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April 26th



This picture is extremely important to me. This last Thursday (April 26), I got a call at 1:30 in the morning from my mom. When I answer it, all I hear is crying, and fragments about Grandpa being in the hospital. After a while, I get her to calm down a bit. My grandpa got rushed to the hospital and was put immediately on life support. He was unconscious, and it wasn't likely that he would pull through. But, if I could get there, I should get home as soon as I could. Its only two hours worth of driving, but that seems like forever under these circumstances. The whole time I was terrified I'd never get to say my goodbyes and I wouldn't make it in time.

I did make it in time, but as previously stated, he wasn't conscious. His blood pressure wasn't strong enough to pump blood through his body, but his heart rate was through the roof. He was having seizures because of meds they had to give him for various other components, and the doctor told us he was pretty much brain dead. It was up to us to pull the plug. As a family, we decided we were going to wait until my uncle could fly into town and say his goodbyes, because 5 years ago, my grandma died, and he barely missed her, literally, by a few hours because she passed on. So, for most of hte morning, I stayed in the hospital room, holding his hand, and talking to him, so everyone else, just in general. Eventually, I went to m ysisters apartment in town, so if anything happened, I could be within easy driving distance to the hospital. Tried to sleep, didn't really. Just stared at the wall. Around 10:30 in the morning, grandpa passed away. My uncle never got to say his goodbye, but grandpa could hold on any more.

Significance of the date: April 26
Exactly five years ago, my grandma Kay died. She was such a wonderful woman. One of hte kindest, most sweetest people you could ever meet. Her and my grandpa had been high school sweethearts. They had been through sooo much together. When she left this world, it was really hard on him. She had left us here on earth April 26, 2007. She had lung cnacer that had spread to the brain, and ultimately killed her in one of the most terrible ways someone could die slowly. At that point, she had now power to talk or move. She was conscious when we were there, but her power to talk or respond had been deteriorating that last few months. She died in her sleep laying next to my grandpa.

This last Thursday, April 26, 2012, marks the reunion between my grandmother and grandfather again. in April 26, 2007, they had been separated from each other in this world, and April 26, 2012, they were reunited in another, much better world. I love them and miss them so much. I have so many wonderful memories of the both of them. They did everything for their grand kids. Its really hard to think of one and not the other. They were so intertwined within each others lives, hearts, and souls, its only appropriate that God bring them together again.

Please no stealing, borrowing or anything of the like. This picture is extremely significant to me. It represents my grandfather joining my grandmother in heaven. The darker thinner horse is my grandmother, she was such a slight woman, but so graceful. Her kindness was contagious and everyone respected her. She carried herself with dignity and pride. Then the gray draft is my grandfather, the horse that is half in this world and half in the other. Hes walking toward my grandmother. He's a draft with a beard, because for as long as I knew him, he always had that salt and pepper scruffy beard. And he by no means was a small fella. He was actually quite large, and loved his food (My whole family loves our food). He was extremely intelligent, hence the gray for wisdom. He had a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. He was incredibly smart! Even the day before he died, he still had every ounce of that intelligence.

I didn't put my signature all over this, because I trust my watchers and viewers, and I didn't want to mar something so significant to me. Its beautiful as is, and I promise you, if I find out this is anywhere but here, I will make you pay. This is MINE, and no one elses. I truly and sincerely hope people do not take advantage of this. This is so important to me.

Please no critiques. I'm in no mood to have my mistakes corrected. Normally I believe it to help me, but in this situation, its not appropriate. DO NOT tell me how i can do better. If you are a friend, you won't be any longer, and if you aren't a friend, consider yourself reported.

Rocky Mountain Horse - *venomxbaby
White Draft Horse - *SalsolaStock
Sky - ~pavel89l1
Grass/treeline - ~happeningstock
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    beautiful. ♥

    i have lost my own grandfather in the past few years and i really do miss him as i never got to say goodbye, or even be allowed to go to his funeral. i only hope that i won't lose my remaining grandparents so quickly.