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:iconsnivy101:Snivy101 posted a status
I'm really hoping that Splatoon 2 has local multiplayer split screen gameplay, both online and offline. 
Unfortunately, if it did happen, the other player(s) would need a whole other pro controller. I was trying to see if it could be player using a single Joycon, but unfortunately there are more actions than buttons on a single Joycon remote. I would still love to see it happen though, even if a Pro Controller for the other player(s) was required.

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Snivy101 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, the Joycon could actually work in every action into its four buttons, the plus/minus button, the two back buttons, and the analog stick. However, there would be no way to pause in this case, and gyro controls would be required.
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