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Ahku Crystal by snoodls


traveler; spirited
(the size of a Himalayan Tahr)



alpine tundra

Mountain Biome by Esk-Masterlist
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nature features

Hymenoxys grandiflora; alpine sunflower; old-man-of-the-mountain
(note: the three above her head are floating & do not have stalks attached to her head)

a single crystal of blue aquamarine


Esk Colors update by snoodls

important links

masterlist entry; nursery claim; player profile

all art and writing of Ahkŭ

backstory & personality

Ahkŭ remembers little about her human life and the details of her transformation. She was a member of the eastern Shoshone tribe. Her mother helped her escape into the mountains the night before an attack on her villiage. Pressure from the advancing Blackfoot tribe as well as the increase of White settler activity in the area exponentially increased the threat of, as a young woman, being kidnapped, assimilated, and the horrible acts committed against her as a combination of her gender and age. She spent a few days in the woods, surviving off of the provisions packed for her. However, eventually the cold, altitude sickness, and grief over her family overcame her. Minutes from death, an esk miraculously saved her. In the moment of transformation, yellow flowers whirling around her in a brilliant dance of light and sound, she could only breathlessly gasp their name - ahkŭ. 

Memories of her previous life are experienced in tiny, impressionistic moments. Thick, black hair blown in front of the face of a smiling friend. The shrill whinny and low snuffs of their prized horses. The breathing of the plains, rippling with the wind of summer thunderstorms. She knows it was filled with much joy and ended with much suffering. She feels as though being an esk was her true purpose, allowed to her by the Creator. Being transformed was a pleasant shock; as she believes in endless cycles of nature and in spirit, becoming an esk was, to her, the next phase in her journey.

In the summer months, hikers often trek through the mountaintops where she makes her homes. One day, she came across a young woman who, like her, hundreds of years ago, was in distress and in dire need of help. She passed on the same act of kindness bestowed to her so long ago, thereby completing the cycle of beneficiary to benefactor, and feels at peace with her decision. 

Ahkŭ loves to run and feel the crisp, dry breeze. She collects stones, flowers, human artifacts, animal bones; any and all interesting trinkets adorn her makeshift dens. Often, Ahkŭ will travel between different mountain ranges via the spirit world, and carves out a little place for herself to rest in each one. She finds a quieter joy in sunbathing on cushion plants and trying to dream of her past life. 

important note

If writing about or drawing Ahkŭ, please be especially mindful when portraying Shoshone people, culture, history, and beliefs. Make sure to do the necessary research before portraying anything pertaining to her past. In general, regardless of past or present Ahkŭ, be vigilant in eliminating from your creations harmful, diminutive stereotypes associated with native peoples. For more information or to start your research, I suggest taking a look at the University of Utah's Shoshoni language project, where there are several archival videos of Shoshone people being interviewed or sharing their culture and cultural practices. Please also realize that her origin is at the same time the framework for her beliefs and worldview, but also only a piece of her. Do not fetishize or overly emphasize her heritage. I will do my best to portray her with sensitivity, but if I create something that does not follow these guidelines, feel free to privately message me so that we can discuss it. Thank you!


keeps a single chunk of tessin habit quartz, obtained from transformation

past forms
og Ahku by snoodls


blue aquamarine crystal from transforming Mabel (origin prompt)
tessin habit quartz from transforming 444 (TF) (-100GP transformation)
featured esk November 2017!

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