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Okay so Smash Bros for Switch has been announced, and I had journal I was writing on this topic before the game was actually announced, assuming that it would be an enhanced port. Nothing is confirmed (people need to stop assuming anything is set in stone from the short, vague, cinematic trailer), so I'll keep the stuff I had pre-announcement that assumes that it is a port. 

You see most people focus on the same thing, What characters are most certainly absolutely going to be in the game just because I want them or Which characters do I want to be in the game. Sometimes people discuss the potential for 3DS content, mostly stages, to come to this deluxe version of Smash 4 or Smash 5. There are some things that some people don't discuss really. I'd like to do just that.


Controllers are a very important aspect to Smash Bros, specifically the Gamecube controller. USB controllers such as Gamecube controllers that use the Gamecube adapter are currently compatible with the Switch, and I absolutely see them still being usable with Smash 4 on Switch. What about the Switch's controllers though? It's pretty much guaranteed that the Switch Joy-cons will be usable in the grip or in portable mode, and the Pro controller also is a good bet.

What about sideways Joy-cons, however? Could these small controllers take on the new (awful) controller setup that the sideways Wiimotes were? I believe so. With the two shoulder buttons, analog stick, and four face buttons, all Smash 4 functions could be done, although taunting may be awkwardly locked to pressing two buttons simultaneously like the Wiimote had. 

The other thing to think about is the Wiimote and Nunchuck. Although it isn't my preferred controller setup, for many who started playing Smash Bros with Brawl are most comfortable with the Wiimote and Nunchuck. It is all but guaranteed that we'll see the Gamecube controllers be compatible but what about the second most popular controller setup? I have doubts that the Wiimotes in any form will be compatible with the Switch game, but could two separated Joy-cons take the place of this setup? Well it would not be exact with button placement, but it could very well work. Whether Shake-to-Smash would work on the Joy-cons, I'm not sure, but I would think so, but we can only wait to see.

Finally, could the 3DS be compatible for a controller? It's an easy extra controller for the system and great for those who were used to playing the 3DS version. I firmly believe that the 3DS communication feature will be absent between the Switch version and the 3DS version except for this controller feature. 

Stage Builder?

This doubles with my only doubt that a Super Mario Maker Port or Sequel will come to the Switch. The Wii U Stage Builder was very tailored to the Gamepad's touch screen. While the Switch has a touch screen, I am not too sure that any first party games will have any exclusive features to the handheld Switch mode in the form of the touchscreen, but I could see myself be proven wrong for something like Super Mario Maker. I do still have doubts with it. Let's say the Wii U stage builder returns and is only usable in handheld mode (see that just seems weird). Would there be any improvements to it? I loved the Wii U stage builder but I also wish it had some elements from Brawl's stage builder with more placeable objects and blocks. If the Wii U Stage builder had another theme and at least six more placeable objects to make stages more interesting, I be very happy. However, I still question, what will the fate of this stage builder even be?

Small Additions I want to see

Assist Trophies:

  • Kid Cobra - Arms
  • Any of the Champions - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Octoling - Splatoon
  • Melia - Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Funky Kong - Donkey Kong Country
  • Lumen Sage - Bayonetta
  • Rambi - Donkey Kong Country
  • Captain Toad - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
  • Red Bulborb - Pikmin

Pokeball Pokemon:

  • Charjabug
    • Works as a bomb in someways. Is throwable and has periodic electrical surges. These surges can shock the holder of it too if not timed well.
  • Crabrawler
    • Hops a little and pummels any nearby players.
  • Toxapex
    • Stays wherever it is release and causes significant damage to any player who touches it.
  • Decidueye
    • Fires arrows that have a meteor smash effect.
  • Incineroar
    • Spins around using Darkest Lariat. Similar to Mega Man's dash attack.
  • Primarina
    • Sings waves that do light damage but push players away with great force.
  • Guzzlord
    • Hurts when touched. Does one giant chomp that does massive damage after remaining still for a while.
  • Pheromosa
    • Jumps high and does a forceful kick, targeting players. This happens three times.
  • Celesteela
    • Remains still for short time before taking off like a rocket, bringing any players it takes with it offscreen. 
  • Necrozma
    • Necrozma: Fires a Photon Geyser that is similar to Deoxys in Brawl

Alternate Skins & Colors:

  • Daisy - Peach
  • Pink Gold Peach - Peach's Metal Form
  • Breath of the Wild Outfit - Zelda (Assuming this is happening with Link in his)
  • Hyrule Warriors Outfit - Ganondorf
  • Outset Island Outfit - Toon Link
  • Power Suit - Samus
  • Detective Pikachu - Pikachu
  • Actual Shiny colorings for all playable Pokemon (Cmon Lucario, Charizard, Greninja)

Bosses (If any type of Adventure mode is present):

  • Zygarde - Pokemon
  • Fawful - Mario and Luigi
  • Hedlok - Arms
  • Dr. Eggman - Sonic
  • Hinox - The Legend of Zelda
  • King K. Rool - Donkey Kong
  • King Boo - Luigi's Mansion
  • Andross - Star Fox
  • King Hippo - Punch-Out!!
  • DJ Octavio - Splatoon
  • Bahamut SIN - Final Fantasy
  • Dr. Wiley - Mega Man

New Final Smashes:

  • Mario - I honestly cannot think of anything that isn't too much like Cappy capture, but anything that isn't his current one.
  • Kirby - Robobot Suit 
  • Donkey Kong - Animal Buddy Attack
  • Link - 4 Divine Beasts
  • Falco - Arwing
  • Lucas - PK Love
  • Samus - Melee Counter
  • King Dedede - Buff Dedede Punch


As a big fan of the Mii Fighters, I would like to see some expansion on the customization of these fighters. I believe most of this is a stretch, but I would like to see:

At least one new class

I don't see a lot that they could do that is outside the three established classes, but I'll get to that. One of the only ones that I do think could work is a mage/magic user class.

