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Disclaimer: This is not about any rumored, leaked, or official game. These are simply my own ideas.

Mario Kart on Switch Currently

As of May of 2017, there are nine official Mario Kart Games on Nintendo Consoles. With the first game being on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the franchise has had a game on every Nintendo console, except for the Gameboy, the Gameboy Color, and the Virtual Boy. While later entries have adopted "retro tracks" from previous titles in their many tracks, every installment in the Mario Kart franchise has had a handful of brand new tracks. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the latest entry in the franchise, has all of the tracks from Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, including all 16 DLC tracks, and it also has eight brand new battle courses to coincide with its brand new Battle Mode. 

While Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a great game, receiving nearly universal praise from critics and fans, many pointed out the lack of brand new race tracks in the game. Seeing that only one Mario Kart has traditionally been released per Nintendo console, would this enhanced port of Mario Kart 8 be the only title in the franchise on the system? If so, while a huge amount of content is available in the game, most of this content is already three years old, and the Nintendo Switch is looking to have a lengthy life cycle (I would give it at least six years).

While more DLC for the Switch-exclusive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe may be possible, I see it less likely, at least for race tracks, seeing that it already has a sizable amount of tracks. Maybe a few characters and/or battle tracks, but I don't see a lot of DLC coming to this game. But would another Mario Kart game on the Switch be possible? I do not see another traditional one coming on Switch, it would just seem to compete with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, even if they added even more content, I still do not see it likely. I do see the possibility of another Mario Kart game coming to the Switch though. How then you may ask?

Mariokartlogo by Snivy101 X Diddy Kong Racing logo by Snivy101

A Mario Kart Spin-off

Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing?? Well while I am not suggesting a direct sequel to Diddy Kong Racing or a Mario Kart game with all of the DKR cast in it, I am suggesting a spin-off Mario Kart Game, with a similar style to Diddy Kong Racing! 
This game would take a lot of elements from the Diddy Kong Racing games and mash them together with the Mario Kart franchise!

A Large Hub World

One thing that Diddy Kong Racing did differently than other racing games such as Mario Kart was that it had a hub world that you could drive around to get to the worlds of the game, each with four courses. This Mario Kart spin-off would have an even large world to take advantage of the hardware, beautifully sculpted with little details just like Mario Kart 8's courses. This hub world in my mind would be a city, with certain areas of it accessible. The different "worlds" of the game would be accessed through different stations, for example, a subway station could take you to four courses such as another city, an underground level, etc; a helicopter or could take you to sky, mountain, space, or other distant levels; a boat could take you to an under water level, an island level, etc. 
Each course/level in each world though would still be very different. Just because you be taking a boat doesn't meant you would encounter all underwater courses. You could encounter a beach course, a jungle course, an underwater course, and maybe another city course. Of course, all of the courses would have their own Mario flair to them.

Adventure Mode

Just like Diddy Kong Racing, this Switch Mario Kart spin-off would have an adventure mode that would take the place of the traditional Grand Prix mode. Only to differentiate it from DKR, this game would make it so not every course in a world/cup would be a race. It could be a battle too! Or perhaps one cup could be race-oriented while another could be battle-oriented. After winning all four races in a world/cup, you would be able to face off against a boss. Each boss would not always be a racer though. Sometimes you may battle them like in Mario Kart Wii! This mode would also have a multiplayer mode!

Even more Battle Modes

One of my main ideas with this game was to give a variety of game modes, so the main focus was not just racing like Mario Kart usually is. Although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's battle mode is emphasized greatly, I believe some less traditional battle modes could spice up this spin off. 
  • Marathon: A race-battle hybrid where racers must race to a checkpoint, and then another on the course is revealed to them and they must keep racing to each checkpoint. There may be 3-5 each game. It would be team-based, but possibly with three or four teams rather than two. Based on the place they come in, they get certain amounts of points. The racers can obviously try to prevent others from getting to the checkpoints first with items.
  • Capture the Flag: Essentially its capture the flag with two different teams, so it has a bit of Shine Thief in it. The difference, however, is that each team must get the other team's flag or Shine Sprite or whatever the flag would be and bring it to the other side successfully. 
In addition, I could see several other real-life games, such as Sharks and Minnows, possibly Hide and Seek, and even Hot Potato (Bring back the Thunder Cloud Item??) for new battle modes in the same way that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Renegade Round-up is essentially Cops and Robbers.

