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Just a little doodle :I (I can't believe I haven't drawn him for awhile...)

Though I remembered reading the Pygmy Peril #2 where I read a fan's question which literally made me lose my marbles :iconlaexplodeplz:
If you haven't read that part, I suggest you should probably go check it out now if I were you Inekoitplz

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Klydia (c) Me
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I don't see single  girly thing in him only thing I see is girly is his attitude.(don't get mad)and yes I know he is 100% male.
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That is seriously what I thought too until I saw the Christmas video (which was after I read Comic 5) in which the thought popped into my mind "Ohhhh! Kliks a dude. Okay!" and I believed he was a girl even when reading the first Pygmy Perils. But yeah, I feel bad for the poor guy. Guessing Ooga started the rumor? :XD:
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Way to lower his self-esteem!
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Oh,I remember reading that!I just say there and made this face :/
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Yep, one of the most surprising things that "certain" fan said :XD:
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I cracked up when I had read this in the peril!!! I forgot about this! Oh man the expressions are perfect and priceless!! :iconhumorplz:
SnookieVonPink123's avatar
LOL me too! :XD:
Aaaaah thanks yet again! :blush:
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Anytime man!!! :iconspazhugplz:
Jeroine's avatar
Klik's face though... :XD:
I kept thinking of Ooga popping out of nowhere and insult him..
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Ehehehe I think I know what u mean :dummy:
Hmmm good idea :iconthinkingplz:, now I feel like updating this baby :P!
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Yup. :meow:
Ooga can be that kind of pygmy..
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