More move options than the standard 3

For the normal roster, I think 2 custom variants plus their original move for each special is fair. However, I believe the Miis deserve at least 5 total variants for each special. Brawlers could use sport inspiration in some of their moves. Swordfighters could have more sword-based attacks but also more attacks based on ninjas, samurai, and warriors. Gunners could use more technological weapons such as tracking bombs, lasers, and drones. If a mage class was brought to the game, there are a plethora of magic based attacks that could be created, for attacking, defending, and also healing/stat changing. 

Many more costumes (and colors)

While a large library of headgear is present in Smash 4, the body gear library is very small for each class. In addition, I think more color options for certain costumes would be very nice as well.

What would you like to see in Smash Bros for Switch? Yes, I have characters and stages I want to see. However, what smaller additions or changes would you like to see? 

Just to clarify, no I do not mean which version should I buy, I mean should I actually buy one of the games or pass on them?

For me, Pokemon Moon was an okay game. The beginning of the game on Melemele Island was such a chore and was one of the times when I was not having fun with a Pokemon Game at all. I believe the other islands were definitely a lot more fun, and I did enjoy how the rest of the main game unraveled. With that in mind, I really haven't touched the game a whole lot since I completed the main story. I went and captured all of the Ultra Beasts in my version and Necrozma and did some shiny hunting. Other than that, I gave up on training my team to level 100 because there were not many places to do so and I really only touched the game to get event Pokemon. 

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon looked pretty bland to me for a while until they began introducing new Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Recon Squad. The game seemed exciting and like it would be really different from Sun and Moon, or at least more different than past third versions. Rainbow Rocket also looked really, really interesting.

Now that the games are out though, I am still very unsure whether I should actually spend $40 on these games. I believe Sun and Moon were okay games but certainly not the best in the series, in my opinion. Reviews have also said that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are extremely similar to the originals, only getting really different around Poni Island.

If I were to rate my experiences with the past three generations of Pokemon Games to help anyone's advice, these would be my ratings:

Gold and Silver: 7/10
Diamond and Pearl: 8/10
Platinum: 9/10
Heartgold and Soulsilver: 10/10
Black and White: 8/10
Black 2 and White 2: 6/10
X and Y: 7/10
Omega Ruby: 5/10
Sun and Moon: 6.5/10

The last game(s) I skipped in the Main Series were the Gen 3 games and Crystal before. I am thinking about skipping USUM or at the very least waiting another year before purchasing them.

What do you think? Should I buy Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon or should I skip them? Are they worth it?
A friend of mine and possibly yours who's been on Deviantart for a while now just restarted on a new account:

I urge you to go check his art out and give him a watch!!
October 5 by deku93October 3 by deku93Gestralian Larvesta Line by deku93
He's also selling some mons:
Fakemon Sale Test -SOLD- by deku93

My Hiatus

I do have to apologize for my huge, extended hiatus. As of this moment, I haven't uploaded anything since June, and before those three Deviations it was January, and even then, I know I had had large breaks except for pre-Sun&Moon animations. I don't want to excuse my absence by any means, especially to those who I owe things to, but school has kept my hands full for quite a while, leaving me less time to work on things like animations. The loss of the drive with all of work on it (I had one animation that had not been uploaded and several PDN files of deconstructed sprites) made me lose a lot of motivation, pretty much completely for the Valina Region, and I am pretty upset by that. I'm especially upset that I wasn't able to fulfill my many promises of finishing that Dex whenever I originally planned to have it finished (I believe in like 2014 or 15 I said it would be done by the beginning of 2016 or something).

I've also switched to a Mac, which, doesn't have the sprite and animation utilities I use, but I did recently have Windows installed on it, so there is no issue there. When will I be back to uploading? I can't say I know exactly when. If nothing else, I always manage to find some time to animate the mass amounts of new Pokemon that are revealed before a new generation is released. Although, who really knows how long that will be considering Gen 8 will be on the Nintendo Switch, so I could maybe see a 1.5 to 2 year gap. I have to say, I have noticed many Pokemon artists, especially the sprite artists being fairly dormant as well, so we'll have to see what comes at the time. I don't make sprites after all, I only animate them.

My Goals for the Future

I have three goals here on Deviantart at the moment, and I only see one as super plausible at the moment, but that doesn't mean I won't strive to make the other two come true.
1. First I would like to submit more Pokemon (and even Fakemon and Trainer animations). They're probably what I'm most proud of (and for the most part most known for) on this account. And for the most part, I enjoy doing them, I just want to have the time to do more.

2. I would like to complete a second, brand new Fakemon project, a "Generation II." I have started a new spreadsheet with my ideas, concepts, and more on it, and I'm hoping to make it reality because I really love the ideas I have (also my old spreadsheet is gone with my drive, so it's a new new spreadsheet).

3. This one could go along with my other two, but I would like to beat my Deviation record in a single month. According to my Gallery Stats, my busiest month was way back in December of 2011, when 63 (6%) of my current 1,121 deviations were submitted. Granted, many of those were some crappy works I did for the holidays, with fairly little effort put into them (God I look back at my earlier gallery and think, yikes I didn't care), but I still would like to beat that month's Deviations with 64 or more quality Deviations, whether Fakemon, animations, or both, or something else along with the two.

It's not Goodbye

I really want to get back into the swing of things on Deviantart. It's been a hobby that I've really enjoyed over the years, but I am really busy at the moment and have lost some inspiration and motivation that I used to do art for the site. But I would not at all call this a goodbye, nor would I say I'm giving up. I simply need more time to get work done for school and to pull myself together. I know my watcherbase is not huge, but I appreciate that patience you all have had with me.

Thank you,

I have seen the translations of the questions shown in this Japanese trailer, and they all seem to relate to the space, dimensional, and otherworldly parts of past Pokemon games. I will be honest, I'm not exactly sure what Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have in store for us, and I wasn't really excited when I saw the original reveal trailer, but this mysterious trailer and page on the Japanese Pokemon website has me really hyped for the games now! 

