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:iconsnivy101:Snivy101 posted a status
So it's weird how quickly my opinions on the Sun and Moon starters changed. At first glance, I thought Rowlet looked dumb, Litten was okay, and Popplio looked more like a Fakemon. Literally in 2 minutes though I realized how cute Rowlet is, how cool Litten is, and how unique Popplio is! Still debating on Rowlet and Litten now. I'll probably judge based on their middle evolutions, but I'm thinking Litten right now, mostly because I love cats

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SpireEx Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Rowlet but I'm not sure who will be my Alola starter....I'm waiting for the evos first :nod:

Nickblorck Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I will pick litten but first I want to see the other evoloutions
SuperKooper1 Featured By Owner Edited May 12, 2016  Student Filmographer
Come on guys. #TeamPopplio
Am I right? No? OK, I'll just got then.
AdamFegarido Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Student General Artist
Frozen-Echo Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
#TeamRowlet all the way. :heart:
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