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:iconsnivy101:Snivy101 posted a status
I'm REALLY excited for Mario Kart 8 on Switch. If the EB Games leak that says there will be a new battle mode, 24 new tracks, and 10 new characters is real, OOOOOOOOO will I be excited!!

Now with the characters, if all of the characters in Mario Kart Wii and 7 were added to 8 for Switch, that would total 8 characters (and tbh I don't think Queen Bee is coming back but whatever), leaving 2 more available. So, if all of those characters returned I think our 10 new characters would be:
1. Dry Bones
2. Birdo
3. Diddy Kong
4. Bowser Jr.
5. Funky Kong
6. King Boo (Confirmed basically)
7. Wiggler
8. Queen Bee
9. Nabbit*
10. Boom Boom*

And the tracks... That's 6 new cups worth of tracks!!! I would hope that 12 of those would be retro tracks simply because I love what they did with them in 8.

My personal Retro hopes would be:
1. Mushroom City GCN
2. Toad's Factory Wii
3. Sunset Wilds GBA
4. Shy Guy Bazaar 3DS
5. Choco Island 2 SNES
6. DK Mountain GCN
7. Bowser Castle 4 GBA
8. Frappe Snowland N64
9. Delfino Square DS
10. Waluigi Pinball DS
11. Choco Mountain N64
12. Vanilla Lake 1 SNES

Devious Comments

Malamarvellous Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wait, they're re-releasing Mario Kart 8 on the Switch? What's the point? Just release a new one, I wouldn't buy the same Mario Kart game again. They could almost make an entire new one if those are all of the additions they are adding.
Snivy101 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah they are. I mean in some means, it will have almost as many new tracks as a new game would, assuming 24 new tracks come to the game. I think the reason why they're re-releasing it is that many people haven't played the Wii U version and they're just upping the visuals. I mean it's not a terrible idea to do just remake the previous stages anyway, it's kind of like less new tracks but a lot of retro tracks. Though I would like to see more brand new tracks, I guess it's their choice. Though it looks like we'll probably get a brand new battle mode and based on the Switch reveal trailer, there were two item slots on the screen, hinting at some sort of Double Dash mode.

I would call it Mario Kart 8.5. I definitely see what you're saying though. But especially with the DLC tracks, not many people played 8 compared to Wii and 7, so even less people played the DLC courses because not everyone bought them, and they're really good tracks, so at least those are wise to bring over to the Switch Version. But nothing has officially been announced yet, so who knows what it actually is.
Malamarvellous Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yer that's true, a lot less people would've played Mario Kart 8 which is a shame because it's definitely one of the best ones. In that way, I'm happy that they are releasing it again.

Though, I don't know if I would actually buy it. It will depend on how much of it is new I guess, but paying $80-$100 for the same thing is something I won't do.
Snivy101 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If it's the same price as 8's being 60 USD then I'll definitely hop on it, but anything more and I don't think I'll hop on right away.
Malamarvellous Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'd probably be the same. It would depend on what's available at the time and if I'm looking for something to play
Snivy101 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm looking at the trailer for it (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe it's called), it looks cool but it is confirmed to have no new race tracks, only battle tracks, new characters, new karts, and new items, so I'm not sure if I'll rebuy it.
Malamarvellous Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yer I won't rebuy it if that's all it has. I like Mario Kart but not enough to buy the same game again at full price
Snivy101 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Exactly. Especially when I put money into the DLC for 8, so I won't. It's a shame though because I do really like the Battle stages
shedrinkmilk Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
damn dude this sounds awesome !!!
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