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Plague Medic

By Snook-8
"Mpphhh mphh mphhhh"

Aha! I wanted to draw this here and some days, I finally did 8'D
I put him to hold the syringe from TF2 Beta since I have drawn him with all the other melee weapons already

Also special thanks to ~BaronTPie who is the creator of Blighted Beak and also gave me the idea to put this hat on [link]
Thanks mate!

PS this is totally NOT a walkthrough [link]
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You should make this as a Robotic version with the Virus Doctor,Mecha-Medes,and the Byte'd Beak
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Amazing artwork right here Snook, I was wondering if you could make me a creepy/dark medic display picture like this if so I'd really appreciate it if you've got steam add me on it (Archie The gadget) so i could possibly tell you the details I'd love to see more of your work <3 Keep up the good job.
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Hello! I was wondering if I could us this as my Facebook banner?
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Use it as long as you give credits about it somewhere, post a link for my original
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Hello I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this amazing image as the banner for my YouTube channel because I main medic on a tf2 highlander with an extremely similar outfit to this one
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I see, yes of course, but you will have to give me credit somewhere, or have a link for the original :) If you do that, I'm ok with you using it
I love the eeriness !
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This looks very sinister. I love it!
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this guy is stealing your art!
please report him so we can get it removed!
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woa woa woa! o.O!!! this is just beautiful!! :D
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Gorgeously haunting!
I really love Plague Medics! This is really excellent!
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can i use this as my computer wallpaper as well this is looks like my medic
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sweet going to get that hat for my medic so he looks awesome just wish you can color the outfits themselves
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Badass in the extreme
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Oooh, I do indeed like the colors within this piece.. It brings out the Goth within.. Heh.. Great job! :)
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It appears the Medic took a spin in the Animus.
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btw Can i use this as my computer wallpaper?
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