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I had to make a FAQ here and a long time, cause repetitive questions are annoying, now you will have the answers.


Where does your dA name comes from?
Snook-8, Snook was the name of a very old cartoon OC I once made. Number 8 is just my favorite and lucky number. After some years I added number 8 to the character design,  so the Snook-8 nickname was born.

What's your inspiration?
Dreams/nightmares ,real life, games, books, irl people or friends from internet, mythology, religion...actually...anything

Do you take requests?
Red Letter Day: N by alphabetars Red Letter Day: O by alphabetars
Never ask this again

What do you use to draw
I use mostly PS CS6, sometimes Sai painter or Krita as well.
I draw in many different ways, I might draw directly with my talbet on pc or I might combine traditional sketches, scan them and then edit them in PS.

Do you give Llamas?
Yes, they are fuckin free and useless.

Will you art-trade with me?
If I like your art or ideas yes, but the possibilities are towards negative.

Do you take commissions?
When my status are open yes I do. The reason? Because I'm coming from a financially average towards poor and divorsed family, I need to make a living of my own. So yes I need money...

Is there something I need to know about you as a commissioner?
Not really, I'm entirely professional when it comes to work, I never had a problem or complains from commissioners and on the contrary I might become friendly if the trust bridge is built. Just don't treat me like a slave and we will do just fine.

Can I draw any of your OCs
Yep, it's always appreciated, no matter how accurate the portayal will be I still I appreciate it.

How would you call your art style?
Snook'd , I really don't know, I like realism and surealism, over-exaggeration at some points. I like combinition traits of art styles depending on what I want to show in each picture. Sometimes things tend to look gloomier or creepier of what they originally are...I do that accidentaly..and probably that's my style I guess.

What do you do in your life?
Currently I'm the final stages of my studies from the university , I study Conservation and Restoration of Antiquities and Fine art, it is smashing because I learn science and art at the same time (chemistry, biology, physics, archaeology, drawing ,painting, and more). My studies thought prevent from having a real job as they eat most of my time. At my spare time I draw, write, read , play games and do commissions. 

What music do you listen to?
I used to listen only gloomy music, rock'n'roll , metal, gothic etc but after a point on I started listening to almost anything, exept of mainstream rap, hip-hop or pop, I usually prefer my music to be good instrumental or at least lyrical. The only times I listen to b***shit is when my brain needs a break.

Can I become a friend of yours?
Try and find out. Kappa.

What games do you play
Too many to begin with. All kinds, I even RP. (woah no wai) . But because I usually have limited free time I settle myself with a match of League of Legends.

Anything else we should know
My temper is as short as my height.
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