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Bardock and Gine

Don't forget us Kakarot! (Kakarot bumps his head and forgets his parents)

Bardock model exported by Diegoforfun:…
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is there any way I can download the Gine model?

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Someone needs to design grandparents for Goku. Show what Bardock & Gine's parents may have looked like

If you don’t mind me asking where did you get the gine model?

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did the same person who made the Bardock model also make the Gine model???

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I may have hated DB- mr. Bardock's outfit, but this is too cute to not save
RexSama101's avatar
I love it. Gine looks adorable
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May I ask from where you got the Gine model?:)
WinterSoldier23's avatar
Hah, that description. Kinda messed up, but it's true. XD
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While im not a fan of the new movie and i think its alright they are still an adorable couple too ;)
BH-Ouji's avatar
Me too, they really ruined Broli's character, so i only watched planet Vegeta's last moments
KaijuMaster107's avatar
does toriyama just listen to his editor and not his fans?
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1a.I geuss, i liked Android 19 and Android 20 as the main treat, as a matter of fact i think i redo HoT with these two in "my" game
1b.Also he also listened to him about Cell's 2nd form, so i image his dialog with Vegeta was like this "Sorry Vegeta, but you must make Cell perfect", insetad him saying that he "hates" Vegeta (that's just some stupid legend made by n00bs who doesn't know what Toriyama really thought), even in DBS i don't see why he might hate Vegeta, sure Goku gets both stages of UI but that doesn't mean Toriyama "still" hates Vegeta
2.To stab our backs even harder, the REAL sequel to Z would be Mark "Mr. Satan's" adventures with Buu :|
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