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TSC: Bad Habits

By Sno-Oki
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Some bad habits of my characters. I think that Aeron's is the worst. I detest smokers. It's so bad for your health - but hey, it can't kill Aeron because he's ALREADY DEAD *sighs* Doesn't mean he can't get lung damage though.

Gabriel is a bit kookier when it comes to his bad habit. He's...rather...obsessive about hair. If your hair isn't perfect, he'll fix it. And while he's fixing it, he'll make it super clean and silky.

Black Sheep has the cutest bad habit - I'm sure many of you will agree that staying in bed on a cold morning with snacks and your laptop is the best.

Damian gets super flustered. He's like his sister in that they're introverted - he's more easily embarrassed introverted, and she's more shy/quiet introverted. I think it's quite adorable.

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Yummy :) I really like your style my darling.
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Nom nom nom! Thank you Miss Mara!