To me, it looks like these games will do something with the alternate universe that has been described in past games, space, and of course Ultra Space. The thing that I like about the trailer is that it doesn't really use just Ultra Beasts but the dimensional rifts from ORAS, Deoxys's appearance in ORAS, Mt. Moon, the Distortion World, and the Unova alien Pokemon, Elgyem. The whole trailer gives off the impression that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will have a story centered around this type of stuff, and it really has me hyped!

I don't know whether these games will act as sequels or not, but I feel like given this trailer and how Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were described as alternate tellings, the games will be similar to Platinum and Emerald in that they're games set in the same region, but I believe the stories will extremely different. So not a slightly different story with a similar general route like in Platinum and Emerald and even Black 2 and White 2, but a completely different story with a different regional path. Maybe we'll go from Melemele Island to Poni Island to Akala Island to Ula'Ula Island, and maybe we'll see a new area whether it's in a different dimension, island, region, or something else!

While this trailer may not be teasing Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I have a pretty big hunch that it is. We'll just have to see on the 19th!


Side note that I have stated this before, but I see no Sinnoh remake coming this generation for a couple reasons:
1. Being on the 3DS still, the Sinnoh games can still be played on the 3DS. I believe the Switch Generation of Pokemon will give us these remakes, given that the Sinnoh games would no longer be playable on the system.
2. Because Switch Pokemon Games are in development, I believe it would be pretty safe to say that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be the last games in the Seventh Generation.
You know I've been here for over six years here on Deviantart and I've made a lot of friends, and I believe I've improved as a hobbyist artist. I've had my fair share of mistakes and learning moments, but I've also had a lot of great memories here.

What I would like to know is:

What do you think about me, Christopher White?

I'd like to hear what my watchers and friends think of me? What do you think of my art? My improvement? My attitudes? My personality? Anything, the sky really is the limit. Any opinions you may have about me, negative or positive, I really don't mind hearing negative thoughts/opinions about myself, fire away!
I would guess I should have seen this coming eventually, but the drive that I have kept all of my projects on has been lost this week and I am hesitant as to if I'll be able to find it or not. I probably should have made an effort a long time ago to have backed up all of my stuff to a backup cloud or storage device, but unfortunately, I did not. So unless if my drive is found, I will be cancelling all of my projects here on Deviantart. 

However, I am not done with Deviantart at all. Let me clarify. My Valina Region project will still exist, but all Pokemon will stay currently as is, with any unuploaded ones being thrown from the dex. A few numbers will be readjusted, but this will be the final dex most likely.

Animations will not cease either. The past month I have been getting back into animating, and finishing a couple commissions that have been long overdue. Of course, these will unfortunately need to be restarted, but I will continue to animate Fakemon and Pokemon sprites, especially with the new games on the way, Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon. The unfortunate part is that I will not have any chance to go back and redo any or fix any animations or other uploads, seeing that I have lost their assets, without redoing them from scratch.

I will keep all of you updated, but for now, all projects of mine are going to stay as is, and animations will continue.
Disclaimer: This is not about any rumored, leaked, or official game. These are simply my own ideas.

Mario Kart on Switch Currently

As of May of 2017, there are nine official Mario Kart Games on Nintendo Consoles. With the first game being on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the franchise has had a game on every Nintendo console, except for the Gameboy, the Gameboy Color, and the Virtual Boy. While later entries have adopted "retro tracks" from previous titles in their many tracks, every installment in the Mario Kart franchise has had a handful of brand new tracks. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the latest entry in the franchise, has all of the tracks from Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, including all 16 DLC tracks, and it also has eight brand new battle courses to coincide with its brand new Battle Mode. 

While Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a great game, receiving nearly universal praise from critics and fans, many pointed out the lack of brand new race tracks in the game. Seeing that only one Mario Kart has traditionally been released per Nintendo console, would this enhanced port of Mario Kart 8 be the only title in the franchise on the system? If so, while a huge amount of content is available in the game, most of this content is already three years old, and the Nintendo Switch is looking to have a lengthy life cycle (I would give it at least six years).

While more DLC for the Switch-exclusive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe may be possible, I see it less likely, at least for race tracks, seeing that it already has a sizable amount of tracks. Maybe a few characters and/or battle tracks, but I don't see a lot of DLC coming to this game. But would another Mario Kart game on the Switch be possible? I do not see another traditional one coming on Switch, it would just seem to compete with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, even if they added even more content, I still do not see it likely. I do see the possibility of another Mario Kart game coming to the Switch though. How then you may ask?

Mariokartlogo by Snivy101 X Diddy Kong Racing logo by Snivy101

A Mario Kart Spin-off

Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing?? Well while I am not suggesting a direct sequel to Diddy Kong Racing or a Mario Kart game with all of the DKR cast in it, I am suggesting a spin-off Mario Kart Game, with a similar style to Diddy Kong Racing! 
This game would take a lot of elements from the Diddy Kong Racing games and mash them together with the Mario Kart franchise!

A Large Hub World

One thing that Diddy Kong Racing did differently than other racing games such as Mario Kart was that it had a hub world that you could drive around to get to the worlds of the game, each with four courses. This Mario Kart spin-off would have an even large world to take advantage of the hardware, beautifully sculpted with little details just like Mario Kart 8's courses. This hub world in my mind would be a city, with certain areas of it accessible. The different "worlds" of the game would be accessed through different stations, for example, a subway station could take you to four courses such as another city, an underground level, etc; a helicopter or could take you to sky, mountain, space, or other distant levels; a boat could take you to an under water level, an island level, etc. 
Each course/level in each world though would still be very different. Just because you be taking a boat doesn't meant you would encounter all underwater courses. You could encounter a beach course, a jungle course, an underwater course, and maybe another city course. Of course, all of the courses would have their own Mario flair to them.

