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Back after 4 year hiatus.
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August 1, 1988
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Returning After A 4 Year Hiatus
I stumbled back here after 4 years of being elsewhere. It's like putting on an old shoe, comfortable, yet foreign. I remember everything in my old journal posts, but no longer recognize the young man who wrote them. I have done so much growing, maturing, and changing my perception of the world and how I interact in it that I don't even know how to handle having a profile with "6 years" attached to it. Perhaps more to come? We will see. I've learned to stop posting blog promises that I never end up fulfilling.
New Rivals
Last night I had a discussion with someone that it takes all of my patience to talk to. Said person used me while I was drunk once, so I got my revenge by using them later on. Now they come over and we have beers/smirnoff and chat about life and life thoughts. One of the things we talked about was theater arts. He believes that theater exists first and foremost as a form of entertainment. It part of what makes society vain. I argued to them that theater also exists to teach, which is what I enjoy most out of it, but they refuse to see teaching as a big part of what theater is. Said person worked with me recently and explained to me how frus
Summer Thoughts
Since it hit 80 degrees out today, it certainly feels like summer is here at last. I've started my first online class, which is going as well as to be expected. Online classes are more complicated to me since it's all about discussion and so far nothing really spectacular is being offered up. Leading Ladies is going very well, though it's been an adjustment going from Julie's style to Jennifer's one. I'm looking forward to tech, which should be fairly smooth from what I can see tonight. We open on the 4th, RSVP Here: Looking into other blogging services, such as blogger to connect wit


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Ok, so this wall is feeling abandoned again, so as soon as I get my jump drive, I'll post a chapter from my fanfic on here under the literature section.
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Hey there thanx for the add how has your holiday been so far?
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This wall needs some loving!
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YAY! You're here!
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Welcome to deviantArt :aww:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :bump: