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....what...I like pokemons too...I just I dont have a DS to play the new games ;u;

anyways, we all know that I have a different vision about every single thing, even at you probably won't see "normal" fanart of them from me.
I would also like to hear some suggestions about what other pokemon would look nice in my style ^^ I might draw a few more before I get bored of them haha

I also enjoy good creepypastas, so if you know any good scary story share it with me, I want to read creepy things for inspiration XD
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this is awesome i love pinsir
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It was never my favorite.
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This pokemon scares me even in the original cartoon form...
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The top 4 moves for Bugsy's Pinsir are
1 Protect
2 Guillotine
3 Bulldoze
4 X Scissor
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Pinsir is so metal.
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Panda loves pinser, and you captured how Panda always imagined him to look like!
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Hooray! I'm glad that Panda likes my Pinsir! :D
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Hehe, did you know Smosh featured it?
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what? really? Do you have a link?
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Of course, any thing for a great artist... * looks for the link *


There you go good sir! Feel proud of yourself :3
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Woohoo! I feel proud!
Thank you so much for letting me know :)
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Again, any thing for a great artist~
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When Pinsir joins Silent Hill O_O this is freakin genius!
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It's just so gruesome!

*squeals* AWESOME!
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eso ira a mi tarjeta de HALLOWEEN
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*turns on light*

Still, pretty amazing work!
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It is so creepy, I love I'm training a Pinsir in HearGold right now...LOL
Kinda wanna draw this thing now...hmmm...
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Good to see pinsir finally getting some attention! Seriously, he appeared in like, one episode of the anime and then everyone starts ignoring him. Then brought in heracross, which was like pinsir for wimps. Why?! Pinsir looked its poke-eggs should have hatched into facehuggers. Having a tiny little pinsir explode out of someone's chest, spiky horns clacking together, would have been awesome.
Princess-Neko-ChanXO's avatar
and my fear for Pinsir continues... Owo
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before he was caught only by bugcatchers, and then he found scarcrow's fear gas. then shit got real.
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You should make a scary version of Cofagrigus, & Garbodor (scariest Pokemon ever). Anyways, I adore this. Love the blood seeping out of his mouth.
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I've never seen a bug type look more frightening. This is awesome!
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