Adventure Mode

Just like Diddy Kong Racing, this Switch Mario Kart spin-off would have an adventure mode that would take the place of the traditional Grand Prix mode. Only to differentiate it from DKR, this game would make it so not every course in a world/cup would be a race. It could be a battle too! Or perhaps one cup could be race-oriented while another could be battle-oriented. After winning all four races in a world/cup, you would be able to face off against a boss. Each boss would not always be a racer though. Sometimes you may battle them like in Mario Kart Wii! This mode would also have a multiplayer mode!

Even more Battle Modes

One of my main ideas with this game was to give a variety of game modes, so the main focus was not just racing like Mario Kart usually is. Although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's battle mode is emphasized greatly, I believe some less traditional battle modes could spice up this spin off. 
  • Marathon: A race-battle hybrid where racers must race to a checkpoint, and then another on the course is revealed to them and they must keep racing to each checkpoint. There may be 3-5 each game. It would be team-based, but possibly with three or four teams rather than two. Based on the place they come in, they get certain amounts of points. The racers can obviously try to prevent others from getting to the checkpoints first with items.
  • Capture the Flag: Essentially its capture the flag with two different teams, so it has a bit of Shine Thief in it. The difference, however, is that each team must get the other team's flag or Shine Sprite or whatever the flag would be and bring it to the other side successfully. 
In addition, I could see several other real-life games, such as Sharks and Minnows, possibly Hide and Seek, and even Hot Potato (Bring back the Thunder Cloud Item??) for new battle modes in the same way that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Renegade Round-up is essentially Cops and Robbers.

Mission Mode

Another mode that I believe would need to come back for this spin-off to be less like most traditional Mario Karts would be Mission Mode. This mode could really take advantage of all of the different battle courses well. Honestly, I believe it could even be integrated into the Adventure Mode! This mission mode could be a much more expanded version of Mario Kart DS's Mission mode.

3 Racing Styles

Diddy Kong Racing is very different from Mario Kart in that it has three different vehicle types: Karts, Hovercrafts, and Planes. While it would be cool to see all of these appear in this spin-off game, I still believe the "Kart" part of Mario Kart should be maintained. However, the Mario Kart Franchise has done this successfully without breaking the Kart branding. There are of course Bikes and ATVs, but the past three entries in the franchise have introduced gliding and underwater racing, so I believe these two could be used more heavily in this spin-off. But hey, it would still be really cool to see planes and hovercrafts come into play as well!

Different Cast of Characters

Just another way to differentiate the game from Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, I believe the game should have different Mario characters thrown into the mix, with possibly a smaller roster than Mario Kart 8, but sparing many of the "clone" or C-list characters from the game. Of course this game, being a spin-off in the vein of Diddy Kong Racing, Diddy Kong would make his triumphant return to Mario Kart. Here is the character roster I came up with:
Mario | Luigi | Peach | Daisy | Bowser | Bowser Jr. | Yoshi | Birdo | Donkey Kong | Diddy Kong | Wario | Waluigi | Toad | Toadette | Koopa |
Rosalina | Boom Boom | Pom Pom | Kremlin | Pianta | Funky Kong | Dixie Kong | Nabbit | Petey Piranha | Dry Bones | Plessie | Professor E. Gadd | Magikoopa | Lubba | Shy Guy |

For a total of 30 characters! While I am aware that people like the idea of Nintendo characters joining the roster, I believe that they would be better for the next traditional Mario Kart game. (Although I've never been traditionally fond of the idea at all)

And that's it! Let me know what you think about this idea of a Mario Kart Spin-off game, and let me know if you have any other ideas for it! I would love to hear all of your thoughts!

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Month!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

This month's Fakemon line is another really cool concept with even cooler designs! They are Grey-wingedBlitz's "Lords of the Beach!"

Lords of the Beach by Grey-wingedBlitz

First off, I think the concept of a siphon Fakemon is an extremely unique one. I haven't seen one at all until these! For those of you unsure as to what a siphon is, it's a a tube-like structure in molluscs that allows them to breath, eat, and sometimes reproduce. I love how these Fakemon are often hiding under the sand and are seemingly shy in there first two stages, but Deograke then adopts the Dragon typing and is a such a powerful Fakemon!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Month? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Month journal.

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

This week's Fakemon line is a unique concept with really great designs! They are EventHorizontal's Echocho and Caerntrance!

118 Echocho, 119 Caverntrance  by EventHorizontal
Now I'll be honest, I really don't care for unofficial new types in Fakemon, but that's just a personal thing with me. I do, however, believe that these two Fakemon are really great with this "Sound" typing. These cave/cavern Fakemon are not only aestheically pleasing, but using the echoing of the inside of caves and incorporating it into the Sound type is genius! I absolutely love these to Fakemon!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

This week's Fakemon is a really cool Fairy/Dragon Fakemon along with its Mega Evolution! It's BradSimonian's Drixane!
Fornawa 157 - Drixane by BradSimonianFornawa 157 - Mega Drixane by BradSimonian
The colors of its design look really good and make it look like a Fairy and a Dragon Type, and it's wings look really elegant! Mega Drixane's ability, Pixie Powder, has Mega Drixane's body releasing a field of fairy dust that encompasses the battle that boosts the power of Fairy-Type moves (Damaging and non-damaging) of Mega Drixane and teammates by 20%! 
I also recommend going over to the Deviation to read about its really interesting lore!!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

After a few months hiatus, I bring you this weeks Fakemon of the Week, a very cool concept by Coonae, Heliwisp and Howillow!
#039-040 Heliwisp line by Coonae
These greatly designed Fakemon are based on a maple tree and their seeds which are sometimes called "helicopters." These helicopter seeds have not been used in a Fakemon that I've seen yet, and this line is a great use of the concept! It's colors work really well with the Ghost type as well!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.
It's here! Sun and Moon are here! I have gone 30 days without major spoilers to the brand new 7th Generation games, even after the demo datamining and the full game leaks! I wanted to make a change with this generation just as these games are changing so much of the Pokemon formula. I wanted to completely avoid spoilers from not only the story of the games, but also the soundtrack of the game and most importantly: the Pokemon! With the exception of one Alolan Form line and a brief glance at a new Pokemon, I have completely stood clear of all of the new Pokemon, Alolan forms, and Ultra Beasts that have not officially been revealed! 

