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As the pair of bachelors trekked across the open plains, mountain destination in mind, they often found themselves getting distracted with play sparring. Maybe it was the crispness of the gradually-chilling air, or the simple excitement of having a new companion so the journey wasn't so lonely - whatever it was, the stallions were really feeling their oats as they kicked up their heels (and even more dust). Feldspar wasn't quite so lonesome anymore, and now that he had someone to play with, he seemed to get rather clingy. Despite being the bulkier and stronger of the pair, he liked it when Rudy led.

Rudy was a bit of an odd horse. He was quite vain compared to other horses Feldspar has known, but to Feldspar, this meant nothing more than great opportunities for mutual grooming. After all, they both wanted to look their best for any potential mares spotted along the trip, right?

The days had just barely begun to cool down. Autumn would prove a welcome refuge from the heat of summer. Currently the stallions were traveling at sundown - or, they had been, until an impromptu racing game had begun, which evolved into a tussle. By the time the game ends, regardless of victor, the sun will likely have set.

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