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:music:"Come little children, come with me
Safe and happy, you will be
Away from your homes, now let us run
With Hypno, you'll have so much fun

Oh, little children, please don't cry
Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly
Be free, be free be free to play
Come down in my cave with me to stay

Oh, little children, please don't squirm
Those ropes, I know, will hold you firm
Hypno tells you this is true
But sadly, Hypno lied to you

Oh, little children, you mustn't leave
Your families for you will grieve
Their minds will unravel a the seams
Allowing me to haunt their dreams

But surely, all of you must know
That it is time for you to go
Oh, little children, you weren't clever
Now you shall stay with me forever.":music:

Hypno doesn't even need my style to be creepy...
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Your poem was pretty good. I've never really thought of Hypno as creepy, though.
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Read the fire red entry 
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je m'en fous, j'ai les yeux blanc ^^
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Best physic type ever!!!

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The Hypno's lullaby theme in the background is LAVENDER TOWN.
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Hypno........ Hypno......hypno.......hypno
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I approve of this.
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i hate hpyno i want him to die ing a hole burn in a fire and get eaten by sharks in a pool full of lava
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Fucking amazing!

What do you think Hypno does to the childern it takes?
shadowninja287's avatar
I think he eats them.
TheSmilingHypno's avatar
I eat their dreams, that's what.
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He's coming for your little children... why was this mentioned in a child's game?! Really awesome, though!
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I love Hypno's Lullaby and this catches the feeling perfectly 8D
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The official pedophile pokemon.
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I was listening to this song as I came across this...
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... Who didn't see THAT coming .-.

Children: DOH!
Kankuroandfathinata's avatar
My 2nd favorite psychic pokemon the first being jynx. The poem addds to the awesome yt creepiness of him.
KennethSloane's avatar
What little freakin kid is going to go with.......THAT!!! i mean hypno asks the children to come with him so i am supposing that he has not hypnotised them yet until later in the poem
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Awsome and creepy!
invaderbannana24's avatar
The first time I saw this I knew you got it from the lulliby...Your a geniuse.
IluvsFlippynya's avatar
Whoah, that's creepy. May I borrow this? My next entry on my blog ([link]) is going to be about the episode of the Pokémon anime where they meet Drowzee and Hypno for the first time, and I like to have pictures of the stuff I'm talking about. I'd link back to you, naturally.
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