It hasn't been an easy month, but I have managed to stay 98% spoiler free with these games, and my hype level is very high right now! I cannot wait to dive into these new games and discover all of the new areas and Pokemon!

To be honest though, this is the first time in about 10 years that I haven't completely planned my team out before playing the game. I really only have an idea of two Pokemon I want on my team, one being my starter, Rowlet, but I think that it will be really fun and interesting to make up my team as I go along. Plus, it'll encourage me to catch as many Pokemon as possible! In addition, I will be trying to avoid the use of all guides (I have tended to use Serebii to figure out movesets and Pokemon areas), but I would really like this experience to be fresh and exciting, so I'm refraining from using these guides.

Au revoir Kalos! Aloha Alola!
GameFreak screwed up again. I'm no game developer, but I wouldn't think you would need to put all of the Pokemon's sprites in the Sun and Moon Demo for it to work... and if you needed all of the Pokemon in the game, could they not have put placeholders in?

This is going to be really, REALLY difficult, but I like many others are going to try to avoid spoilers about the new Pokemon that were datamined and leaked from the Sun and Moon Demo. I will only read some comments and notes, but please no spoilers, not just for me, for others. I may submit something, but I will not touch any of the leaked Pokemon until they are officially revealed.

Peace out~
Slightly delayed! Forgive me!

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

This week's Fakemon the Carios Region's mascot Legendary Fakemon, Setheaval! This spectacular Fakemon is by DevilDman!
Fakemon - Setheaval by DevilDman

This is a Fakemon that has a design that is truly "Legendary!" This Fakemon looks like powerful one that one wouldn't want to scrap with! In addition, the Dark/Ground type works very well with its concept! And the concept too! It's fantastic!
And this monstrous tyrant has an even more frightening ability: Total Desolation- When an opposing pokemon faces this pokemon, it'll immediately loose 1/4 of it health and have its attack and defense lowered by one stage.

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

This week's Fakemon, made by Malamarvellous is based off another concept that I really love in a Fakemon, Tasmanian devils!

Where do I even start with this one?! Okay it's mainly the type and the design that make me love this Fakemon, but the information on it adds to it! This one reminds me of a rebooted Houndour. But even tough it shares the same type, the design is very different and has its own unique taste! I especially love the "devil horn" ears! 

The abilities are so spot on with a Tasmanian devil Pokemon too! I couldn't think of better abilities myself!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

This second week of fantastic Fakemon has xXDeviousPixelXx's Scaphard! 
Scaphard, the Scabbard Fish Fakemon by xXDeviousPixelXx 
I love swordfish Fakemon, and I'm actually surprised we don't have one as an official Pokemon as of now, but I digress. Even though I do love swordfish-inspired Fakemon, I think a scabbard-inspired one is so much more unique! Mladen's Fakemon puts a twist on the swordfish concept, and the design is really great! I love the dark colors in this one and the typing to go along with it!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.
I've been wanting to start this for a while now, but I'm only now getting around to it now! Regardless, I'm happy to announce that every week (hopefully on every Wednesday), I'll be doing a Fakemon of the Week journal! It's exactly what the name implies! I'll be selecting a Fakemon or Fakemon line that I think has an interesting, eye-catching, creative design from all of the Fakemon I see each week! I'll also be considering the background surrounding the Fakemon, the type, and any lore behind the Fakemon. Now of course, it's impossible for me to see every single Fakemon submitted in a single week, so feel free to suggest some other artists' Fakemon!

Welcome to the Fakemon of the Week!

Where I recognize a Fakemon or Fakemon line that shows impeccable creativity in design, type, background, and lore!

Our first Fakemon of the Week are Cactice and Cactundra, two brilliantly designed Fakemon by EventHorizontal!
063 Cactice, 064 Cactundra by EventHorizontal 
I see many Snowmen Fakemon all over Deviantart, but none are quite like these. The artist used the background of snowy deserts (which do exist) behind the design, and it lead to a very unique result. These cactus-snowmen hybrid Fakemon are certainly Fakemon that I would put on my team!

Do you have any suggestions for Fakemon of the Week? Send them to me! Please however, I would only like Fakemon submitted after this Fakemon of the Week journal.
Okay I'll never stress enough how much I hate leaks. While Sun and Moon look like they will be a fun, fresh experience, all of the leaks surrounding the game have only been detrimental to the "hype" and excitement for the game (at least mine).

People didn't appreciate Sun and Moon's reveal because the game was leaked or I guess trademarked too early. In addition, the trademarks for the names of the three starters and the two Mascot legendaries were put out before the first Gameplay trailer was shown. From the names of these Pokemon, people were able to decipher that the starters would be an owl, a cat, and a seal and the starters would be a lion and some winged creature. While some could say that this wasn't all bad because people were then able to make their own predictions and design speculations based on the species, it just takes away some of the surprise that the trailers hold. 

Since the games announcement, we've had screenshots of Pokemon revealed in a gameplay trailer in July. Most of us would have liked to see them revealed in the actual video trailer rather than static screenshots leaked early. 

And of course we cannot forget that Chinese leak that has been going around. I've believed the leak for a while, and what seals it as being almost confirmed is that one of the new characters introduced, Mallow, is seen clearly in the Litten evolution reference sheet. 

