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Commission Status:  CLOSED

 Hello mates, I thought to make a journal specified on my Commission info.
This journal will be regularly updated for price changes

⚜ Golden Rule:

:bulletred:First I get paid, then I work. The only thing I can do before getting paid is providing you a rough sketch of your request. The real art comes after I receive the payment  Shut Up And Take My Money 
Payment plans are discussable though, I respect your financial state.

✎ Basic info :

:bulletblue: In order to draw better what you're asking references are required, those can be photos, screenshots, other artworks, written descriptions, anything that suits you!
:bulletblue: I usually finish a commission within a week or two depending on its complexity.
:bulletblue: If I don't like what you are asking or I feel offended by it in any means, I have the right to deny drawing for you, this doesn't mean that I have something personal against you, it is just a matter of theme.

Warning: I strictly do NOT draw pornographic material. Yes I can draw nude or sensual but I will not draw raw sexual intercourse of any kind.

$ Pricing additions :

:bulletblue: For adding more than one main character, in the same picture, the price raises +80% of the type of commission you've chosen (massive group pictures get negotiable discount)
:bulletblue: For adding detailed background the price raises +$120 USD
:bulletblue: For adding Perspective/Dynamic Splash art: Between $30- $70 USD

Here are some samples

Scenery: $250+ (Depends on complexity)
Icons: $30 USD of any size and use

-50$ - stream overlays  LoL Overlay 1 by Snook-8  
-50$ - stream badges  Stream badges by Snook-8
-Price negotionable - UI  Unleashed- Ui by Snook-8

-40$ - Channel/website banners Youtube banner: Minishcap1 by Snook-8 Youtube banner: Tommy's Puppet Lab by Snook-8

-10$ - Youtube thumbnails (edits) (check Minishcap1's  :youtube: by CherushiMetsumari and Tommy's Puppet Lab  :youtube: by CherushiMetsumari )
-45$+ -Unique artworks specifically made for YT thumbnails (check SirhcEz's  :youtube: by CherushiMetsumari)

Chibis: $40 USD
EugenScathermeyer. AtrosM by Snook-8 Commission 43 by Snook-8

Lineart/ Waist up:  $60 USD Commission 112 by Snook-8
Lineart/ Full Body: $80 USD

Grayscale/ Waist up: $100 USD
The Last Singed [LoL] by Snook-8 My Monster Hunter character by Snook-8

Grayscale/ Full Body: $130 USD
Poses 01 by Snook-8 Commission 81 by Snook-8 Commission 108 by Snook-8

Colored/ Waist up or Portait: $155 USD
Julia [PoE] by Snook-8 Egyboi by Snook-8 Vandal Singed- Skin Idea- Sketch [LoL] by Snook-8 Stygian Blue by Snook-8 Flesh by Snook-8

Colored/ Full Body: $190 USD
A Nilfgaardian hound by Snook-8 Face off [LoL] by Snook-8 Fish by Snook-8 Ket'ai Jod by Snook-8 Commission 97 by Snook-8

Adding Perspective/Dynamic Splash art: Between $30- $70 USD
Commission 80 by Snook-8 Hextech Singed [LoL] by Snook-8 Alzur-Gwent art contest by Snook-8 Infernal Nasus by Snook-8

Now as about backgrounds

A picture with a charged/paid background looks like this:
  Commission 83 by Snook-8 Kha'zix in da jungle [LoL] by Snook-8 Commission 73 by Snook-8 Commission 100 by Snook-8

A picture with not charged/paid= simple or no background looks like this:
  Commission 38 by Snook-8 Special Forces Pkmn-Decidueye by Snook-8 Practise White Knight by Snook-8 Commission 106 by Snook-8 Commission 111 by Snook-8

Now if you are interested in a fully development of one character, like a reference sheet the price starts from 280$+ and raises depending the complexity level, an example is these:  Bartender Singed (Skin Idea) [LoL] by Snook-8 Commission 91 by Snook-8 Commission 104 by Snook-8

:bulletred:If you are interested in commissioning me please send me a note , do not just leave a comment, comments get lost.

:bulletred:I do not do :points: points commissions, I accept payments in all the respective irl currencies and I only use Paypal. I'm not responsible for any transition or extra paypal fees, the final amount I must receive is the one stated.

Slots exist so you can keep track of my progress and also offer you the ability to reserve a slot in case you want to arrange a commission in the near future. Note: Not all commissions are tracked as some clients or projects need to remain incognito

Thank you very much in advance, every commission is appreciated.
© 2012 - 2022 Snook-8
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