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I rarely upload here, but maybe next time after this, I will upload here more.

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Comic Fiesta 2014 Review

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 2:50 PM
Finally the annually big event is ended. And sorry to say that this year is more nothing than last year. Why?

First off I starts with ticket. I have to say that ticket's quality is getting better with shred and water proof. (Tell me if last year was same. I was not getting myself much into toilet or wetting my hands) Last year early bird ticket's entrance was on one big entrance.  Time consume to enter the exhibition site was much faster. But now the entrance is split into two lanes; Early bird ticket and on-site ticket. This year on-site ticket counters are adding more counters and they serve much faster than last year (I think) but still under a gigantic canopy. But this year path to the on-site ticket is more further. After came in with the early bird ticket with the same door, I have to walk around the exhibition and walk to the on-site ticket for about 200 meters. Last year, on-site ticket's lane were under a long canopy tunnel for about 100 meters before into the maze :P And if the maze too crowded, I have to walk around the maze to its another entrance.

After a 200 meters walk, the exhibition was crowded like the last year. And they arrange the booths just like the past but without stage play! Where the hell is stage play? It's on the 3rd floor ballroom. To enter the ballroom, don't enter the exhibition first, why? It got full in just an hour. And you have to wait an hour to enter them. If the last year, we just can sit anywhere to watch the stage play. Overall the RM 40 for two days tickets are not worth it!

That's all of my compliment to this year comic-fiesta, I hope next year is getting better!!!

Comment's yours in the comment section below...

PEACE Chapter 3 is uploaded!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 6:23 PM
PEACE 3.0 Malay by SNN95
Finally!! After a long hiatus because of a pile of assignments during college.
Chapter 3 of PEACE is here! But this is in Malay only. English coming soon...
For Malay readers if you want to read, here the folders contains PEACE's chapters

Chapter 1 (Malay)
Chapter 2 (Malay)
Chapter 3 (Malay)

On College

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 19, 2014, 5:18 PM
  Hi there! This month is kinda boring for me. Yeah I'm going back to college.

For the past 3 weeks, I have so much eager on completing my current comic :iconpeace-comic:

But after one more week before I going back to college, it seems my firery eager now being put off.
PEACE 2.4 Malay by SNN95  PEACE 2.17 Malay by SNN95  PEACE 2.23 Malay by SNN95

So that's it. I have no intention tocompleting my comic for a while. Chapter 3 just a few pages left but I think I will concentrate on college first before taking a time where I can clear mymind to continue the comic back.

I will not stop here because i'm on college. So I hope you still stay tuned for me and I will share my works soon.
Morning, Yuufa! by SNN95  Pose practice - Idol by SNN95  Pose practice - Fight! by SNN95

Fairy Tail Doujinshi

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 7:05 AM
I know this is so rush but I like to make new thing.

Also, I need a rest from my current comic, Peace-Comic. (although chapter 2 is not publish yet)

So I want to practice my style on this coming doujin.

first chapter is on progress.

For NaLu fan, This is for you!

Work! Work! Work!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 11, 2014, 6:47 PM
For A few months further I may be makes only few artworks due to working in a supermarket as runner/display in Fresh department.
So i'm a bit smelly like a fish for now :lmao:

And during this month I still looking on a blank kami-kun

:iconpaperplz: :iconsilent-plz:

Fairy Tail To Me

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 8, 2014, 11:29 PM
I have to admit that I haven't doing anything since affiliating with Wikipedia. And my comic doesn't progress much in the background. I'm reviving myself with these two artworks
Office Girl by SNN95  Naked Erza by SNN95
This isn't my full power. I tried to variety my work but I hve to pull it up slowly from the bottom.

And thinking about my latest work Ok, back to the topic!

Fairy tail Icon by WeirdAlchemist Fairy Tail Fairy tail Icon by WeirdAlchemist

When I read Fairy Tail for the first time I thought this manga will be great! Yeah.... now it become interesting by the way Mashima draw the girls, like these
demon smile (mirajane strauss satan soul) v2 by MaskBone <da:thumb id="408032966"/>
<da:thumb id="424311603"/> <da:thumb id="423076152"/> 

Mature Content

Fairy Tail 365 - Erza - Pain by strabixio
  Fairy Tail 365 # Erza by SeireiART  Fairy Tail Hot Lucy Heartfilia Colored by Skinny-Potato  FT Corona by Kristallin-F
Fan of erza since she become the weak and innocent in chapter 365. *nosebleed*

