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Ooooh yea! Just found this awesome vid in the internet :icontearplz: :icontearplz: :icontearplz:
The video was recorded at Tokyo for the premiere for Big Hero 6 :D ( I think I know what to dress for next Halloween >:3)

"A Guardians of the Galaxy poll"
A dear artist friend asked me this :icontearplz:

"If you were to eat in McDonalds, who'd you eat with?" :)
A. Rocket Raccoon
B. Groot
C. Starlord
D.(Optional) Other GOTG character "Name him/her"
E. Umm...All Three? ^^; (A,B and C)

(Daaamn I couldn't answer this question when he asked me XD, but I made my mind, it's Rocket for me ;P)

:noes: Request Closed Button Closed by Mel-Rosey GotG by Coley-sXe Request Closed Button Closed by Mel-Rosey:noes:

Yes yes I know, sorry if I can't accept requests right now if your reading it ^^; gotta work on the rest before I can Reopen the booth :)
Please understand guys, please be as patient as possible before ya'll decide to shoot me with a laser gun XD

Anyways, I'll try to work on the remaining requests as quick as I can ;) (But damn reality got me fixed too, like school :T)
Peeps and fans of GOTG, totally wanna share something quick if u haven't heard :D, just go check out the link and all will be revealed…

Don't own these figures of course though XD
INF2 Marvel GOGLineupV2 by SnookieVonPink123
About that...Well haven't been uploading anything cause I've been getting kinda bored posting now XD
But that doesn't stop me from DRAWING! :D

Hopefully I'll be back for sharing more art :)
Daaaaaamn if your a PG/Pocket God fan u gotta check out Allan Dye's tumblr page :D

Here's the link!
What else can I say? :facepalm:
Sooooo I just thought I'd make a vote/poll....

Right so which Music game do you prefer?

1. Cytus
2. Deemo (Same makers of Cytus btw ;P)
3. Tap Tap Revolution
4.Other (Name it :3)

For me I pick my two favorites Deemo and Cytus :heart::heart::heart:
I know I know, it's supposed to be "Mother's Day"  and I thought I'd annouce here on my DA account XD But then again,  Happy Mother's Day to all <3

Hope everyone celebrated and enjoyed Mother's Day yesterday :D God Bless!!! 
Actually, "Can I show you something CRAZY???" LOL, it's something I found a few days ago ;)

Check it out:

Oh god, WHY GTA?! :XD:
Soooo I'm having some motivation to do some "Asks" :I

I dunno what else to say :shrug:......Um, ask Snookie (ME >:3), my OCs Comet, Dex or Rouge

Note: I'm a little slow so be patient pleeeeeease ;___;
It sucks having so many ideas in your head :stare:

If you wanna help me out just comment/vote whatever's written down here ^^;

1. My OCs
2. More Fanarts
3. (You name it yourself :P)
4. More Background art pleeeeeeeeeease!

Please help me out if you can ;__;
(Oh yeah which reminds me, I'm just about to work on that Meme with you :iconjeroine:
Not much of a shoutout I guess :shrug:? But a few days ago (Or was it yesterday? ^^;) it was my First Annual deviantart anniversary!!! :dummy::happybounce::squee:

Hooray! *Throws petals everywhere
Thanks to a random commenter on Bolt Creative, I'm not really sure yet but what I learned that the new issue of PG (Pocket God) will be out on the end of the month :)

I'd cross my fingers now if I were you :iconlazycryplz:
Just wanted to annouce (Again) to every PG fan out there that Pocket God issue 26# will be out pretty soon :D
Only problem is, Bolt Creative's publisher is just having some minor issues :shrug:. Anyways, let's just hope they fix it real quick for us fans

That's all, thx! :heart:
Hey there again!

Snooks here and I just wanna say that wow that was that some loooong break from DA huh? I mean sure I've still been browsing around and all so anyway, just wanted to mention that I'm actually working on some new artworks for Valentines Day cause otherwise I got a date with my Tablet ;)  Oh and DA maybe? ^^;

So that's probably all, BYE! X)

(For my friend :iconjeroine:, sorry if I haven't got to talk to u as much btw, got really busy with lots of things now and then :I)
So it's been getting cold lately (Which I think is obvious to all ^^;) aaand which results me getting a fever :P Not doing anything much right naw, just eating cheesecake, listening to tasty music <3 , and browsing DA :meow:...
Guess that's all for now ^^;
Okay I'm gonna be honest but...

People who most likely copies your idea or work or anything that may seem similar to your artwork is annoying :X
Don't wanna get on the wrong side or anything but don't you agree?

Note: If your to copy my work or idea, just don't claim it as yours :(  

(Don't worry, I'm actually in a really good mood right now ^^. Just thought I'd mention this for once :I)
(Wats this??? I'm back? :wow:)

Um....Yea, it's my exams tomorrow just wanted to mention.
I can't do anything but, YOLO! :dummy:

Naaah just kidding ^^;, god bless me then! :icondragonpray:
Then again, I think I might as well take a break from DA for awhile ^^;
Have to work on important things in reality right now aaaand rest my head to work on more projects I've been planning for awhile now :roll:

Oh well :shrug:, bye for now! :)