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Alolan Marowak

Hey guys! I'm currently on vacations and I decided to draw some cheerful things for myself. Cheerful things being "snook'd" Pokemon if you get what I mean~

Everything looks better with a pinch of darkness, so does the Alolan Marowak which I really like in this regional variation. 

Enjoy the chilling Pokedex entries:

:bulletblue:"The bones it possesses were once its mother's. Its mother's regrets have become like a vengeful spirit protecting this Pokémon."
:bulletblue:"Its custom is to mourn its lost companions. Mounds of dirt by the side of the road mark the graves of the Marowak."
:bulletblue:"The rich greenery of the Alola region is hard on Marowak. It controls fire to stay alive."
:bulletblue:"When it beats opponents with its bone, the cursed flames spread to them. No amount of water will stop those flames from burning."

That's all!

By the way, I did this within a single afternoon and I aim to keep it that way, especially if I do more of these, like a lil vacation project. I obviously don't wanna overwork myself during my summer break. 

That being said, do you guys have any suggestions for Pokemon which you would like to see in this style? Do tell!

And before I go, feel free to add me on 3DS: 5000-2560-7474, I'm up for battles and trades.
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So flippin' good
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Awesome and badass! :D
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Powerful and dynamic. Greatly enjoying the use of lighting in the image. 
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Thank you, glad you like it.
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You've already drawn my boy Hypno, but you don't have any of the fossil Pokemon yet.

While not really a Pokemon, the Kabutops fossil/Missingno. used to spook the hell out of me as a kid, don't really know why that got me in particular. I'de also suggest my boy Parasect, whom I have tried to make competitive time and time again, but his original sprite red/blue also used to spook me. His dex entries are usually also top tier.
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I like where this is going.

I think one of your boys will surely make an addition to my project. Now I just need to ponder which one first hmm...
And of course, thank you for the ideas!
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One of best Marowak art I've ever seen  :)

It seems like someone had a bad time :p
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This pic is so badass
Snook-8's avatar
xpinkdeer04's avatar
No problem I also added it to my favorites
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Very cool, this Pokemon suits the dark feel you've done here.  I especially love the flames I am a dummy!  I'd love to see Umbreon in this sort of style!
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Thank you! Yes I had a lot of fun making the flames, probably the most enjoyable part from the whole picture.

I have done some Umbreon OCs before for commissioners, in that style...but I have never done a simple vanilla one from the games, hmm great idea! I'm absolutely noting it down :D Thanks!
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Yes, after I commented I had a look through your gallery and saw the Umbreon animation, very cool!  
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My favorit Alolan =)
KamikazeWarBat's avatar
AMAZING! AS! ALWAYS!!! ((I love your pokemon stuff so bad))
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Yehaaa~ Thank you dear,  I will try to make more of these, many people seem to enjoy them.
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Omg this is amazing !!!
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:D Thank you, glad you like it.
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Your art style and Alolan Marowak are a match made in heaven. I love this pokemon and your rendition of it makes me love it even more!
Snook-8's avatar
:D That was an absolutely beautiful way to put it!
I love drawing Pokemon in my style and I'm glad people enjoy it as much as I do. 
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I prefer Alolan Marowak over the original. This is soooo badass, I love it! Your art is incredible!
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Me too!  I'm very glad you like it, thank you as always. :hug:
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