Heart Yup! This manga is perfect for boys like me...Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] 

And he not forget for the girls. Below are the most favourite by the girls. Naked Gray is the most famous the fan service by Mashima for the girls, He's cool for me... Cool as ice...Meow :3 
FT 349 - Kid Gray by AlexanJ <da:thumb id="392889515"/> Jellal Fernandes by appledrizzles  FairyTail 349 - Gray Fullbuster by AJM-FairyTail  Zeref Sketch (FairyTail) by JimmyJS  cosplay Gray fullbuster by sochouquette  Unison Raid by Arya-Aiedail

So, Naruto (The end is near~!) or One Piece, please consider to watch or read Fairy Tail.

What's wrongf with me?!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 4:11 PM
I don't know why but I'm nowadays not holding a single pencil and paper anymore!


I'm tooooo concentrate on supervising the Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu. When I'm now a supervisor, make me tooooooooooooooooo concentrate on the work. When holding pencil to draw something, I always think about to play with wiki coding. When someone said to me don't involve to much with a kind of work you will be addicted. Yeah, I'm addicted now.

Make that even worst, I'm now holding 2 WikiProjects and 2 Portals, both are Anime and Manga- and Japan-related. Here the pages
Japan WikiProject, Anime and Manga Wikiproject, Japan Portal and Anime and Manga Portal. One more worst thing when you have been addicted to something is your project in here never be done.


That's all for now!

--SNN95-- talk to me beybeh! What the! My Wikipedia signature?

Need to get moving!!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 18, 2013, 6:27 AM
Yaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!! I have many works to do lately... :iconchickenflipplz:

A commission need to do, chapter 2 of my comic need to edit and chapter 3 is on drawing board. :icondizzyplz:

But the most important is that I can make some one happy with my works! :iconhappyhappyplz:

If you know me, take this quiz!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 16, 2013, 5:31 PM
Take this quiz if you know me...…;

I got Hetalia's Viruses

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 28, 2013, 1:49 AM
Haha... I'm now slowly affected by Hetalia. Thx to :icon13kitty95: for giving me those viruses. :3
The first video I watched about Hetalia is a fan made character for Malaysia.
A remake song that called Marukaite Chikyuu [Malaysia] is boost for the viruses inside me. :XD:
I like the lyric. Full of Malaysia's culture

Hey Hey BAPA
Okane wo choudai
Hey Hey IBU
Hey Hey IBU
Mukashi ni tabeta DURIAN no
Ano nioi ga wasurerarenain da

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu
Hyotto shite chikyuu

Aa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai
Ore wa zenbu wo yatte mitai NEGARAKU

Ah tottemo ni atsui desu..
AIS KACANG tabetai na... 
Atsui X3....

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu
Hatto shite chikyuu
Funzori kaette chikyuu

Aa hitoyude de okane yo kasegu no RESIPI
(Hai.. KOEW TEOW ga RM3)
Yume no chakku zenkai da NEGARAKU

Hey hey TAUKE KOLO MEE wo choudai
tsuide ni TAUKE NIAO yude toite kudasai
OI OI SEMUA (heiwa ga ichiban)
PAGI CIKGU (hayaku obenkyo suru yo)
Hey Hey BAPA okane wo choudai
Hey Hey MAMA
Hoi Hoi MAMA
mukashi ni tabeta Durian no
ano nioi ga wasurerarenainda


(Tetris song)

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu

Aa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai
Ore wa zenbu wo yatte mitai NEGARAKU

aa ki to ushiro de mitsukeru okane no RESIPI
nagagutsu de tanken da NEGARAKU

Hey 13Kitty95, you gonna responsible for these Hetalia's viruses inside me... ;P

Haha! Mesti ramai tertanya-tanya kenapa tiba-tiba buat Novel plak ni?
Takyah pening-pening... Manga yang akubuat tupun dikira novel tapidalam bentuk grafik/lukisan.

Cerita "Ini Kisah Hidupku" dah lama rancang. sebelum kewujudan PEACE lagi aku nak buat. Tapi disebabkan kekurangan plot. Cerita aku tergantung. So cuti sem ni la aku cuba ambik peluang nak sambung disamping PEACE. Aku terus mencari tuan empunya cerita, bertanya lebih detail. Daaannnn.... walah! Akhirnya siap................ plot penceritaan. Belum lagi novelnya. Aku akan tulis lagi, jadi tunggu la dalam 2 minggu dari tarikh journal ini di siarkan!!!

