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"If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames.

Maybe this one became so angry that it will end up being roasted alive..
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:la: GIF animation  awsome but totally creepy! //releases typhlosion// ... 
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Freaking Awesome
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brutal realistic
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To all Doom 3 fans This really reminds me of the beefed up Imp form Doom 3
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You mean the Hell Knight.
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Yeah! I forgot its name. Thanks!
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NOw this i like!
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My typhlosion at route 29.
:iconnatsuplz::iconsaysplz: A creature whose flames are fueled by rage?! I JUST FOUND MY NEW PET! :iconkawaiidesuplz:
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the flames are beautiful! and you got this one so lovely angry =D I love that pokemon, one of my fav too x3
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You are an artist that everyone needs to know. Seriously. The fact that you only have 44 favs on this piece is crazy. I'll make sure to mention you in a journal entry of mine, you deserve it.
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...hah, why thak you so much ^^;
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You don't have to thak me. Just continue to make my eyes happy xD

...Also, sorry, I couldn't help the thak thing :p
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aww I will, I will
XD it's ok
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Also, just entered one of your pieces into a group with 10,000 watchers. I'm sure a lot of them will realize you potential. xP
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oh god haha I hope so XD
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Oh wow! And that come from that cutest little pokemon that I used to love so much.. cindaquil, or whateve it was called :XD:
This looks totally badass :horns:
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I idea sou na kaneis ta pokemon einai e3eretiki!!:la:
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