I just find it very disappointing that one of the big exciting parts of a Pokemon region has been spoiled yet again. It happened with Unova, it happened with Kalos, and now it's happened with Alola. And what disappoints me is that the leaker keeps leaking info about the game. People say you should avoid the leaks or get off the Internet, but we shouldn't have to! We should be able to speculate, socialize, etc. online without having all of this info leaked and spoiled for us! Come opening day, everything is fair game, but it's disappointing that we've gone six years with no surprises for our final Starter Evolutions. The only surprise to me is that it's gone on for this long!

I know it's a little of everyone's fault. Clearly Gamefreak for still not being tight enough to contain their project (which is insanely difficult), the leakers who do the shit, and even us who spread it around and make it a big deal. I can't stop the leaks, but I can rant about them I guess.
I plan to update this with my final thoughts on each after I completely finish my Moon play-through. Stay tuned!

I've decided to make my 15 hopes for Pokemon Sun and Moon that I previously made journals about, as well as another one that I wanted to add, into a checklist! As more and more is revealed about the game and up through the launch of the game, I'll be checking off confirmed hopes and Xing off deconfirmed hopes. In the end, I'll look it over and see how much of a game Pokemon Sun and Moon is the

 Show us a worldwide trailer for its reveal
I know I'm probably going to be proven wrong when its "premiere" is that stupid Pokemon show that's going to show something off early April, but I really want a trailer like X and Y's reveal trailer to be shown before or during that. I want to be able to know exactly when and where to catch it and watch it MYSELF! Not... watch the blurry video of some Japanese TV show. It's disappointing. I suppose this isn't a hope for game content, but more... how I want it presented. I want it a ton none the less.
It happened! The Starters, Region, and Legendaries were all revealed through a trailer! AND, considering we got another trailer last week, we may get trailers for all of the stuff revealed! That's really exciting!

 Free-for-all mode!
I was going to put this into this checklist when I first posted it, but... I didn't. But it's actually happening! Four trainer free-for-all BATTLE ROYALES!!!

 Give us standard badges
This is a weird one because I think I'm one of the only people who wants it. I was actually pretty disappointed with the designs of the badges for Kalos. I hated how they weren't really flat for the most part. When I think of gym badges, I think of a flat little badge that goes in a case and nothing too complicated either. Kalos had some 3-Dimensional badges, and while they were cool to be viewed in 3D, they don't seem like badges to me. There also overly complicated. The Plant Badge is the best in my opinion because its pretty simple and is flat, but its one out of eight. I'd like a return to flat, simpler badges. Its still very possible to be creative while still being flat and simpler.
So here's the thing with this one. There were not technically badges in the game, but I do like the fairly simple collectible Z Crystals that kind of served as badges during the island challenge. In addition, there are also passport stamps that are an added little touch that I really enjoy.

x Weather! Weather anywhere!
I've never loved or hated rain or hail or sun in any certain route or town, but I have always been bothered by those routes/towns that are always raining or snowing or sand-storming. You all know what mean. Yes, they're there for certain reasons in those cases, and they're supposed to always be there and all that crap, but I'd love to see different weather conditions occur (almost) anywhere in the region at randomized times. It would add to the whole feeling that this is a place. Of course, I did say almost. There would obviously be a few places where there wouldn't need to be any possibility of weather. Mostly special areas I'm talking about. Like the Sinjoh Ruins in HGSS wouldn't need it. Also, if they wanted some areas to be the only snow or sandstorm areas, that's okay, but at least make it so the snow/sandstorm only occurs at like a 50% chance or something. At least have rain pop around certain areas at different times!
Unfortunately, Alola does not have any areas that I know of that can have different whether at different times. All weather is consistent throughout the game I believe.

x  Choice(s) that would affect the story
This is one of those extremely unlikely things, but I'll throw it out because I think it'd be really cool and add some freshness to the Pokemon format. Yes, I've heard people wanting to be able to join the evil team or become a Contest trainer, but that's not what I want/mean. I don't hate these ideas, but I still think the whole idea of the Pokemon games is to be the battling protagonist. But what if you could choose to go one of two directions to influence the story/trainers you fight? I'll use Unova as an example. Let's just say Sun and Moon is Unova for this. 

Basically, you'd follow the normal path until a certain point (point A), where you had the choice to go one of two directions, and the level of the trainers and Gym Leaders would change based on your decision (so the one you choose to go has lower ones and when you revisit the other, it has the higher levels), but you would still end up at a certain point (point B). This could easily be done though the two versions, maybe Sun goes one way and Moon the other, and if it were this way I'd have no problem with it! (it adds way more difference between the two similar versions), but including this in both games as a decision would even more unique! (like Fire Emblem Fates).
There really aren't any big choices that you can make that will affect the course of the story, and there aren't many huge differences between the two versions except for a few Pokemon and the Day/Night shift with the two versions. However, I still found the game great even without these game-changing choices!

 Keep Special Items/Pokemon out of the Games' code (For now)
I hate leaks. I hate spoilers. Spoilers more than leaks because leaks don't always contain spoilers. But leaks usually do. And with every single game, the mythical/legendary Pokemon at the end of the Pokedex have been found through Dataminers and leaked for the world to see. It's happened enough times that GameFreak should be aware of it (I really hope so) and should fix it with this 7th Gen (wow really don't even know for certain that this is Gen 7). In the past it's been very hard for them to do this, but with the 6th Generation, there was no excuse. I'm not a game developer or anything, but I would think that they could have the games patched upon revealing these, putting them in the game. Put a placeholder if it has to be done. I mean I would mind less knowing that there were say 3 more Pokemon to be revealed than knowing their names and then flat out seeing them. These datamines have taken the surprise out of a ton cool Pokemon. Mega Latios and Latias, Hoopa, Diancie, Volcanion, Darkrai, Shaymin, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Arceus all spoiled unless you don't stay tuned to Pokemon online. I really hope that awful trademark slip up was their last with this crap, because I want to be surprised! ESPECIALLY with Megas and Legendaries!! I mean we do all remember when Corocoro officially announced Volcanion, no one really said much because they'd already seen it. Everyone should've been all hyped because it was a BRAND NEW POKEMON, but it was leaked years before... 