Mission Mode

Another mode that I believe would need to come back for this spin-off to be less like most traditional Mario Karts would be Mission Mode. This mode could really take advantage of all of the different battle courses well. Honestly, I believe it could even be integrated into the Adventure Mode! This mission mode could be a much more expanded version of Mario Kart DS's Mission mode.

3 Racing Styles

Diddy Kong Racing is very different from Mario Kart in that it has three different vehicle types: Karts, Hovercrafts, and Planes. While it would be cool to see all of these appear in this spin-off game, I still believe the "Kart" part of Mario Kart should be maintained. However, the Mario Kart Franchise has done this successfully without breaking the Kart branding. There are of course Bikes and ATVs, but the past three entries in the franchise have introduced gliding and underwater racing, so I believe these two could be used more heavily in this spin-off. But hey, it would still be really cool to see planes and hovercrafts come into play as well!

Different Cast of Characters

Just another way to differentiate the game from Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, I believe the game should have different Mario characters thrown into the mix, with possibly a smaller roster than Mario Kart 8, but sparing many of the "clone" or C-list characters from the game. Of course this game, being a spin-off in the vein of Diddy Kong Racing, Diddy Kong would make his triumphant return to Mario Kart. Here is the character roster I came up with:
Mario | Luigi | Peach | Daisy | Bowser | Bowser Jr. | Yoshi | Birdo | Donkey Kong | Diddy Kong | Wario | Waluigi | Toad | Toadette | Koopa |
Rosalina | Boom Boom | Pom Pom | Kremlin | Pianta | Funky Kong | Dixie Kong | Nabbit | Petey Piranha | Dry Bones | Plessie | Professor E. Gadd | Magikoopa | Lubba | Shy Guy |

For a total of 30 characters! While I am aware that people like the idea of Nintendo characters joining the roster, I believe that they would be better for the next traditional Mario Kart game. (Although I've never been traditionally fond of the idea at all)

And that's it! Let me know what you think about this idea of a Mario Kart Spin-off game, and let me know if you have any other ideas for it! I would love to hear all of your thoughts!

TheCynicalPoet Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I definitely agree that if we do receive a new Mario Kart for the Switch that it would definitely not be utilizing the conventional formula that we've been accustomed to throughout the series. It's a bit weird, though: a spin-off of a spin-off? It's not the kind of move I'd see Nintendo making right now. If anything, I'd say a "Nintendo Kart" would be much more plausible in my eyes. Having a select few Mario characters being playable, with Zelda, Kirby, and other Nintendo veterans playable...essentially a Smash Bros. Kart.

I feel as though the Diddy Kong Racing franchise should return as opposed to more Mario Kart's, as it may bring something a bit more fresh to the table. The "Mario Kart" name might start sounding stale to those who may not be really into Nintendo titles, and may shrug anything similar to it off as "Eh, I've already got that kind of game". 

As it stands now, I'd say that Nintendo should invest more into franchises such as: Diddy Kong Racing, Kirby AirRide, F-Zero, and/or Excite Bike if they aim to release another racing title in the Switch's future. Anything more to do with Mario Kart should remain as DLC, in my opinion. 
Snivy101 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I guess thinking about it more, Nintendo should wait a while for another Mario Kart, although the name does spark a lot more interest and sales than the other racing games. Regardless, I do think they should try and work on other racing franchises like the ones you mentioned, but focusing on making them both with a lot of depth and also making them very different from Mario Kart. But the good thing is that those three franchises you mentioned already do that pretty well!
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