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:iconsnivy101:Snivy101 posted a status
I know many of you may be sick of me speaking about my spoiler hibernation, but to someone who hasn't gone into a Pokemon Game "Blind" in about 10 years, it's really important to me that I avoid spoilers. There's something about seeing a new Pokemon or form for the first time when you're playing the game, rather than in a trailer or a leak. It's far more exciting! I've even avoided all of the story leaks. I remember in X and Y with the leaks, I wasn't totally spoiled with the story, but I was spoiled about the existence of Lysandre. While he was clearly the Team Flare Boss, it would have been a little cool to see him for the first time when playing the game.
This time, all story elements will unfold right in front of me instead of on a computer screen.

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Albond-Art Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
Props to you for actually managing to avoid them! Unfortunately I haven't ... but that's just how it is. Oh well. At least I don't know the full story.

Btw there was a new official trailer today, which means that including Corocoro, all UBs have been officially revealed. They have definitely revealed too much pre-launch, could this partly be because of the leaks?
SpireEx Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're right! I think I'll do the same the next time! I'm annoyed by all the spoilers/leaks which, after a day or a week, are always declared "fake" :bored:
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