x  More Wifi Battle Customization!!!
This is simple, and I WANT IT. I think we can all agree that we're sick of the bland cyberish background of the Wifi Battles... in every gen really. So just like you added the fantastic Music selection to Gen 6's Wifi Battles, add the ability to change the scenery of the battlefield! If not totally cool new ones, even ones used throughout the game already! It just makes each match feel a little more different and exciting.
I'm pretty upset that there are no custom battlefields for Wi-fi battles. Disappointing, but at least we still have them, right?
 More Areas to Explore
One of the reasons I enjoyed the Sinnoh Region a lot was that there were so many areas that you could go to, despite having little to no connection to the story. Areas like Route 221 and Palpark, the Fuego Ironworks, and the whole upper island accessible after the Champion is beaten. These areas are often very fun to me, and they make the region seem larger and more open. While I enjoyed the Kalos Region, the fact that the only area to explore postgame was Kiloude City and that there really weren't any detours to take during the journey made me not like the region a whole lot. I hope to see a ton of great side areas to explore in Pokemon Sun and Moon's region.
The Alola region is vast and expansive, one of my favorite regions if not my favorite to date. Over the course of the game, you will travel through many areas as required from the story. There are a few areas that you can continue to explore if you choose and a small few that you can go back to but there are not to many brand new areas that you can stumble across through exploring, but my enjoyment of the region was not hindered from this.
 Postgame: Story
There's a lot I'd like to see in Sun and Moon's Postgame after being given such a light postgame in both ORAS and XY. I decided to split my postgame hopes into three different branches. I'd love to see some addition to the plot of Sun and Moon or even better Pokemon XY after you beat the champion in the game. Because there were some loose ends that were never tied up in XY, I'm hoping that there will be some Zygarde and Volcanion story integrated into the postgame... mostly Zygarde though.
 Memorable Gym Leaders
This is oddly specific and REALLY nitpicky of me, but I hated most of the Gym leaders in Kalos. Many are very forgettable to me because most never make an appearance outside of their gym. The biggest offender of this is Ramos (I had to look up his name). He doesn't show up anywhere except for his Gym and the Chateau. Yes, Viola does some stuff and Korrina is big with the whole Mega Evolution story arc. But the others barely do anything! I think HGSS did a great job in that you could call them and rebattle them at the Battle Dojo on certain days. However, I think Unova did the best job in that they became a minor part of the story after you beat them, and they even battle the Seven Sages in BW. Iris? Well she becomes the Champion! Lenora? She's kinda involved with the the whole Plasma stealing the skull thing and part of the story at the Pinwheel forest. Brycen? He's a movie star!!! Just get them more involved like Korrina was! It'd be great to fight alongside them for a portion of the game like DPPt's "partner" thing.
 Interesting Plot
Pokemon X and Y's plot was very meh to me. Team Flare seemed really cool, but their motives were really bland and generic. I'd like to see an evil team with a unique motive like Team Plasma's, or two conflicting teams like in Hoenn, or a twist that a Gym Leader or Professor is part of the team. Malva being in Team Flare was really cool, but Gamefreak didn't build off that at all. Maybe in the story, Malva tries to resurrect Team Flare for the postgame, while a new team is the main threat to the game? Also, it'd be great to see some unique rival story. Hugh in B2W2 had the right idea, but the execution was pretty awful. I would like to see another rival that departs from the whole "friend" thing and contributes a lot to the story. Hopefully Sun and Moon delivers! 
You've probably played through Sun and Moon yourself and experience the FANTASTIC story. It is by far my favorite plot yet. It did exactly what I wanted with the Legendary's very unique role, and the Ultra Beast plot was really enjoyable and different. Not to mention the trials and the building of a league! That was a great part of the game as well. 
 More In-Game Events
Another reason I loved Gen 4 was that there were some great Pokemon events. The Secret Key to get Rotom's secret forms, the Member's Card to give you access to Newmoon Island and Darkrai, Oak's Letter to give you access to the Flower Paradise and Shaymin, the Regigigas that let you go catch all 3 Regis, the Arceus that let you hatch Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina, the Celebi that allowed you to GO BACK IN FREAKIN TIME AND FIGHT GIOVANNI!!!! These events were sooooo fun, and the Celebi one even enhanced the backstory of the Rival in HGSS! Fifth gen did okay with this, mostly only giving access to special moves, but otherwise were just Pokemon distributions. It's boring! I don't mind Pokemon distributions, but with the 6th Generation, Pokemon Events aren't events anymore! For all three Mythical Pokemon of Kalos: Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion, they're all simply given to you by code/wifi. It's so lame. The only "event" part of it is that you go somewhere and somebody tells you something about the Pokemon that is pretty hard to care about. Volcanion especially would've been perfect to be able to go and catch at the locked portions of the Kalos Power Plant. Instead, it's simply going to be distributed. My guess is that was the original plan for Volcanion, but like Arceus and the Azure Flute, the idea was scrapped and was made a distribution instead. Of course, I do understand why Gamefreak's choosing to do this. The games are getting easier on purpose, and they want to make sure that people catch the legendary Pokemon instead of accidentally killing it. Yes, I know you can save, but I'm sure many younger players would accidentally faint it and save or something. Of course there's still ways around this. First, if they still choose to distribute the Pokemon, allow for a cool event to happen like Celebi or the Shiny Pichu where you can get another Pokemon or get a cool little story-line. OR Gamefreak could simply give you the ability to battle it through an event but make it able to be fought everyday/week until you catch it. C'mon Gamefreak. It's gotta CATCH em all NOT gotta BE GIVEN em all!
x  Hard Mode
"The games are getting easier on purpose" Yeah... I understand that Gamefreak wants to make these games easier for a younger demographic, but the least they could to is develop a good hard mode available from the start of the game. All I and many others want is a mode that ups the levels of trainers, maybe gives them some better stats, and (throughout all modes) "nerf" the EXP share. Got it? Good. Plz.