~Walaupun aku ni lelaki, tapi dalam hatiada taman~
Haha! Finally! PEACE is released! This comic completely took all my lifetime to finish it. But I have two years of great experience to make the plot great. So, here it is! I have released two versions English and Malay.

Read 'em now!!!!
English ver. in :iconpeace-comic:

Your comment and fav are appreciate...
Right after I posting some progresses of my comic in Facebook, there is a guy named haikalschmaikal (FB: Ahmad Haikal Suhaimi) want to draw some of the chapters. So I agreed and gave hm the 3rd chapter to draw. So that is for today news flash. I hope the drawing is EPIC!!!
Wow! It been a long time for not updating some news...

Peace is the one of my on hiatus comic for 2 years!!! Yeah I'm still an amateur on doing story making and I don't have much time because my dorm last year doesn't provide any scanner! But around that year also, after reading the script, I found some problems with the script... It kinda hard to do... So in the 2 year on hiatus, I got some visions, experiences, and abilities in real life is. I I have calculate all the data I got, So in one year I try to make some greatest script. After many of rewriting, I got the better script to continue this comic.

I know some will said "Why don't you try to make one-shot first? Start from the bottom brother..."

I like some challenging task to do, although script making is hard enough and it is starting from below. Like I said, I have to rewrite it many time untill some point I wanna give up! But when saw my Personal Quote: Keep trying after failure, I just push myself and think "Just do it!"

So I have send a few pages in, but I will submit them later to put a gap between under making and finished. So that's it, I will keep updating the status of my project. My Exam for this year last semester is getting near about 2nd week of October. So it slowing my progress on the comic.
Now I not making any comic for this year
I turned 360 and sharing some messages to the world in Islamic way

I'm now doing three projects while making a plot for the new comic
These are the project I have been doing for now

I am translating Ustaz Azhar Idrus' (or better known as UAI in Malaysia) words to English

Making some Islamic massages

and sharing some Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h Hadith
  • Listening to: Koran Reciting
  • Reading: Koran
  • Watching: Prophets&#039; Story
  • Playing: Flash Koran
  • Eating: Dates
  • Drinking: Honey and Milk
Since I upload the Episode one there is a few error on scripting the story...
So I redo the script and make a few change on characters design...

I'm still amature but that is not the reason I will  give up!

Episod 1 adalah lukisan panas enjin selepas jarang melukis. Begitu gak episod Guardian yang aku terpaksa hentikan sebab aku kena buat balik skrip yang memang aku main buat je tak rancang lansung apa jadi lepas tu....
Pastu lahirlah PEACE
Aku harap korang faham la apa yang aku nak sampaikan dalam cerita tu...
Pasal aku tak nak upload yang BM dalam jurnal lepas, jangan peduli jurnal tu... Itu hanya dusta semata-mata.
PEACE dalam Bahasa Inggeris masih dalam proses menafsir ^^"

Episod 2 dalam proses letak dialog dan screentone. Kalo sempat siap, aku kena upload miggu ni gak sebab selasa minggu depan dah kena ade kat maktab =_=
Korang boleh baca kat sini tapi dalam bahasa enggeris la... Nak BM beli la kat kedai2 buku terdekat... tapi x tau bile kluar. Blom antar lagi sebab manager suruh siapkan sampai episod 10 atau lebih... so, nantikannya dalam versi BM nanti...

Sebab apa aku jual yang BM... so nak mengelak korang bleh faham crita tu 100% aku jual yg BM punyer... Jadi sape yg bleh faham BI kire untung la korang boleh faham crite tu...

Heh! Hi there!
Maybe some of you know how hard to make a comic, right?
I have wrote this series until the 8th chapter. But something go wrong in the story or maybe I'm the one who have no idea =P
So I turned back rewrite the story... yeah to make it more suspenseful than usual.
But right after I changed the whole plot, the title I gave didn't suite the story... So that's why "Peace" is born... <baby crying>
I have redrawn the first epicsode and I hope there's no more problem keep coming. PRAY for me :pray:
  • Listening to: OST and BGM for my game and my animation Guardian
  • Reading: Comic and learning more 'bout creating comic
  • Watching: all anime and learn the motion for my animation
  • Playing: PS4 (Photoshop CS 4... Dont confused)
  • Eating: All mah favorite
  • Drinking: All mah favorite