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Hello everyone,

I haven't been on for a while - blame going overseas, Christmas, floods, getting a job, starting uni, etc. I probably won't be on all that much anymore. It's not that I don't like you guys anymore, I just hang out elsewhere without all the drama that DA seems to be increasingly having. If I get any new, decent pieces done, I'll post them here, but I've kind of dropped off in the drawing department. I'll start something, get really excited about it, and then stop and not get excited to finish it. Also, I'd really like to get a more realistic feel going for my style. I suppose the real reason I've dropped off DA is because you know me for my anime/manga-esque "style" and I don't really want to be stuck with that. I've moved on in terms of tastes. I'll still always have a special place in my heart for anime/manga, but for me to be interested in it, it has to really appeal to me, and not a passing fad/trendy anime that I'm swept up more by the aura or excitement surrounding it as opposed to the actual material. Not saying that mainstream stuff is crap - there's excellent mainstream anime/manga out there - I'm just more picky about what I'm choosing to invest my time into. For example, cosplay. Nope, not anymore - I'll be slowly building off previous cosplays as I can afford it. Krad is not complete and he's racked up to be about $150 so far. Now that may not sound like much, but it's a lot for someone who doesn't do it as a "pro", have a large disposable income. It may sound selfish, but Krad doesn't really get recognised all that much - he's mistaken for Luke Valentine from Hellsing more often than not, and I don't feel that my efforts are appreciated. Speaking of cosplay, that relates to conventions, which are also expensive.

So yeah, that's it. In a nutshell, I'm being more picky about anime/manga, moving onto a more realistic style, scared that you won't accept it, and not going to conventions due to expenses.

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through this turn of events, are you going to supanova this weekend?

also I was driving through on Gympie road the other day was saw a sign for a store that I swear to god said "Sno-Oki" I was really happy an confused all at the same time...
......later I found it said "Sno-Ski".....
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Sno-OkiStudent Digital Artist
Nope, I'm not. I haven't planned for it properly, and I've got uni work to get done. Would have liked to have gone, but alas, I forgot it was so close.

Oh man, that's hilarious.
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It was sad to not see you there. but hopefully I'll see again someday >.<

It's made me sad afterwards.