Now I'm giving this a check and an x because while there is not an actual challenge mode in Sun and Moon, the game was A LOT harder than I expected it to be, at least with my personal experience, and this was WITH the Exp. Share on, so I will give this game a pass. The Totem Pokemon and Kahunas were actually fairly hard and that damn Lurantis actually KO'd my entire team! This is the kind of difficulty that I love in Pokemon.
x Kalos Accesibility
Tying into the whole Zygarde/Volcanion thing I mentioned earlier, I really hope we get Kalos access postgame. This would not only give the opportunity for Gamefreak to give some Zygarde story, but it would also dramatically increase postgame content. Seeing that Pokemon Sun and Moon are on 3DS, chances are that they'll have the same graphics or extremely similar to Kalos. If they do make any "big" graphical changes, it may just be revising the character models. Otherwise, Gamefreak would have little to do to implement Kalos. Maybe a few changes here and there for the heck of it, but I wouldn't see a new Kalos being modeled for Sun and Moon. Hopefully Sun and Moon's region is the Johto to Kanto only for Kalos, and we get another region to return to in a single game!
Unfortunately, there is not Kalos access in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Frankly, I don't think Sun and Moon needed access to the Kalos region, but I do think it would have been really cool. However, the execution of Zygarde in the game was not done well. I do like collecting the Cells and Cores, but the fact that there is not event when you complete Perfect Zygarde is a huge missed oppurtunity.
 Character Customization
Please bring it back Gamefreak. I don't need to stress it anymore than anyone else who wants it. We just want XY's ability to customize our trainer, and many of us also want more customization features (especially for males). If we get Pokken Tournament level of Customization... then I will be satisfied. 
It was confirmed by Masuda himself in the E3 Treehouse Livestream that Customization would be returning! It was also showed off in the Battle Royale Gameplay! It's so exciting! Hopefully it's even better than X and Y's selection of clothes! 
x  Postgame: Trainers
I think Black and White and HGSS nailed this, but XY and ORAS really didn't. When I finish a Pokemon Game, I often want to train new Pokemon or old ones up to level 100. I can't really do that when there aren't very many strong trainers to fight! I really want Sun and Moon to have the ability to refight trainers you've fought, gym leaders you've fought, and have some area where you can fight a bunch of strong trainers to train. XY did have the Battle Chateau, but you had to level up your rank there just to fight strong trainers, and even then, they weren't guaranteed to show up! I don't want to only be able to train through stupid Blissey Secret Bases and the Elite Four!
Like Gen 6 before it, Pokemon Sun and Moon frustratingly has a sparcity of places to go train Pokemon up to level 100 in the postgame. The fact is, there are not many strong trainers to go fight. I have heard that you can use certain techniques within the festival plaza to level your Pokemon up faster or something, but that's just a technique like Rare Candies. I don't care about that, I care about grinding my Pokemon to level 100. Of course I can still train with the Elite Four and Champion Defense titles, but I would have liked other trainers to fight postgame. I don't get why they couldn't have had some place where strong trainers could gather like the Sports Domes in Nimbasa City in the Gen 5 games or the Survival Area in Sinnoh. Very unfortunate feature that would add a lot of replay value to the game.
x  Postgame: Battle Frontier
While I think story and trainers are very important to the postgame of a Pokemon game, there's one thing that I personally want more than anything else: A BATTLE FRONTIER! No Battle Maison... it's boring, the sisters are uninteresting, and there are no special battle formats. Honestly, I don't care what they do for the Battle Frontier because I'm okay with anything that is an actual frontier with facilities! Wanna bring back Hoenn's? Go for it! Or bring back Sinnoh's? Awesome! What about a brand new one with brand new Frontier Brains or even with some old ones returning! Great too! I don't care what they do, but I WANT IT! The facilities add some great difficulty to the game, while also making it fresh with brand new battle formats/rules and using greatly designed facilities and Frontier Brains! Renting a Pokemon at the Battle Factory was so different. I don't just want a Battle Tower format only with different trainers or amount of Pokemon used! Maybe for a new one, they could really showcase Generation 6's inverse battles in a facility! Or Sky Battles! Or maybe 1v1s. Maybe you can only use a single type of Pokemon! 
And I'm COMPLETELY aware of the stupid reason that Gamefreak had the Battle Maison instead of the Battle Frontier. They thought it was too difficult for the younger players, so they put in the simple, easier Battle Maison (which has some difficulty). There are a lot of things wrong with this. For one reason, the Maison/Frontier are completely optional in the game, so you might as well make them harder so the player can work towards beating it postgame. Second, even if they did want to make it easier, that still doesn't really explain why they had the Battle Maison. Less unique doesn't mean easier. If they wanted, they very well could have had the Battle Frontier but made it easier. And third... tying into why they didn't have character customization in ORAS. They said that they wanted Character Customization to be a Kalos exclusive thing because you know... France? Style? It made some sense not to have it in ORAS because they probably wanted you playing as the Hoenn player. Fair enough. Of course I did originally think that we were getting it back after the faces of May and Brendan were made slightly more generic in ORAS. But if customization was to stay in Kalos, why didn't the Battle MAISON? Maison is french... for home... No excuses! Pokemon Amie is slightly different because it was required to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Generation 6, but the Maison... didn't need to return. So long as a Battle Froniter comes in Sun in Moon... just... no... a Battle Frontier MUST COME in Sun and Moon.
Well I have played through the Battle Tree and while I think its certainly better than the Maison in Generation 6, I'm certainly very disappointed that there was no return of a new or even old Battle Frontier. I do believe that the postgame takes a blow because of this and the game has less replay value. I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming.