liquid into her.  Some even leaked out and dripped down her rolls to mix with her oily sweat.  A clock wipe concealed an edit showing the fat girl sitting next to a huge bucket still sucking on the hose.  

“Wow Elle!  You managed a good gallon more than your last go!  I’m so proud of you ball of blubber!”  Alexis went to put her arms around the wobbling heap to the best of her abilities. The thin girl came up from the hug looking like she had just stepped out of the shower, totally coated in the huge girl’s nasty sweat.  “Well, Elle are you ready for the next game?  The farting contest?”  Elle’s cheeks wobbled as a bassy fart slid out from her globular cheeks.  “I’ll take that for a yes!”

The film cut to an obese asshole filling the screen, showcasing its shit crusted crown and sweaty sheen.  Suddenly it opened up and a huge fart escaped from between the obese, cellulite filled cheeks.  Flecks of shit sprayed out like a shotgun blast as the fart continued for what seemed like ages.  As the flatulence continued the camera zoomed out it revealed a microphone (already coated in multiple layers of shit) and Alexis nearby, wafting the gas into her nostrils, as one hand drifted towards her groin.  “Oh! I didn’t see you there!  This is our fart contest chamber!  It’s totally soundproof so we can find out who farts the loudest AND the longest!”  Alexis appeared to be talking for the next segment in the booth, but her voice was totally drowned out by the noxious sounds of digested food.  “…and that’s why this booth is the Charles Bronson Memorial Flatulence Hall.”

“Well, I guess that we’ve now experienced the fart stands, we all know what usually follows that…that’s right…defecation, pooping, shitting.  Whatever you want to call it.  We all know that it’s the final point for all that fattening food, so it’s fitting that our last stop is a brown one” The camera panned to a large structure that was decorated on the outside with a very not so subtle faux log cabin treatment.  “Come on inside everyone, let’s get a look at what we have going on!”

“We have pooping contests with all sorts of variations.  Longest turd, most volume in a period, most weight in a period, fastest expulsion, and smelliest.  Fastest expulsion is my favorite, we even have a set up where you can try to knock over the bottles with a well placed log!  And if you’re concerned with objectivity in the smelliest competition, don’t worry!  Our smellers have been expertly trained by none other than our starlet!”  During the Alexis’ little speech the camera was centered on her, but it was impossible to ignore Elle’s massive buttocks just over Alexis’ shoulder.  The greasy ass cheeks expelled almost the entire spectrum of defecation possible.  From thick and long logs, to soft and round turds, to pure liquid filth, it seemed this lard ass was a boundless fountain of fecal matter.  With perfect timing though, the flood of poo stopped as Alexis stepped closer to the lumpy butt and finished off her pitch.  “Isn’t that right Elle?”  The thin girl gave a hard slap to the right cellulite sack only for the attached anus to spurt back into life and propel thick brown chunks onto the face of the thin presenter.  “Oh Elle, I thought we were going to save that for after our little video here.”  Alexis turned to the camera and presented a cartoonish wink through her now brown polka dot face.

“Well, now that we’ve experienced most of the fun available for the fatties out there, let’s have a look at what’s available to our feeders out there!  We can’t forget about them because our fatties wouldn’t be so fat and gross without us!”  The film showed what looked like a well maintained, upper class mall.  Many “stores” were visible along the polished marble floors, which would surely soon become less polished.  The video host pointed to the nearest “store” and continued the pitch.

“First off, we have the Enhancement Station.  It’s a state of the art facility where we ramp up the pleasure you can experience from your fatty!  Let’s start here with the Chamber of Scents!  What we do is we place you and your lovable blob in this air tight box.  Well what’s the enhancement Alexis, you surely ask.  The enhancement is our patented filters which remove any non-offensive odors and air from the Chamber so you can enjoy the pure undiluted stench of your fatty’s flatulence, belches, perspiration, fecal matter, urine, halitosis, or sexual excretions!  Now, some of you out there have certainly cultured some really smelly girls, and Slobtopia has to warn you that you may pass out from the stench…and that’s awesome!  We have medical staff on standby to ensure that you are back on your feet and ready to continue stuffing your friend!”

“Now, I’m also sure that some of you out there really want to test your mettle.  Well, we’ve managed to synthesize the odors of our starlet when she became the Slob On Tour and you can experience for yourself!  I have to warn you…it’s truly a toxic smell.  I hold the record for longest time before passing out in the Chamber with her odor loading and I only lasted fifteen minutes.  You can try to last longer though!”

“Now for those of you who want to experience different odors or specific scents we have many options.  If you want to experience a specific odor from your fatty, we can tune our filters to only allow that scent in.  Or for a few extra dollars we offer packages to experience the slobby smells of various famous slobs.  We have such slobby stars as Angelina Jolie, who offers up a fantastic fart smell, Scarlet Johansson who brings body odor to new heights, Emma Stone who allegedly can belch loud enough to be heard a block away, and Zooey Deschanel who I hear shits a mean streak.  Of course these are only a few of the options available.  But to give one more option, we offer an extra special extreme VIP package, which…well…I can’t say much but I can say that it offers the starlets current odor on tap.  That comes with a lot of waivers though…”  The video then cut to the next stop in the tour.

“Another one of our fabulous stops is at the Bathing Hogs.  We know how much you all love the slobby juices your ladies can pump out of their massive bodies, how you can’t get enough, and how you are addicted to the gross stench like they are to greasy junk food.  And we know how much you hate baths and cleanliness.  So, we decided to kill two birds with one stone with this new attraction.”  The camera panned over a warehouse sized room filled with hundreds of various sized bath tubs, ranging from Jacuzzi size to large swimming pool.  “It’s pretty easy to guess what these are for, huh!  We set this up so your feedee and you can sit down, and bathe in her juices.  Now don’t worry if you or your feedee don’t feel like they are up to the task of filling a bath tub!  We have plenty of things available to help the process along.  Things like the obvious food and drink, but we also laxatives, diuretics, & enemas.  And even then if you can’t fill it on your own we have staff members always ready to lend their fluids to you, maybe you can even meet my girl, Elle here!”

The video continued by panning down a large concourse with all sorts of storefronts, brightly lit, advertising their wares.  Alexis provided some voice over explaining.  “And of course all the shopping!  Come on down to our shopping district to pick up something for you or your feedee.  We’ve got recipe books, specializing in either being fattening or getting gross, we’ve got pre-made food, we’ve even got adult videos for all tastes.  And don’t forget the apparel!  You can get stretchy clothes to grow into, or easy rip ones to grow out of, you can get ones that stain extra easy, or ones that hold extra waste even!  And don’t forget your collectable ‘I Got Slobbed At Slobtopia’ t-shirt!”

The video cut to Alexis strolling along a simulated old downtown street.  “Well that’s our little preview tour of Slobtopia.  Well most of it.”  Alexis stepped out into the center of the street, where a gleaming blobular building rose behind her in the distance.  “Behind me is where our star will be residing and putting on shows.  It really is THE main attraction.  But that’s all I can say, you’ll just have to come visit for yourself!  We hope to see you soon!”  The camera pulled away from a waving Alexis to flash a website and a phone number for booking your trip.
New Sounds of the Slob.  This is sort of the first half of a story.  I'll get that part out later, I just really want to get something out there now.
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Alexis and Elle are so cute, I love this
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