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:iconsnivy101:Snivy101 posted a status
One of my favorite things on Deviantart is their yearly April Fools jokes.
2004's British Takeover was a fun idea, 2008's changing of everyone's icon to a Mudkips icon was hilarious.
2009's member symbol changes were small but funny.
2010's Team Gaga/Edward/Jacob/Seeker was interesting but still pretty funny.
2011's Trollface appearing everywhere was really fun though minor.
My personal favorite was easily 2012's Feline Takeover, where MajorGeneralWhiskers kidnapped Fella and took over the site, forcing cat propaganda to be posted and comments to be twisted on his journal entry.
2013 brought DeviantHeart, a fake dating site where a Deviant took a survey and was matched with a random Deviant to date, which was really funny.

I personally think the more out there jokes where parts of the site are changed or Deviants' actions/accounts are messed with a bit are the most fun jokes.

Every single joke after 2013's was pretty hit or miss in my opinion. I like what they did, but the execution on a sitewide scale is very ehh some of the time.

2014's thoughtART was merely a page that advertised the fake new thoughtART, where users could create or search for art with their mind through Deviantart. However, I'll give props to it for allowing everyone to create their own pieces that were "created by their mind." Not bad but not great.
2015's was the advertising of a fake future product in the form of the Deviantart Stylus IRL, a stylus that let you draw anywhere and on anything... (it's basically a normal ink pen). This was a funny idea and again let people submit art if they were had "early access" to the pen, but it wasn't that creative.
2016 saw another fake product, the ArtStroke, essentially an artistic Fitbit...
2017's was pretty good, having everyone post themed pictures after the lol wut pear. However, I feel like this one could have been more enjoyable if Deviantart messed with its Deviants a bit, maybe changing their avatars to the pear itself or maybe even inserting the pear in every space in a user's comments that day? 

Now comes 2018's Deviantart Originals... I like it, the concept is pretty funny and you should check it out. However, how much community involvement can you have with this one? Maybe it's just that I'm a fan of when Deviantart messes with its users a little bit on April 1st, but I feel like this could have had some great opportunities to do just that. I think it would have been small but pretty funny if one of two things happened:
-Every Deviant's comment on April 1st was followed by a signature advertising Deviantart Originals or one of their shows. 
-Every Deviant's profile gets a widget forcedly added to their profile, which advertises one of the shows on Deviantart Originals.

But those are my thoughts on DA's April Fools day jokes. What do you think of this year's joke? What was your favorite?

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MyMarshlands Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
all i look foward with dA april fools is getting new badges
i wonder if there's one for this year's?
Snivy101 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure honestly. I'll have to check
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